Reviews for Prism
marychalloner chapter 6 . 1/22/2008
oh sad chapter! but amazing as always you're great!

tuesday is becoming my favorite day!
tvkid84 chapter 5 . 1/20/2008
this story is amazingly written! this is just fantastic!
wrytingtyme chapter 5 . 1/15/2008
Ok you are amazing. Not only do we get GREAT chapters, we get them EVERY TUESDAY! (barring understandable holidays.)

And since I just read some truly depressing stuff about the writers strike, having new ep quality fanfic to look forward to every tuesday is helping to keep me sane. So update when you can, no pressure. ;-)

Oh yeah and this chapter is gerat, love the Cuddy/Brenda banter. Love House/Cuddy banter and love the flashbacks which are a wonderful contrast, it's funny in my minds eye I see the Flashbacks in B&W and the present stuff in color.
scheggia chapter 5 . 1/15/2008
I love flashbacks!

You can make me feel THE pain everytime Cuddy's remembering something from her past! It's like I'm living it with her! T.T


write soon!
J Lesley chapter 5 . 1/15/2008
Extremely cute, and the flashbacks are wonderfully placed.

Great job!
NickyK chapter 5 . 1/15/2008
This is such a great story, very well written and so in character. Love the banter between Cuddy and Brenda. I also really like the flashbacks. Please update soon!
phoenixmagic1 chapter 5 . 1/15/2008
wonderfully written..I could so see House trying on Cuddy's thong..LOL :)

God and peace

Vanessa :)
marychalloner chapter 5 . 1/15/2008
i'll never be tired to say I LOVE THIS so amazing...sometimes so sad to make me wanna cry..but then conforts me and cuddy are perfect...their relation is real...and intense... in each chapter i just don't want to make it're a great writer...and you have my best support...i needed to tell you...

see you next week hopefully...(can't wait!)
Nightstalcer chapter 5 . 1/15/2008
And oneather awesme chapter... What else would I expect from you?

Alright, enough with this mushy stuff, this thing is awesome and I just love the way you wrote Brenda.

I think you could get a complete fanfiction about her (now that's an idea...)

It's good to know that somebody still likes the one real couple at House xD

Huddy all the way.

And I like these flashbacks even if they are mostly the complete opposite of what's happening right now.

And I want to read the breakdown of House when the Ketamine fails or will you not go that far?

See ya next chapter.
buttercup59 chapter 5 . 1/15/2008
I love the range of emotions in this chapter. I love how past Cuddy was so anguished by what had happened between him and House. I love the light moments. I love the snarky banter between them. But most of all, I love how Brenda was so perceptive of Cuddy's true feelings for House. Plus, she's so funny. Anyway, can't wait to read the upcoming chapter. :)
J Lesley chapter 4 . 1/8/2008

Wonderful chapter.
phoenixmagic1 chapter 4 . 1/8/2008
GREAT chapter as usual :)

God and peace

Vanessa :)
buttercup59 chapter 4 . 1/8/2008
I really love this! I love the seamlessness of the transitions between the past and the present. Anyway, can't wait to read more! :)
glicine chapter 4 . 1/8/2008
ok i'vealready told you i adore this fic useless tell you again so just go on please!
wrytingtyme chapter 4 . 1/8/2008
L'orange, huh? I was right you are going to give us a rainbow of Huddy goodness.

Excellent Job! Brilliant, wonderful what the hell did Wilson say? We still haven't found out have we, and now I'm dying to know. gr making us wait till next tuesday for yellow. But I'll wait cause this is soo worth it.
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