Reviews for Storms
Amy chapter 93 . 5/18
Ack! Oh, my heart is pounding just like Naruto's. Sasuke, *communicate*! Oh gosh. This is what I've been waiting for - the comeuppance? I'm afraid to even think it. So, so, so happy, thank you!
enix-XIII chapter 93 . 5/19
I just binge read this entire fic in 2 days and I adore it! I have to admit I was not expecting the whole lawsuit thing to be such a huge part of the plot but I’ve been really enjoying reading it and seeing these characters handle a situation like this. I love how organically you grew their relationship despite it being very unnatural way that it started. You write them in character so well. Excited to read more!
Fallendarkyoaiangel56 chapter 93 . 5/19
I love how right after I discover this fic and finished the chapter and got an update right after I was super happy. I love this fic. I can't wait to see what Itachi have up his sleeves.
clio1111 chapter 93 . 5/19
Well, nice chapter. Though, why were they walking towards the Namikaze's? I get that Naruto and Ssasuke would do so since it was a surprise, but why the others too? Are they trying to intimidate the Namikazes, more than they already did, with their craziness? Anyway, can't wait to see what Itachi has prepared for those Namikaze bastards!
PS. Itachi needs to marry to have Uchiha heirs. Maybe he could get together with Sakura. She's crazy, he's insane and together they could have mad babies.
Yana5 chapter 93 . 5/19
Aww Sasuke really love Naruto. Thank you for the update it was brilliant
Bella216 chapter 93 . 5/19
Is this almost over? Thanks for the update! I’m excited to read the next chapter and I hope the story isn’t ending soon!
KagomeMiyamoto chapter 93 . 5/19
Asian Tinkerbell chapter 93 . 5/18
Nooooooo! Cliffhanger!
mazukine chapter 93 . 5/18
ehehehhe i like how long it was so dont say an apology for that c: and it was really cute and sentimental 3 ok well its like 2 am now so byeee
Marleygirl08 chapter 93 . 5/18
Thank your for the update. Can’t wait to see what Itachi has planned.
shut chapter 93 . 5/18
Glad you updated! Loved reading the chapter though I was kinda thinking naruto should have put up more of a fight..
Looking forward to see what itachi had in mind..
sparrowhawk13 chapter 93 . 5/18
Beware, happy Itachi! Loved it! Kkkkkk
Mkayemolina chapter 93 . 5/18
Yay a update I so look forward to them!
I could almost perfectly picture the scene taking place with everyone gathered around ready to take on Narutos dastardly estranged family. The thought of a foggy with excitement Itachi made me quiet happy even at poor Narutos expense with not knowing what’s going on. A wonderful chapter you have prepared for us thank you.
lara5170 chapter 93 . 5/18
Oh God what does Itachi have planned and are they ever going to use DNA and Naruto's school records since his school years would have records of his father coming.
ItStartsWithZ chapter 92 . 5/17
i'm excited to know what Itachi and Sasuke will doyour work is really a fun read. kudos for this and thank you for the update!
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