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AerrinWildwolf chapter 86 . 11/16
Dear Kazenoyouni, I had not come across this fiction before as I normally only read completed ones... however I am so glad I did! It is rare that I find a fiction that ticks all the boxes (I'm remarkably fussy when it comes to decent prose) your story had made me laugh, become teary-eyed, and even frustrated at Naruto's predicament. I congratulate you particularly on successfully melding the characters to fit the story without causing them to become OOC. I'm not a good writer I can never get my thoughts in order and have too much I wish to put down on paper, but I do pride myself on knowing a damn good price of writing when I see one and Storms is more than damn good! I hope you can find time to finish this piece and will be waiting eagerly for the new chapters. (Though I know just how busy life can get, so no hard feelings if you can't!) Ugh what a long comment I have written hehe though I hope it encourages you :)
vampkitten81 chapter 86 . 10/30
I hope u finish this story! Love it!
demonangel59 chapter 84 . 9/24
hi , I hope to read one day or another the rest of your story. it is very well written . to soon, DemonAngel .
Guest chapter 86 . 8/8
Fuck! Is it over? Man!
W1NT3RST33L chapter 85 . 7/8
I know it's been three years but dang it please continue this fic! For the love of Kami PLEASE FINISH THIS AMAZING FANTASTIC STORY! Please and thank you ;)
Justus chapter 86 . 6/23
OMG! I think you are an amazing and gifted writer and I really enjoyed how this fanfic is turning out! Thank you so much for the story, I hope you update soon.
donthateapreciatexyaoix chapter 86 . 6/23
Please Please Please Please Please Please PLEASE continue this story! It's such a good story, many seem a fan of it. I can't wait to see it complete, until then love yaoi FOREVER!
lucien.francine chapter 85 . 6/15
more chapter after the 86 please
fairyninja73 chapter 86 . 6/10
I'm rereading this because it's soooo good!
U r leaving us at a cliff here ...
The namikaze n Uchiha war I would so love to know what would happen
N how Sakura would play into all this since dad's a politician
I love this story please continue it chapter 86 . 5/16
Ne, ne, I promise that I won't kill you too bad if you finish this. Pinky swear! Jk XD (ish) Srsly though! It's gotten really REALLY good, and it'd be AWESOME if you could update!
DnMikado chapter 86 . 5/6
A thank god, you didn't make Sakura in to a totally utterly heartless bitch. I have only come so far but at least she is human enough in this story to wait untill everything else is over. I was starting to think about just stop reading this all together when she came in to the picture. -.-' Please don't make it so she'll be too much trouble! This story is great and I love it and I know it's not compleat yet so I hope you complete it soon! great job!
Fi Suki Saki chapter 86 . 5/3
I'm so happy Sakura wasn't so crazy especially because she's fan of Minato's novel.
And Naruto trust Sasuke and others that they won't lie about the fiance thing Sakura bought.

I was so happy that i could cry when the Uchiha declare a War against the Namikaze on TV!





sammienel97 chapter 86 . 4/13
I don't know if you are still on fan fiction. I myself don't really write much but I do enjoy to read. I really thought your story is amazing and really would like to read more. I'm begging to post more chapters please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?
smoleren chapter 86 . 3/31
I read 85 chapter and decide at the 86 to read when this story I've come to love was last updated to find it has been 3 fucking years. I'm about ready to cry, to be honest. I was loving this story, it's characters and I love the sex scenes. I hope by some miracle I've decided to read this the same year you decide to start writing again :( I'm sure you have your reasons and hope everything is well, also that you haven't given up on this story and that we all get to read about how Sasuke manages to tell Naruto he loves him and get to read more lovely smut.
Yuri chapter 86 . 3/28
I liked how Naruto won Sakura over, and that he trusted his instincts. I think your writing has improved a lot from when you first started writing the fic, it's not fragmented and I don't get lost anymore (lmao the first few chapters made me think this fic was set in the 1800s). I think you're an amazing writer and I really like how this fic is turning out! Thank you for the story, I hope you update soon.

Also, congrats on your job!
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