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Veganmama chapter 28 . 7/16
If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been going through all your stories. I decided to go through a Completed one, and this story was awesome. I love that Gerald and Phoebe played such a big role in this fic. I loved Helga and Sid’s relationship; I’ve always loved Sid in the original series, and I think he and Helga could have hit it off just as you wrote. The story about Arnold was tragic, but the way you wrote him in as a ghost was lovely. Sender being just like her father... so touching. Helga really got lucky with such an amazing daughter who stuck by her, but being like her father, it’s not terribly shocking. Again, nice story. See you in the next one I read!
writewithlove7 chapter 28 . 1/24/2018
This was one of the best stories I have ever read on Fanfiction. I cried almost throughout the entire story, and you were on point with all of the characters for this story. Thank you for this :)
Arielislove24 chapter 28 . 12/24/2017
Your story made me cry over and over... The bits you put in with Arnold were nothing short of beautiful. Thank you for this story, it was brilliant and heartfelt.
Dannei chapter 28 . 11/16/2017
It was beautiful. This story moved me. The first Arnold-Helga chapter was so surreal...
And, I have to say, I felt like crying when she said "I'm still here. Don't ever leave me".

and, the headless cabbie legend! :')

thank you so much for your story. I really enjoyed it. 3 3 3
braygirl chapter 28 . 10/19/2017
This story, was truly amazing. Breathtaking from the beginning, from the true roller coaster ride this was, it was incredible and brilliantly written. Arnold's relationship with Helga has been captured in a way that not only was original, but felt emotionally raw and real as ever. Never, have I ever, become overfilled with emotion and heart wrenching torment, to the point, it has moved me to tears, as your story has. Please continue your gift in literature and writing, for I believe you will bring light to the shelves of the bookstores someday. You are truly talented as a writer, and I look forward to reading more of your work. Keep moving forward, and never stop dreaming.
angsty-queen chapter 28 . 10/18/2017
That was quite an emotional roller coaster, but I did thoroughly enjoy it; truly! I have to say, after reading your stories, I think I'm starting to become a Briany/Helga fan (secondary to Arnold/Helga, of course!). You just have that effect on me, to convince me that they would be good for each other. It was a bitter-sweet type of story; Aubrey was an absolute definition of psychopath, or rather, sociopath. I do have mixed feelings about this story, unlike with "The Elevator," when I knew exactly how I felt about everything throughout, but with "Clean," I'm all mixed up. Nothing negative, but I think it's just that the bitter was so mixed up with the sweet that my heart and brain are combating each other. And that is what makes you an awesome writer!
angsty-queen chapter 27 . 10/18/2017
Aaaww, Sender the little story telling Arnold. That was so sweet and heartwarming. Last one; here goes...
angsty-queen chapter 26 . 10/18/2017
That whole tidbit with Aubrey was horrible. I have never felt so disgusted in my life. Then you write out the ending and it warms my heart. What a very strange feeling; being sick to your stomach and yet warm in the heart. I'll have to pick this up tomorrow. See ya!
angsty-queen chapter 25 . 10/18/2017
Okay, I'm not ashamed to admit I was wrong about Sid. So Casey shot Arnold and wanted to save him, but Aubrey wouldn't let him. That is just psycho-sick!
angsty-queen chapter 24 . 10/18/2017
I'm not even going to make a useless comment; I'm going to read on!
angsty-queen chapter 23 . 10/17/2017
O...kay. I feel a little better that Arnold at least suspected, truly believed, that Helga was pregnant. At least he somewhat knew about it. And renting a two bedroom apartment...hmmm...Maybe Arnold was so sure that Helga was pregnant that he got a two bedroom apartment; but since he decided to wait the two weeks for the second room was available, that means the room needed to be readily available for someone to live in it when they moved in. Maybe Arnold and Helga were going to remain living together, but live in separate roommates. Maybe he was so convinced that Helga was pregnant that he needed to remove her from the "college parties" for the sake of their child.

I still say Sid had something to do with Arnold's death. Although now, I would not rule out Madison. She was such a swinger. Maybe she tried to entice Arnold, but he wasn't having any of it, and that was her motive; but maybe she wanted to frame Helga...
angsty-queen chapter 22 . 10/17/2017
Although...I know that Bob has his flaws, Helga was being a bit ungrateful. I mean, he could have given Sender up to CPS (I *cringe* when I think about them), and Helga would have gotten Sender back when the child was 12, because they will do everything in their power to prevent the child from going back to the drug abusing parent. She should've just said, "Thank you for taking care of Sender while I was sick" and be done with it. I take it Sender doesn't hear much of her dad and she was interested in hearing about him.

Oh, and congratulations on your wedding...9 years too late, but still; congratulations.
angsty-queen chapter 21 . 10/17/2017
While I am very proud of Helga for dumping the wine into the sink, I still think it's unsafe for her to keep associating with Sid. Now Gerald is finally getting somewhere.
angsty-queen chapter 20 . 10/17/2017
I literally felt like crying after reading this emotional chapter. I understand that Bob and Miriam do not believe Helga is going to stop using drugs or alcohol; I really do. But I am also a mother, and I have been to a counselor in regards to a family member who was a user (that's why I have been commenting the way I have), and one of the things you do not do is something like take a child away when the mother is 3 weeks or so sober. If Helga went back to using, by all means, get her served; but not when she is still recovering. You just don't go and do something like that. I was absolutely livid at them both after reading that.

I seriously think Sid has something to do with Arnold's murder. After all, he was the one banging Helga after Arnold's death, and has been a little too close to Helga. And when you mentioned the forensic analysis say, "gunslinger," it really made me consider the possibility. You know, Sid and his cowboy boots. I completely understand when you said the house has a living room lover than the rest of the house, because my childhood friend has one just like what you're describing.

I did not think the sex scene was just a drop-in; after all, Arnold and Helga discussed the gun being in the house, and how he felt it would only lead to trouble (epic foreshadowing there, Arnold), which did not make it useless. I don't think you suck at writing lemons. I think it's just that FF just has a protocol, unlike 14 or so years ago when we could write 15 pages on sex alone, and now we are very limited to how we describe things and it hinders our talents. We have to keep it within the "M" rating; no more NC-17 stuff. So, no, I don't think you suck at lemons.
angsty-queen chapter 19 . 10/17/2017
This chapter was a mild roller coaster, but a very good one. Now we know that Helga started her addiction through drinking. Their relationship was a good one; stable in the beginning. I'm guessing her drinking and drug use started to destroy it. The next thing, Bob and Miriam are very wrong for isolating Helga from Sender. One thing you never do is isolate a recovering addict; that is how they get into trouble. The final thought, I already guessed this, but to know that Arnold did not know about Sender before he died is pretty sad. It really did make me sad in my heart to finally have a confirmation. The fact that Helga named her Sender because Arnold wanted a daughter with that name eased my heartache a bit.
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