Reviews for Wrong Dimension
SilentMech chapter 11 . 10/11/2016
I kind of want to see how you have Nohane adapt to the Exorcists life style.
yullenFAN chapter 1 . 6/21/2012
is this yullen i reallllllly hope so

rin1782 chapter 11 . 1/15/2012
This is a really interesting story and I hope Yu (Ahaha!) countinue it! I have a problem though: Wheres Mokana? I would be happy if some of his drunken antics were included in this. :) (Sorry I couldn't log in I forgot my passwrd -sweatdrop-)
Bard of Chaos chapter 11 . 10/30/2011
...*thumbs up* :D
Twisted Witches chapter 3 . 7/29/2011
I like this story its pretty good so far.
XD chapter 11 . 1/9/2011
This is very good. I don't see too many spelling or grammatical errors, but I suggest that you describe things a little more. Such as what Allen's innocence looks like. Well, I hope you found this slightly helpful even though it's not very much.
zenbon zakura chapter 10 . 12/29/2010
MitarashiiDango chapter 8 . 4/27/2009

gahh cliffhanger


stupid -man hiatus...
daram26 chapter 8 . 8/9/2008
neat story :)
zenbon zakura chapter 6 . 12/26/2007
so kanda got taken out by domeneik and their are to sno robots or bunnies ot volt come 60? ! WTF is up with this? its yuko san for pete sakes! and evil allen time too! and what happend to samurai kanda?
addenza chapter 6 . 12/25/2007
That was a fun chapter.. Allen would always win in snowball fights just because of his innocence! XD Assuming he activates it in the first place.. ;)
Kanda Yuuki chapter 5 . 12/24/2007
Is there any pairings in this fic?
zenbon zakura chapter 5 . 12/23/2007
not event full at all but at least it was longer so hurry and update! otherwise! *pulls out a werecat* i'll set this out on you!
breadbutterpudding chapter 4 . 12/20/2007
ha ha; exorcists are in debt! Bet Kanda's flippin' mad! Go Yuko san; you rock!
zenbon zakura chapter 4 . 12/19/2007
hahahh try some cat nip and hurry and update otherwise i'll find wher you live and send another cat over! nyah!
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