Reviews for Naruto the Silver Fox
Thallion chapter 27 . 10/25
will u actually rewrite because I enjoyed it immensely and most have waited months for any word on it? even if u continue as is.
marquis.shax chapter 1 . 10/16
ugh so fucking stupid blaming it on Pedo Snake when not even that fucking jackass could even TOUCH a biju let alone try to steal it's powers you REALLY need to fucking rewrite this story. Pedo Snake doesn't even use genjutsu and even if he could there's no way he could use a genjutsu on the Kyubi or did you not stop an think that if it were that easy to use a simple genjutsu on the kyubi once it was freed from Obito's control that they'd have just used one on it to knock it out or something?
cherryblossm chapter 27 . 9/3
I think the way you have it is gust fine the way it is
KalthosNamikaze chapter 8 . 8/7
One the whole haku thing is down to discretion as while he said he was a boy it was never fully confirmed and two any flamers to this story shall be fed to kira it is an awesome story and I am reading it for a 3rd time and I never read most fanfics more than once also what part of fan fiction do people not get there will be changes from cannon due to writer discretion please continue this epic story mate and ignore the ignorant flamers kira will deal with them
red neo ranger chapter 27 . 8/2
Loved it can't wait to read more
lordshuvra chapter 27 . 7/23
Great story so far. Hope you plan on finishing it. Its getting interesting. Are you going to make the boys achieve sage mode , or do you have another plan for them? Can't wait for the next chap. Update soon
AnimeAngelOfTheNightSky chapter 1 . 7/21
I really like this story
xXHashirama-SenjuXx chapter 3 . 7/14
I can't really read this :( naruto does NOT scar
Little kids lusting after Sasuke?That's a stupidita! naruto Accept the apologize of those dumb girls like it was nothing?Man you have way to go*sigh* story is a whole mess hopefully I can read it another time :/
xXHashirama-SenjuXx chapter 2 . 7/14
Man this is all bullshit :'/ Sasuke acting like Kiba and shikamaru naruto getting hurt by sakura :(
Itachi is innocent really? And last but not least orochimaru...? It was obito not orochimaru this story is clearly a mess :'(
xXHashirama-SenjuXx chapter 1 . 7/14
Didn't read the whole chapter because it was boring with the typical 'mob chasing naruto' or 'naruto getting hurt by ninja' and are you freakin serious? You said it wagon to take a year for him to talk and 5 years later and he still can't -_-
I hope the next chapter is good enough
Otaku of Anime chapter 27 . 7/11
I love this story so far. Keep up the great work and best of luck in all your writing endeavors
Astroman1000 chapter 1 . 6/21
I don't know if you'll see this since it's on the first chapter, but you ever think of going back to these early chapters and making them better?

It's not terrible, but the dialogue is choppy and the characters don't really express themselves through their dialogue. Like everyone just sort of sounds the same you know? Especially Sasuke near the end, he was just so flat.

And why the age changes, was there a reason? If i remember correctly Itachi should be eight in the beginning, Kurenai 17, and Anko 15. You didn't mention it but Akane should be nine-ish.

It's just the first chapter so i definitely son't expect an answer here when it might be answered later in the story, but why the change to the nature of the massacre?

Anyway, fox Naruto is adorable, imma keep reading.
Scotus chapter 13 . 6/20
There are four ships I have that I dont like being burned in stories, and you did that to two! Your lucky the other two are intact... Love the story by the by.
Scotus chapter 2 . 6/19
CANNINE ALLIANCE?! Forging a whole new, yet still awesome, world!
Potterformers chapter 20 . 6/9
You changed Naruto's fathers last name from Namikaze in the first few chapters to Kazuma in the current chapter
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