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AnotherGenericNerd chapter 8 . 11/1/2014
...holy shit
imago-dm chapter 1 . 11/26/2013
Your plot is very unusual and therefore interesting. I also like your characterizations. Hope you will continue to write someday.
Lazy Gaga chapter 8 . 6/8/2013
ARRRGGGGGH! What happens next?! How does it end?! Are you going to continue this? Cause I just HAVE to know how this ends! It's much too good to just leave unfinished like this!
dearmantis chapter 8 . 11/17/2012
Is it sick of me to reading the rape scene with much enthusiasm and excitement? I mean, it was not like Neji didn't infuriate and encouraged Gaara's behavior and Neji was not pathetic and frail (he even enjoyed it at some points) so to me it was like a role play between the two. One of submission. I mean I cannot completely pity Neji on this one. He had that coming. I mean, why did Neji have to hurt Gaara in anyway possible while motivated by your own unsettled feelings and jealousy. At the end, I could not understand much of Neji's attitude, so I wonder will he be completely disgusted by Gaara from now on or just will he be something like before but angrier? Because I think he was hurt and all but there was still some part of him that enjoyed it to be with Gaara even if in that way.

So you said in your profile this story was in hiatus, but I hope you can finish it something. This is a great story and I think your plots are so unique. You have 2 stories up and I favorite both and as well as you as one of my favorite writers because I absolutely love your point of view and how you write your plots, characters and scenes which are so exciting and unique. So yeah I had to review in every chapter because this story deserves more reviews. So will Gaara be sentenced to death? Will he be tortured? How will Neji react to that? Or how will he react to the truth about his uncle? I think Gaara it's pretty much damned and will accept whatever destiny has up for him so if he should escape from the enemies someone has to help him, but who? I think Neji will be able to help him because he do not wish his death in reality but how will their relationship develop after the rape? And how will his uncle react with him after knowing his nephew was raped by the enemy? I know he will not treat Neji the same anymore, but how bad will it be? Will it be enough for Neji to start his own hate against him? I hope so! And Neji please be strong and overcome this rape without looking miserable, you're the great Hyuuga after all! Please update when you can like I said your stories are great!

"the brunet realized at that moment that his suppositions were right…this man was not the harmless and pathetic redhead he could insult freely…this man was the beast, the berserk demon that tore villages apart and killed innocent people without any mercy."
That's why I said serves Neji right what Shukaku did to him, how dare him think of Gaara as pathetic. I still want to believe that Gaara is not completely out of the scene here that he and Shukaku are still one so he did took part in this happening to his own pleasure.

"Neji smiled in victory and quickly rose to his feet, admiring with utmost pleasure how the now defenseless lion groaned and twitched and he was about to run away when a hand shot up and clutched his ankle and pulled hard, the brunet lost his balance and with a surprise yelp fell down next to the quivering redhead."
Lol, only Neji would stop in his run away to admire what he had done instead of taking his chance to leave. That's why I say he was enjoying it or else he wouldn't think twice before grabbing the opportunity and to fly from there -.-

"and then he realized that he was tainting a pure incarnation of perfection, trying to destroy it, break it for he could not stand its flawlessness."
You got it, I always thought that to fuck Hyuuga Neji in the way Gaara did that should have been an extremely exciting thought.

Yep, the fact Neji was using linen undergarments sure was even more exciting.
dearmantis chapter 7 . 11/17/2012
Ok, so Hiashi was planning on raising against Gaara before for having killed Hizashi which was entirely Hiashi's fault. That's a story of hate, a succession of hate.

Lol, Neji dealing with his arousal was very comical. And wtf, so Neji was screaming Gaara's name and Hiashi knew about it? If that was the case I thought Hiashi would be disgusted by the subject matter and if so wouldn't that make him think even less of Neji? You didn't go there yet but I'm wondering what Hiashi's real thoughts are about this matter with his nephew xD

Poor Hinata, she's going to be a slave, but since it's for the Inuzuka family I have a feeling her life won't be that miserable. She may will even be better off in a distant from her father. And Hinata, for Christ's sake you have to tell Neji soon!

Really, I find the situation you put this pairing very much amusing and interesting, their reaction is so priceless. I also like the dialogues so much. I'm in love with this story.

The way Neji started his monologue with Gaara about Hinata messing with his hair, was he trying to seduce the red hair any further? I bet he doesn't even perceive he does that kind of thing, how he gracefully moves around as if trying to entice the red hair even more and stuff. That's the Hyuuga sexiness.

I really like your point of view, it's so mature! Neji not only reacted to the lime scene but acted by himself claiming Gaara's lips with passion. That scene was so intense and hot. I'm really in love with this story, characters, development you have a way of making it very addictive and I can't help but look for more.

And really Neji is so lost to his feelings, he has to think about the red head carefully, because he's like a storm ready to blow everything he comes near Gaara and now he's really loosing it for the little things. I wonder what Gaara has in plan for him with that final act.
dearmantis chapter 6 . 11/17/2012
Wow, Gaara's past, his story never ceases to surprises me in fics but mostly I find them rather repetitive and annoying. But in this fic it was quite interesting what you did.

The story of how he became a general at a young age. Of how strong he became. I hope you will put him as strong as a whole not as being strong due to Shukaku only. I think that Gaara as a genius was strong enough to have tamed Shukaku almost completely at first and then completely later on. And I hope you put him in a state he is strong and merciless in a point where he doesn't need Shukaku anymore.

And how in all my years I had never thought of Yashamaru and The Forth Kazekage together like that XD Well, it must be because I hated them enough to be thinking about anything else of them. But I must say they didn't look bad at all like lovers.

So in the chapter 4 you said Neji thought Gaara was smaller and younger but in this chapter Gaara seems older and taller, so how do deal xD?

Lol, poor Neji being teased by a little girl. Knowing him he must have looked terrible embarrassed. But yeah, Neji, you can't deny your attraction to the red hair.
dearmantis chapter 5 . 11/17/2012
It was only me that wished that Neji had spied on Gaara by accident when the red hair was jerking off on the brunnet's intent? It's because the image of Gaara in the woods doing that is really something to see.

Boys, instead of sucking it up they have to ignore each other lol.

So SasuNaru will appear in this story? So exciting I can't wait to see what role they will play.

Is it bad that I really thought it was hot the fact that Gaara in his possessed state inflicted pain in Neji and that he brunnet fought not to show it? Their stubbornness really makes my day.

And yeah, Hinata is just a bit out of character but since I think it's annoying the way she stammers to do anything I think she's just fine on your fic. Like I said before, her natural good will is in there, you just made her less shy, stronger. And I think that's where she's getting at the original manga anyways.
dearmantis chapter 4 . 11/17/2012
This chapter was even better than the last one. That first scene, well talk about awkward. Yay, I'm glad Gaara hasn't become a fool all a sudden. He should learn the truth.

Lol, "the prick, he was so goddamn perfectionist" this phrase about Neji couldn't be more right. He really is pestering Gaara's life in a way it's almost comical. And poor Gaara even thought being irritated with it is sure loving the greater time he is spending with the brunnet. So hopeless.

I also loved Neji's "occupation", I think it fits him gracefully. Besides it I always thought he was more of a medical ninja with fighting skills in the manga anyways xD.

That tree scene with Gaara and Neji was exciting, all that tension building up - you never know if they are going to end up killing each other or making out.

I love when Gaara acts weird in a sexual way, it's so exciting. Like the fact that he had to smell Neji first like a wild animal.

I really love the fact that you mentioned that Gaara was smaller than Neji and that was one of the facts that the arrogant brunnet found more outrageous about Gaara. Afterall as you said "How the hell a smaller and seemingly younger boy could be stronger than him?" Have you ever heard about YUUUTSU NA ASA? It's a yaoi manga by Hidaka Shoko and the main characters relationship reminds me of GaaNeji. The fact that an older composed male with a superiority complex can be submissive to a younger male with a 'punk' attitude really blows my mind. Anyways, I suggest you read the manga if you need inspiration, you can find some chapters online on Mangahere dot com

"We're going to recollect medicinal herbs" - I think you meant to say "collect" instead of "recollect" here.
dearmantis chapter 3 . 11/17/2012
Oh, Gaara's infatuation is so sweet. Hiashi is looking so evil xD. I wonder what's Neji point of view.
dearmantis chapter 2 . 11/17/2012
Yay, the main characters were introduced and I'm liking this story even more. I like how you portrait Neji under Gaara's point of view, and how Gaara's feeling for him are not overwhelmingly romantic but an immediate attraction (I rather passion to romance anyways xD).

I was surprised with Hinata, she was so brave! But not in a overly oc bad way, I mean she would be the one disagreeing to that, and being compassionate so I understand her behavior, but that is was surprising to see her stand up like it was. The image of Neji busy with the pestle and all is so lovely.

And again my only suggestion would be to isolate the dialogues from different characters in different paragraphs.
dearmantis chapter 1 . 11/17/2012
This plot is exciting. I love war stories and I love this time setting, besides I think Gaara as a bad ass general is hot. But I'd suggest isolating the dialogues in the third paragraph for a better reading. That's all, now I'll move on the next chapie, yay!
GoingSunny chapter 8 . 4/18/2012
I REALLY want to follow this story I really want it end good your very talented well done on this
Sorum chapter 8 . 8/15/2011
hey i really liked your fic though its been a long time since you updated i still hope you do cause it is a very good fic

luved it ;) thankx
experiment13 chapter 8 . 4/23/2010
yay! this is great! more pwease!
XGONEX chapter 8 . 10/30/2009
D: What? No! How could he do that? What's gonna happen?
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