Reviews for Harry Potter and the Quantum Leap
lovefanfictions72 chapter 23 . 9/13
So disappointing. The conversation where harry was supposed to show the flaws in dumbledores logic was terrrible. For many many reasons. First, they repeated the same thing like ten times. If harry was actually smart... he would have stopped the conversation a long time ago. His respect for the teachers and dumbledore is so stupid... so undeserved that its insane.
lovefanfictions72 chapter 22 . 9/13
the storys really good. But harry such a goody two shoes that it kind of ruins it a little bit. He needs to stop with all this BS righteousness.
Guest chapter 22 . 9/11
That was the most pathetic game of chess I ever heard of. The only way that would work is if white was purposely set up to fail. Also, all your chess notation is flipped mirror image. If you tried to play out the game on an actual board, you would discover that black would be unable to make its second move, since D file is queen file. All you even needed to do is find a record of a historic game and copy it. It would be so much more realistic.
Guest chapter 8 . 9/10
Babylon 5
Guest chapter 12 . 9/7
I’m only up to ch 12 and am absolutely loving it. I love Dumbledork-moRon-GinGin bashing and time travel adds to the excitement. And I also like Neville’s characterization. It’s different from most fanfics where the first thing a time-traveling Harry does is get Neville a new wand and then they are best mates. Also Snape and ferret were dealt with perfectly. Enjoying the story so far :)
s.v.nityaa chapter 42 . 8/27
oh, i am so waiting for the next chapters! please do update soon!
Bad Wolf chapter 42 . 8/27
Well.. I've reached the end of what you've posted. It's been almost 8 years since you updated tho and I fear something terrible has happened to you for this to have just suddenly stopped and not be updated in that long. I hope you are well and will pick this up again.
Bad Wolf chapter 39 . 8/27
About your ending author's note... you say it's NOT a TARDIS... but, I'm remembering a conversation with a certain phoenix about being at all points in time at the same time... and I can't help but wonder what would happen if a phoenix merged with the heart of the device. I mean, come on, wouldn't that be a cool origin story for Time Lords? actually starting out as wizards from earth and settling on a new planet way back in time?
Bad Wolf chapter 25 . 8/26
I read your ending author's note... and I cracked up so hard. It hurts to breathe. Also, when does Harry start using his wand like a sonic? I know it's coming. He's already got a flipping TARDIS. Dude needs a sonic wand FFS lol.
Bad Wolf chapter 22 . 8/25
I can just see a new story from you now based on that fight with quirrelmort. "Harry Potter: The Master" lol. I know it's too late for my vote to count for the question in your author's note, but I would say blades yes, guns no. Think about it... the Godric had a sword, so there is at least some history of swords in the magic world. However, I could see maybe one scene of Harry pulling out a glock with "Godric" carved into the side of it and humming "Godric's got a gun!" lol but maybe as an outtake :)
Bad Wolf chapter 9 . 8/25
I'm loving this story so far but notice it's not complete and hasn't been updated in 8 years :( I do hope you're okay and will come back soon.
Guest chapter 22 . 8/23
"straight-bladed katana, midnight black blade and pommel" is one of the worst sentences I've ever read.
Dumbledore completely forgetting about them having the same argument half a year ago is just sad.
If him being senile becomes a thing later I'll just assume that's intentional I guess.

Also good fucking god you might as well rename him Harry Sue at this point.
stacygrrl2002 chapter 42 . 8/23
Interesting tale. Would have liked to read more.
stacygrrl2002 chapter 34 . 8/23
Also us, you won't share. And what happens if you drop dead, or fall down a flight of stairs? Then no one has any info to help. Get your head out and start getting a real army together and trained to handle Tommy's return
stacygrrl2002 chapter 24 . 8/22
Makin' 80 and met a brick wall. I know it's half kneazle so they needed something different, but that was one ugly cat.
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