Reviews for The Greatest Scandal in Hogwarts History
Ed chapter 29 . 1/7
Love the "Moon Run"! would be quite a race, Compliments on your English! I am USA.
Guest chapter 34 . 10/15/2017
I loved the whole story. More!
das 1025 chapter 5 . 9/5/2017
ginny is ginevra
TonksGirl chapter 34 . 8/11/2017
I LOVE it! Write more and I can't wait to read the sequel!
Hermione Granger chapter 1 . 6/1/2017
You know, if you hadn't said at the beginning of the story that you were Hungarian, I never would have guessed.. Your English is actually very good, and I've found zero mistakes! Maybe that's because you have a beta, but this story is certainly better than other stories that other foreign people have written! Only thing is, this was written with American English, not British. Ron would never say "pal". It would be "mate", or "Harry". But besides that, very well done!
G.L. Rightwood chapter 8 . 3/19/2017
ermmmmmmmmmm i dont knoe if voldes still alive or came back from the dead?
G.J. Rightwood chapter 7 . 3/19/2017
Goodness I nealy cryed in the part where harry and ron had a row scary though Dumledore wants to see harry after harry haveing a dule with ron
Ginny27Weasley chapter 8 . 2/5/2017
I love this story tho it is a bit sad
Guest chapter 24 . 1/26/2017
When is Harry going to meet Ginny again
RAVENCLAWDISTRICT1 chapter 12 . 1/26/2017
great premise not believable
The Guardian of Legends chapter 1 . 1/10/2017
look at The date of uploading2002
Voldemort is bak chapter 30 . 12/30/2016
Stupefy. Crucio. Avada Kedavra
Ariana Lenai chapter 27 . 12/13/2016
I like that you included Laura I balls in that part. I really like her series and it was a surprise to see hher name in it. This is my second time reading stop weighting you are amazing
Guest chapter 34 . 12/12/2016
This is soo good, and well written, some of the best I've read!
Miss randomness chapter 34 . 11/25/2016
Actually it is George who marries angelina and they have a baby named fred
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