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Angelwings2002 chapter 58 . 12/6
Wow, this took a while for me to read, but it was worth it! I love this story and enjoyed the plot twists that just keep coming! Keep up the good work and I look forward to what happens next!
jaircruz5 chapter 58 . 12/5
plz keep updating bro, this book is fantastic, hope you can upload a new chapter soon
Fosterchild4 chapter 34 . 12/4
A décent Grand Secretariat, a much longer eclipse, honesty about the war and an infiltration expert. Things are looking much better this time around. And the Water Tribe disguises don’t carry the same kind of trust as Kyoshi Warriors did. Obviously there’s still plenty of issues to go around, but our chances on the actual eclipse are looking a bit better. I don’t expect Katara to have the same access to the palace or opportunity to use the Dai Li, so hopefully she won’t learn of any plans they manage to make. And while 3 hours isn’t long enough to REACH either Pole, neither was 8 minutes. The plan wasn’t to get there in 3 hour. It’s to arrive beforehand and have the enemy lose their bending mid-battle, then take on the current monarch during that time. They almost did it originally too. I don’t know if the author will choose to have them win the invasion, I honestly doubt it, I feel like based on the information we have compared to canon they totally could. The bigger issue then would be if Katara inherited the throne. The war wouldn’t be over, but it would certainly make it easier. Aside from having fewer royals to take down, there would be a lot of instability during a transition of power, especially if the new ruler is a 14 year old girl in a patriarchal society. This is of course assuming that Sokka trades sides no later than canon Zuko and we actually have an ally to put on the throne after the war. That was a pretty key component to actually ENDING the war that none of the characters seemed to consider until the finale. Whatever actually happens, it should be interesting. And once I finish the written version, I’m definitely following that link to the comic. I’ve seen fragments of it online and it looks cool.
Fosterchild4 chapter 32 . 12/4
So many different tensions. Especially in the Water group. Progress is being made with Azula, hallelujah. Toph and Azula both being hard-a teachers. Sounds about right. As much as I love group A, I’m really interested in Water Tribe dynamics now. Yue hates fighting and hurting people, but wants to show Katara the loyalty and deference her position demands with prompt obedience. Suki is her adopted sister, taken from the ruins of Kyoshi. Despite her loyalty to the Water Tribe, she strives to keep her island’s traditions alive as much as possible and honor the memories of the Kyoshi Warriors. She also clearly despises the patriarchal structure of her adoptive people (likely inspiring in part her zeal towards the Kyoshi Warriors, who not only included women but were once solely female), yet still has a crush on Sokka who still believes in it (though I think less so after adding Azula and Toph to his understanding of women). Despite his previous thoughts of Katara trying to use the girls’ flirting to distract him, he seems to be starting to like Yue back. I wonder if he and Suki even know each other that well since the ice dodging disaster was just a few days after they took her in. I’m not sure how long it was after the trial and the duel that Sokka banished himself. And then there’s Katara. When she started coming to her brother’s rescue, I figured that meant that she loved her big brother and wanted him back. Clearly, it’s a bit more complicated than any wholesome sibling relationship. It might be kind of like this world’s Azula and Zuko, but with more of the competition and pressure from Aang’s world. Which would mean that she does love her brother but has a hard time saying so to his face. Or it could be a matter of personal honor and reputation being tied to that of her family and nation. In which case protecting her brother would be for her own sake. An attack on her brother and prince is an attack on her and her nation. A failure of the prince is a failure of the nation. I’m not sure which one it is, or if it’s somewhere in between. I’m not sure if Sokka knows either.

I have no problem seeing either Yue or Suki switch sides, especially if they meet Mai and Ty Lee. I think Suki is more conflicted about Kyoshi than she lets on, and Yue clearly doesn’t approve of the Water Tribe’s ruthlessness. It will be interesting to see their breaking point. I do have to wonder if Katara will do the same, or suffer a fate like canon Azula’s? That would definitely hurt poor Aang.
Fosterchild4 chapter 31 . 12/4
1- No one’s gonna talk about their Sun Temple Journeys? even after Aang explained about know alternative thems and colliding worlds, Zuko started firebending, and the Guru mentioned the clinging energies? No one considering a connection between the three? (Well, Zuko is considering. Vaguely. Not voicing anything though.)
3- Toph and Azula beat each other up and stop hating each other. Now a power duo of friendly rivals. Sounds about right. (If Katara and Azula are Sugar and Spice, what does that make Toph? Saltqueen?)
Fosterchild4 chapter 30 . 12/4
Can the badgermole be our friend? I want a badgermole friend.
Toph and Azula are going to be even more of a riot than Toph and Katara, especially when factoring in Azula’s jealousy. SPICEQUEEN! I love it. I do hope Sugarqueen is redeemed and part of the Gaang by the end of book three though.
Seriously, what’s this world’s Aang up to? Think he’s chilling with the OG past lives and watching this happen so when Aang’s reclaimed he can come back and make friends? Kept suspended in time so he can wake up after the war and master the elements all over again before helping with the political fallout? Maybe the worlds will merge permanently and it will just be one Aang with the best of both post-war worlds?
Fosterchild4 chapter 29 . 12/4
Aang did a surprisingly good job with that reveal. So glad that’s finally been shared. Yue is wonderful and I love her. I now really want Yue and Ty Lee to meet; partially because of spirit connections, and partially because I think Yue would appreciate a fighting style that doesn’t actually draw blood or do damage. Sokka’s confusion is beautiful and I look forward to both him and Katara hearing more from their other selves. I hope Azula is able to reject the influence of her other self and realize that Aang cares about her (maybe even loves her? He did ask to kiss in the cave of Two Lovers. I guess we’ll see). Zuko developing bending at 16 is kind of hilarious.
Guest chapter 19 . 12/4
Me encantó el capítulo.
Guest chapter 47 . 12/4
Don't you all think Zuko's quote, "You have to look inside yourselve to save yourself from your other self. Only then your true self will reveal itself," wil fit in this story?
Guest chapter 58 . 12/4
I don't think ogro is going to update guys
Fosterchild4 chapter 27 . 12/3
I keep forgetting to ask this, but did anyone else notice the singing nomads doing the seasons in their original order? Unnoticed foreshadowing? Or typo?

The ending of this chapter made me very happy, as does the continuing intervention of other Team Avatar (minus Azula. That one brings me stress rather than joy. As it’s meant to. I hope this Azula doesn’t become truly evil.)
Fosterchild4 chapter 26 . 12/3
1- But Tooooooph! We neeeeeed yooou *whine*. I’m sure she’ll be back. Soon, I hope.
2- Azula semi possession/descension into madness….. Uh oh.
3- Awww, Sokka’s warming up to them. He’s becoming part of the family!
Fosterchild4 chapter 25 . 12/3
I absolutely adore the role you’ve placed Team Avatar in. I find it hilarious that Sokka did the memory thing just to be different, but it was actually by far my favorite and I kinda wish Zuko had seen memories too. It might have helped him be less weirded out by Sokka. Azula probably doesn’t need any more “insight” from her other half though.

It makes me a million times happier to realize that all Aang’s friends were actually there and not just hallucinations.
Fosterchild4 chapter 24 . 12/3
If Aang doesn’t explain himself soon, all of his relationships are going bust. I mean, they’ll probably think he’s insane or lying at first even after he does explain, but at least they won’t hate him (as much, in Sokka’s case). I also really want them to dismiss it at first, and then have the pieces slowly fall into place as the world’s merge. Obviously Azula will believe him first, considering her original theory.
Fosterchild4 chapter 23 . 12/3
I see the Aang x Azula in this fic is mutual. Not my favorite ship, but that’s not your problem. I’m still enjoying the story overall.
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