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zigzagdoublezee chapter 69 . 12/18/2022
Ozai and Azula's father-daughter chat was realyl heartwarming.
I like how he supports her decision to travel the world, something Canon!Ozai would never dream of doing!
Knowing what a good Ozai might've been like, if he did exist, sounds very hopeful.

Hope has survived the events in the Canon!World?

Song showing Aang the Moon Flowers did wonders for restoring his will to fight on and save the world from Ozai.

What did you mean when Azula "saw the Lion-Turtle" at the end?
Is that supposed to symbolise something?
zigzagdoublezee chapter 68 . 12/18/2022
So Katara didn't turn traitor.
She wanted to make her tyrant father pay for all that he's done, to others as well as her own family.

Sangmu made it!

I'm happy that, after the climactic battle, Aang still stayed true to his beliefs and spared Emperor Hakoda.
Prince Sokka's decision to dissolve the Water Empire and return things to the status quo earns him a thumbs up from me!
(I'm sure Canon!Zuko would too!)

Aang's goodbye to his friends in the Distorted World was really sweet, as was his meeting with Avatar Wan.
Then, Distorted!Aang returned to his body at last.
He even ended off the chapter (and the series at large) with Aang's very first iconic line in the show.
"Will you... go Penguin-Sledding with me?"
I love it!
twilightnite13 chapter 4 . 12/17/2022
I remember those mentioned in the temple's episode.
Sedna'a? I never heard of that before. What's that, like the Water Nation's version of Agni Kai?
zigzagdoublezee chapter 67 . 12/17/2022
The part where Seiryu and Sedna showed up sounds like some hyper-escalated lovers' quarrel.

I loved it when Nutha and Niyok decided to help Ty Lee and Haru defeat Thod and his disciples.

How did you come up with the names of Thod's disciples?
They sound really interesting!

Jet defeated Long Feng!

Oh no!
Has Katara turned traitor?
Echoxenvy chapter 70 . 12/17/2022
Well done my friend. Fifteen years in the making, and you didn’t disappoint. This masterpiece will be read for even more years to come, and I know I’ll revisit it again for sure.

Whatever you do next, I wish you the best.
Fleeting Admiral chapter 70 . 12/17/2022
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph... You did it. 15 years to the day. You had done it.

I grew up reading Distorted Reality since 2013 and you jave shattered my already inflated expectations for this ending... And I kinda tearbend a little. I mean... It's like losing a family member at this point...

Distorted Reality is the reason why I wave the flag of Azulaang. Words cannot even describe the emotions I am feeling right now.

I have wave of nostalgia right now, as if it was only yesterday I swore to high heaven when i blitzed through your story and found out you discontinued this.

But like Aang, you came back and finally completed a large chunk of my childhood.

I dreaded the day when this story would end... And now the day had finally came... It's so surreal.

I hope you're doing alright and in good health. Take a good rest, kind author.

Thank you... Thank you... Thank you!
It was Guff chapter 70 . 12/17/2022
Fantastic story, thank you for the great read. I’ll be coming back to this time and time again, it’s been great
CoziB chapter 70 . 12/17/2022
Omg. You posted the final chapter. I haven’t read it all but I just was looking back at rereading and finishing this and noticed that it was marked as complete. I feel a sense of sadness knowing this time when I finish it it will be the last but also I am so impressed and proud of this work. I found it years ago, I’m not sure how. I had never heard of fanfic and this was my first introduction. This showed me a whole new world, and inspired me to create ones of my own. Writing FanFiction is probably the best thing I’ve done for my novel because it allows me to explore and express different characters in different situations and ways. Also fifteen years, all I can say is the fact that it’s finished and the fact that you never quit is also very inspiring as I’ve been working on the novel for four years. It’s just wow and from what I’ve read (I feel like I’ve gotten as far as chapter 50) it’s an amazing peace of work. I’m so glad it is getting the attention it has. It’s so well deserved. Thank you for such an amazing peace of literature and I can’t wait to finish it.
rodrivk chapter 70 . 12/17/2022
ta bien pero encerio me gustaria saber que pasara en la tierra original con la llegada de ang
CowTrain chapter 67 . 12/17/2022
There's a lot here. It's long, and there are a lot of isolated smaller battles here. As Zuko thinks in relation to the battle of Aniak'to: "The skirmishes were separated and disjointed, lacking any cohesion or strategic planning." This is the workhorse chapter, the one where the conflict faces the storm of the story. If the previous two chapters set up the finale and increased the stakes, this one increases the rate at which the dominoes fall, almost making the action almost overwhelming in the number of individual events taking place.

The opening starts with a dream sequence and Sangmu in the North. In the alternate world, the pain of losing so many people to the cruelty of Ozai and the Fire Nation had pushed Aang to try to kill Ozai via redirecting lightning, but even that was not enough to stop Ozai. This opening suggests it is futile to match hatred with hatred in this way. Meanwhile in the present, Sangmu realizes that her mission is to restore the Spirit Oasis, setting up where a final battle may end up.

Why Suza's comet is here I still do not understand, but neither do the characters so I guess we are both in the same boat. I trust Mai or someone or something else will explain why in the next chapter. If I had to guess, Suza had decided that with the battle happening, Suza reincarnated through Mai as her mortal form. Yue mentions that Yue, Nagi and Toph had met Suza before, which happened during their quest for the Mother of Faces in "The Girl in the Iceberg," which may have led to Suza considering returning to the mortal world. Nevertheless, having both Suza's Comet and Seiryu's moon in the same sky just seems beautiful, blending together to create a purple sky, but also making the battle both ferocious yet cool. While acting as a common moment in time that everyone throughout the world sees and experiences that makes keeping track of when everything is taking place throughout the world easier, the emergence of Suza's comet in this sky fits the vibe of things just happening yet still making sense in the moment.

Just as the red and blue streak the skies in beautiful contrast, red and blue plaster the ground in the form of blood and ice, yet little moments of comedy like Duke and Pipsqueak's banter in the midst of the battle of Aniak'to of "Lemme stay, I'll avenge Pipsqueak!" and "But I'm still alive!" helps keep the chapter's spirit up. As the spirit-world erupts into the mortal world, the various groups within Aniak'to's walls start to splinter into their own little parties that just adds to the chaos. Not counting the opening dream sequence, if individual battles are defined as two or more parties in a duel in an almost continuous time frame, then in this chapter, I count around twelve different individual battles. This is an impressive number of individual moments to compact into a single chapter.

The revelation that Hakoda, despite his dealing with Seiryu, seeks to free humanity's subordination to the spirits in rejecting Seiryu's offer for the joining of power, planning to end the Nightseer's influence and killing Seiryu was unexpected yet rational: He's another radical freedom-seeker who wants to rise above the restrictions of his world. Maintaining power by keeping the world in a state of war was his side or cover motive. He wants to rise above nature and become a kind of god as well. I like this main motive because it stays in line with Distorted Reality's theme of freedom and predestination in the form of a character trying to push against the structures of their world. As Hakoda comments on the godlike spirits who use humans as pawns in their own personal desires, Seiryu and Sedna are so focused on themselves that they neglect the people below them, humanity, and humanity's squabbles that threaten to upend their power. Hakoda's motivation should not be surprising to anyone who's been reading Distorted Reality for a while, but it still is a nuanced and well-developed motive nevertheless. In the end, Aang as the force of balance cannot allow this desire to manifest.

The more I think about Kuei's fleet, the more it seems like that was probably one of the biggest mistakes of the invasion plan, just dangling the fleet out in the open on the water. It puts it in danger for Hakoda's fleet to prey on, and while I understand that they were initially planning to be bait and hold out for so long, their existence now seems more of a liability than anything else. I hope it does not turn into the massacre it's being built up to being in the next chapter.

On the ground in Aniak'to, it's nice to have Azula summarize the previous chapter's revelation oh so nicely. As Azula, Katara, and Sokka leave to assist Aang, Yue's personal battle was surprising. What is this, Star Wars? Are we having a dual? I did not expect a katana duel in the middle of Aniak'to. With Master Shimo seeming to have the advantage of waterbending, age, and possibly chi enhancement while Yue has the power of soothing the dark spirits, I'm looking forward to how this one ends.

With Zuko's crew, it is impressive that the Combustion Man basically has an explosive laser beam under Suza's Comet. That will certainly be cool in the coming chapter.

I know that Chit Sang was always a relatively weak-minded character, but his story here felt a bit underwhelming. While his story reflected the events of ATLA's Lake Laogai with a happier ending, I felt that Chit Sang did not have enough backstory to make me care too much about his plight. Reading more into his backstory of his family having been a part of the puppet Fire Nation government that acquiesced to the Water Tribe, the unhappy Fire Nation citizens stoning the governor, Chit Sang's dad, and Chit Sang turning his rage onto his own people in revenge, it makes more sense of where he comes from, but given his position in terms of the story, I feel like he needs to make some kind of impact for good in the story for his nuisance to be of acceptable value to this finale. Nevertheless, I appreciate the theme of redemption and choosing to make oneself better as being on the important steps to self-forgiveness in his story.

As an aside, I love how almost every character is willing to face new challenges one-on-one, both allowing for the other members to do something else while the protagonist battles it out in an epic manner against the enemy instead of the whole group taking the enemy down there and then. I guess it shows that every member is so good that they can have their own nearly individual moment and hold their own.

That was a cute little conversation between Ghashiun, Nagi, and Ty Lee. It's like a little break in the heat of battle where these friends, one basically drunk sister, one closed-off brother, and one excellent wingman of a friend just bantering with each other before returning to their duties. Chamber of Elixirs, more like Chamber of Secrets in the middle of the Alchemical Institute! I loved how the obvious trap by Hanaa and Kulik is so obvious that Ghashiun recognizes it before the two could spring the ambush. This trope should be done more often in fiction. The School of the Circus Hog-Monkey, my goodness that's funny! It feels like a classic martial arts battle that still respects the martial arts. It's well appreciated since we do not see the art of chi blocking often discussed within the ATLA world. Thod's fight ends via the comedic jars of sand and the switching strength potion with sleeping potion because of poor treatment of employees.

In that mirror battle between the warrior and assassin pairs of Suki and Mai and Seyuk and Inuna, Mai and Suki's banter was cute and silly, though Mai kinda deserved that needle for not taking the fight too seriously.

I am glad to see that Toph is still fine, just separated from the Pipsqueak's group and united with Longshot and Smellerbee and eventually Teo. It seems like they have their mission set out: Get to the Alchemical Institute as well, though it sucks that Toph is still incapacitated when Xin Fu arrives.

I like how Aang is constantly in connection with everything happening in the world. It stands to remind both him and Aang that the entire fate of the universes are at stake. By the end of the chapter, the rift between the mortal world and the spirit world breaks, increasing the merging of the two and throwing the world out of balance, the large overall event that Aang must deal with in the end.

Aang's intention of saving Hakoda's life at the end was already foreshadowed in Aang's use of white fire in the battle. When he and Hakoda were bloodbending wrestling, Aang rejected killing Hakoda by allowing his left arm to slip. This contrasted with AR Aang's choice of using lightning bending against AR Ozai described in the dream sequence. Throughout the battle, Aang constantly tries to win Hakoda over, hoping to either convince him that their goals of saving the world coincide or force Hakoda to call off the attacks. Even when Katara stabs Hakoda through the chest in a power-up get-away moment reminiscent of the end of ATLA's The Chase, Aang chose to keep the sword in his sheath and repress his inner Avatar State and instead, with the help of Sokka, heal Hakoda of his wounds, It is interesting to see that Azula still rages against Hakoda in her blue fire, perhaps reflective of how Hakoda ordered the North to wipe out the Fire Nation.

While some people may criticize Distorted Reality for preserving most of the character's lives and minimizing (but not totally ignoring) the focus on bloodshed despite the ravenous war taking place throughout this world, I think Distorted Reality does this because it seeks to take on a positive theme about the world, the future and mankind. Distorted Reality had started in a dark place: Aang's original world saw Phoenix King Ozai and Fire Lord Azula killing people left and right with many of Aang's friends falling under the flames in a war-ravaged world. Now, Aang and many characters, both friend and foe, live in a more hopeful world where multiple characters try to find ways to save or reduce harm towards each other despite the chaos of the fracturing world. It seems that unlike the pessimism or forced optimism in other works seeking to address facing reality, this work wants to say that it is possible to find a great, if not, best solution in dealing with problems where people do not have to die or at best, get hurt for harmony and peace to be restored. None of this positivity is not without flaws or hard work in the process: Aang and many other characters had to go through many different experiences and make mature character choices to get to where they are here. People did have to face pain, suffering, and death to get to this point as well. This process is important to maintain the feasibility that achieving a sense of balance and goodness in Distorted Reality is possible, which I believe is one of the many important themes of this work.

Also, I liked your choice for what spirit-bending is for the air and fire elements. The fire spirit bending technique being an exorcist power as well as a memory manipulation power feels so Mai-esque: She deals with dark spirits while acting like Ghost in the Shell's Puppet Master. Good thing Mai's one of the good guys.

There is only one last question that I can come up with after reading this chapter. What happens next? So much has happened here that if this finale was a snow storm, this chapter's winds have become so thick so much that I cannot see two feet in front of me. Only when the snow settles in the next chapter will I really see where Distorted Reality's conclusion will really arrive.

Now that this review is completed, I am off to reading the next one! Before I get to that, I want to say again, congratulations on completing your magnum opus fifteen years to this day Ogro! It has been such an amazing watching Distorted Reality develop and grow before our eyes! I hope you feel amazing having finished Distorted Reality, and I hope your story continues to touch readers, writers, and the world in general for years to come!
ElementUchihaMaster chapter 70 . 12/17/2022
Nice Nice! Wow, can’t believe it’s been 15 years
Angelwings2002 chapter 70 . 12/17/2022
Again, this was a great story. While I wasn’t here at the beginning, I’m glad I came when I did. I got to see the epic ending and whatever you plan to do next, whether it’s a continuation of this story or something new, I’m sure it’ll be great! Your writing is amazing as was this story! Thank you for taking the time to write this!
Angelwings2002 chapter 69 . 12/17/2022
Whoa….man, this was just so well written. I have no words. I know I keep saying that, but this story was just such an amazing thing to read! I’m so glad I stumbled upon it! This was just amazing!
Angelwings2002 chapter 68 . 12/17/2022
I laughed so hard at the last line, and I cried a lot during this chapter too. Gosh darn it, this was amazing!
Angelwings2002 chapter 67 . 12/17/2022
Whoa… words, just now words. To the next chapter I go!
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