Reviews for Wammy Holidays
deathnoterules chapter 14 . 7/16/2015
That was a really good story. My favorite part was when you mentioned that Matt and Mello made the turkey explode and the Christmas tree was stuck to the ceiling with a fire underneath. I tried to restrain laughing so that way I didn't seem like a freak to my mom :p
charm the dragon slayer chapter 2 . 8/7/2011
charm: i thought u owned death note. bb: i made u a valentines. charm: *takes out knife and begins stabbing the valentine* DIE!DIE!
Darkfire359 chapter 14 . 4/23/2011
I like all of these holidays, especially Limerick Day, with your limerick for Light.
iwanttodeletethisaccountnow chapter 11 . 5/28/2010
*reads* *looks at ground* NO MAH BEAUTIFUL COOKIE! *sniff* XD
Nerica chapter 6 . 3/20/2010
"was too preoccupied. Apparently, Light had asked him to pick him up some pens, and L's mind was already on the task ahead" Lol

Of course, the dark skinny jeans. ;]
Nerica chapter 5 . 3/20/2010
Haha poor Mello.
Nerica chapter 3 . 3/20/2010
Nerica chapter 1 . 3/20/2010
Wow lol believe it or not, but that's exactly how I figured out that Santa wasn't real.

Well, not exactly, but when I was a kid, I saw 'Santa' at a mall, then I saw him again in another shopping centre so I thought he couldn't possibly at both place xD

Anyways, that was cute

"When Mello didn't say anything, Matt added, 'Over.'"
Sexykill69 chapter 11 . 4/18/2009
I wanna draw a comic for this! Somthing that goes like

*Matt and mello sitting on the floor counting their candy, Near walks in, Mello stands up*

"Ha! Looks like you didn't get any candy, what kinda loser doesn't get any candy on Halloween?"

"The same kind of loser that dresses up for such a childish occassion."

"Near I'm gonna kick your ass!"

*With mello still in his huge pumpkin costume near simpley taps his costume, Mello falls over*

M-Matt, help!

*Matt looks at Mello begining to roll down the hall, absently and too tired to really pay attention*


*Mello is gone and Near sits down beside matt*

"Want my toy spiders and light up binkie?"



I can't wait to draw it.
Sexykill69 chapter 9 . 4/18/2009
stupid Mello. *sighs*
Sexykill69 chapter 2 . 4/18/2009
Adorable! / You're a fantastic fluff author.
Sexykill69 chapter 1 . 4/18/2009
aw...*I actaully did this for 45 seconds after reading the 1st chappie*
Catalog Cats chapter 14 . 2/15/2009

That was... wait. Excuse me for a minute.

*walks away, mad laughter is heard*

OK, sorry about that.

That was quite entertaining. (Although, if Mello wanted the chocolate that badly, couldn't he have just bought his own?)
ThePurpleRose chapter 14 . 2/15/2009
I love it! It's hilarious!
kasai tenshi chapter 14 . 2/15/2009
omk, near is cupid! XDD
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