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Sinking Rainbows chapter 1 . 12/21/2007
Here's my character:

Name: Maya Langdon

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Physical: Around five foot six with shoulder length dark brown hair and green/grey eyes. Fairly slim build. Clotheswise, she tends to wear a dark green T-shirt, jeans with a butterfly embroidered on the left leg and black and white trainers.

Personality: She's very quiet and shy. Maya is the sort of girl whom takes a while to adjust to new situations and isn't used to being in a group. Once she gets to know someone, however, then she will open up. Prefers to think things through rather than just rush in. Is the type of girl whom likes reading more than interacting with people.

History: Grew up with her parents and two older siblings in London. Never really fitted in at school, due to her lack of interest in fashion, and so, made very few friends. She consisders her life to be fine that way, however.

Origin: London, England

Partner: Gabumon

Digivolution Route:

In-Training: Tsunomon

Rookie: Gabumon

Champion: Garurumon

Ultimate: WereGarurumon

Mega: MetalGarurumon
The Inner Child chapter 1 . 12/21/2007
I've got a character.

Name: Dilip Tomar (pronounced as Di-l-ip Toe-mer)

Age: 13

Gender: boy

Physical: Is very tall for his age, has brown eyes, big, black hair (not that big) and he wears a plane, red shirt, brown pants, a white, sweatband on his forehead and wears white running shoes with blue patterns on them.

Personality: Loves annoying his older sister, has a sense of humour, is a little greedy,loves reading and can read books which are meant for adults, hates wearing uniforms to school if he doesn't like it and the uniforms he doesn't like are ones with ties and all that gentlemen stuff. He loves playing basketball, is brave and has some courage in him and can be angered easily and hates to be defeated by someone in anything e.g. basketball.

History: Dilip's parents were indians and they moved to Canada where he was born. At the age of ten he and his parents moved to India but he missed Canada and after three years he went back to Canada. From then on he has been living peacefully in Canada.

Origin: Born in Ottawa,Canada, went to Jaipur, India, then came back to Canada after three years.


Digivolution route:



Champion: Greymon

Ultimate: Metalgreymon

Mega: Wargreymon
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