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Anjion chapter 23 . 9/3/2016
What a wonderful story! It was both heartwarming and heartbreaking, and I felt the emotions of Bernard, Lydia, Quinton and the others right along with them. Such amazing descriptive writing!
Melody Jane chapter 23 . 6/12/2015
Okay, I love you, I love your story, BUT I HATE THE ENDING SO MUCH I'M SCREAMING! She died?! She can't die! She's supposed to love Bernard and be the number 2 in the North Pole!
SafyreSky chapter 23 . 6/6/2015
Ohhh ou oh ouou OU INTERESTING

While I absolutely love how it ended sans the epilogue and how everything ended up, this intrigues me SO MUCH. Granted, other magical elements to stories in this category always excite me because there is so much lore to work with!

It is also comforting to know that Lydia is in safe hands. I mean. I don't know if they're safe hands yet but I have a good feeling about it. And that title is AWESOME I love it!

You've done a wonderful job with the story, and I absolutely love how It kind of has two endings in a way and you can kind of choose which one you prefer...the Lydia dies and that's the end one or the Lydia dies but some maybe magical folk have found her and maybe she is alive who knows option!

At any rate, I stand by what I said before. This story is one of the best original ones I have seen in a while, and I'm so glad you took the time to finish it! It is my favourite wrapped present with the best bow on top ever. Now breath, try to enjoy the busy wedding times coming up and write when you can and enjoy everything as much as you can basically! I'll be keeping an eye out for that sequel ;)

Still Yours,
SafyreSky chapter 22 . 6/6/2015
Wow. WOW. This ending is so lovely. I love William's reaction to it all; calm, cool, collected. he had been piecing it together and trying to picture the story from his perspective was quite the interesting thing! And I could never hate you! It takes a lot of guts to kill off a character, especially one of your own. I could never ever kill off any of mine. I could give them horrible, awful backstories but I could never kill them off, I'm not that brave! So I applaud you so much for that because it was such a nice different take on a story, and as morbid as it sounds it honestly worked so well and tied everything together so well in my opinion. I don't know, I can't really explain it, all I can say is that I absolutely love the way it all worked out in the end.

Writing Bernard's grief, as will as the grief of Will (or Santa now, I presume) and the whole Pole is something you've done wonderfully in few words. I could really feel the tension, the atmosphere, how despite being cheery and in normal spirits for Christmas Eve, there was this underlying sense of sadness and apparent mourning. It was beautifully, beautifully written.

And the last bit, Bernard remembering her last words to him and deciding that he would do it for her, in time, was the lovely bow on the present! At sad sad times, promising oneself to try and live the life someone would want you to live is the best thing to do!

Anyway I'm off to read the epilogue now. Depressive periods are hard; I know very well. One of my closest loveliest friends struggles with them everyday. I hope things look up for you and that you feel better! If you ever wanna talk or anything shoot me a PM, I don't mind and sometimes talking makes things even the tiniest bit better.

Sincerely Yours,
SafyreSky :)
SafyreSky chapter 21 . 6/4/2015
Part of me is surprised and upset, but another part of me is surprised and surprisingly enough very much liked that ending. I mean it's upsetting that what happens to Lydia happens, but at the same time I like how different it is. The baddie is gone yeah, but so is a goodie. I can't really explain it but like, it's bittersweet in a way and really hits you like "shit doesn't just happen to the bad guys, it can happen to the good guys too" and like wow. I am blown away (in a good way!)

Now you've set up an interesting prospective for the next chapter(s). How will Bernard and William deal with what has happened to Lydia? Will her Uncle blame B-Man? Will B-Man be a dumb and be like "it's all my fault" even though it kind of isn't? Is something short of a miracle going to happen? Like this is a very good set up and I can't wait to see how your characters deal with this! As bad as this may sound it is my favourite chapter so far. I love it. Oh man the carnage to deal with after this, ah! Exciting!

Until tomorrow, then! You've done brilliantly! It's fantastic!
SafyreSky chapter 20 . 6/1/2015
You're quite welcome for all the reviews! I know long reviews make me happy, I can only imagine how happy they make others such as your lovely self! I certainly hope you aren't too overwhelmed! BASK IN THE PRAISE YOU DESERVE! :D

No onto the reviewing...the storm has begun and I am SCREAMING INTERNALLY. HE THREW HER OFF OF A ROOF? Bernard is not going to be pleased! Ah! And jumping back a bit, Quinton and Judy. I think I ship them. That was a cute little scene you wrote there, it was like two sentences but like AH. Now forward again.

Carruthers scares me. He scares me a lot. And I really hope Lydia survives this, maybe the polar bear caught her! I don't want her to like die...though that would be quite the ending. BAH!

AND THE SHOT RINGING OUT OH MY LORD. WHO SHOT WHAT? I have this feeling that Carruthers ain't the only one with a gun D: (or maybe :D, we'll have to wait and see!)

Once more you have graced us with a superb chapter! Short but sweet...that cliffhanger is to die for! (Too soon?) I look forward to the next chapter! I hope you're doing well and you enjoy the rest of your day/night/evening!

Until the next one,
Guest chapter 19 . 5/8/2015
Thanks for all the updates! Hope to see more soon!
That-Stubborn-Biotch chapter 19 . 4/15/2015
Please update! Also, please do the three movies, cause I want to see how Lydia reacts to Charlie and Lucy in the first two movies, and what happens to her in the third movies, cause if the Jack Frost became Santa, what would happen to Lydia? Would he banish her from the North Pole, or would he force her to sing and dance? Please keep going, this is an amazing story, and I love the way you write it!
SafyreSky chapter 19 . 3/9/2015

I think that DID just happen. Oh. Em. Ge.

I loved this chapter, this update in general I just you started by laying down some tension that even I could feel as the two sat and waited (the waiting game is never fun) and I felt agitated and like oh dear it's too quiet and then SUDDENLY IN POPS SANTA I THINK OH MY GODS I AM SO EXCITED NOW! Not to mention, Bernards complicated ish thoughts of youth and immortality and lovely Lydia :P. I can't quiet wait and see how that goes!

Great chappie! Short but very WHAM BAM HAVE SOME PLOT I love it! And good on ya, writing them all and then publishing. I did it last year for ma story Crystal Springs and it was really great, actually-I was able to update regularly while still writing, love doing that! Good luck with the last little bit that I amongst many others am looking forward to! Hope all is well with you m'dear!

Kiili chapter 19 . 3/9/2015
I've been reading this from the very start for a long time but I don't think I've ever left any reviews, this is definitely one of my favourite stories on and I get so excited whenever I receive an email telling me there's been an update! I really love everything about this story and I can't wait to see what happens!
SMARTALIENQT chapter 19 . 3/8/2015
I've been following this fic since it began, I think, and as much I'm glad to know that updates will be happening, I'm sad it's going to end soon. Eight years of this fic! EIGHT YEARS!
Chloe chapter 18 . 2/27/2015
Next chapter! Please! :D
kazu chapter 18 . 2/24/2015
Ahhh It's nice to read another Bernard fanfic! I haven't read one since the end of Christmas! Keep up the awesome work!
Guest chapter 18 . 1/27/2015
No I reached the last chapter... Then again I should go to bed ...

Lovely story! I can't wait X. X.
Guest chapter 15 . 1/27/2015
Creepy Santa , how's he delivering presents :(
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