Reviews for Binding Circles
Guest chapter 18 . 6/13
Cool! Is there another chapter for this story?
Lady Fox fire chapter 18 . 6/12
Please update soon
Guest chapter 18 . 5/30
Oh SNAP something smells fishy! No pun intended XD
Please do continue, is love to see a happy ending for Yugi and Atem!
SnarryLover91 chapter 18 . 5/29
I love the story. I hope you get a chance to update it soon.
Emrys00 chapter 18 . 1/17
I love it! Gimme more plz.
Emrys00 chapter 4 . 1/17
I like this!
Tori's Yami no Game chapter 18 . 12/2/2015
PREACH THIS STORY! I swear its too good!
Guest chapter 18 . 10/12/2015
This story was so good! However I think you rushed into the drama too quickly, it's hard to grasp what's going on and my mind is still suck where Yuugi was still trying to get used to Ahem. Now he's not even human and forgot about him. I feel like you could have drawn out the plot a little more between the fluff and drama where Atem found out that his bonded got kidnapped. Everything else is wonderful and the imagery is beautiful, I just think it's too rushed and fast than it should be.
Guest chapter 18 . 10/12/2015

Larily Crepin chapter 18 . 10/9/2015
I don't think words can describe how happy I was to see you updated this! I feel like Atem is only getting more wound up over what happened to Yugi. I'm really curious what you have planned in story for him. And Rebecca finally figured out that Dartz is a bad guy! Yay!
Love your creativity and writing style and your stories in general!
dragonlady222 chapter 18 . 10/8/2015
I last reviewed this in 2011. I kept thinking about it. I am glad they are back and Yugi is under Isis control to be healed. I hope Rebecca can help.
s2Teennovelist chapter 18 . 10/8/2015
Girl it has been so long i nearly has a heartattack when i saw this chapter! i would've reviewed it last night but i've had way too much crap to do...and honestly short or whatever i liked the chapter! especially since i like to think i've matured as a reader so i can see everything in a diff light, specifically Rebecca, whose become one of my fav characters and i LOVE seeing her entire world view completely shattered and finding out that everything she's ever known was a lie and their so called King was nothing but a manipulator planning to create and ressurect leviathan. that's rough.
I also love how thi is from her pov and how Atem snapped at her claiming how HER people wer ethe monsters not hers-and the worse part is he's right and she KNOWS her's right: her anddartz did that to him so yeah it really makes you think who the REAL monsters are (and i get suck a kick that the "mermaids" most people think of are the bad guys, espeically cause in history those things WERE nasty while other water creatures like atem were pretty benevolant.
poor atem i can't imagine the stress he;s under, he finally got yugi back and he can't even SEE him..still they both need some R and R. oh amn it's all set up now for a team up if Rebecca comes clean about what dartz is up to and they can get yugi back on his tail...i think, anyway its all set up and i can't wait for it! even if it takes another three to five years i don't care! congrats SHamise!
It also makes me wonder why they need Yugi, i mean they didn't just kidnapp and turn him, they broke his bond and literally implanted fake memories into him, it has to be more than just his seer powers they're after, but at least he's safe with yami and his people...for now.
Sunrise Phoenix chapter 18 . 10/8/2015
I like it!
Hopefully, Yugi will remember and be able to change back.
Moongirl12121 chapter 18 . 10/7/2015

I'm anxious about Yuugi getting better...
Hiei Dragon Girl chapter 18 . 10/7/2015
Love the story so far! Can't wait for the next chapter!
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