Reviews for No Time for the Dead
Altaic chapter 1 . 10/13/2014
So sad and yet, so good.

You really made Serra into her concept and yet sounding so mature... Her life with Oswin helped her growing up.

So sad that Oswin died thinking that Serra didn't love him..

Nice story. I hope to see another fanfiction with this pair.

Aurumite chapter 1 . 6/19/2013
So it's probably weird to leave a review years after the fic has been posted, but this was recommended to me and I REALLY liked it. The exchange between Serra and Oswin is so fantastic and in-character, and we see both glimpses of her being cowed by him as a husband/military superior (like he can make her shut up in their supports), but also of her being the assertive one. I also like the little details, like how she notices his hair is greying or how "Language unbefitting of a woman dedicated to the path of St. Elimine. I know" makes it clear that they've had this argument a million times.

[Tragic, beautiful young widow of the honorable Lord Oswin, most loyal retainer to House Ostia.] This line is perfect. I love the idea of badass Serra taking a kill and then kicking the corpse.

That last big paragraph about the men of Ostia is also perfect. Just everything about it. And it tells so much about their relationship. And it's so sad! Gave me all kinds of feels. I know this was probably forever ago for you, but I thought it was good writing and I really enjoyed it!

Kitten Kisses chapter 1 . 12/23/2007
No WAY. I didn't know you liked Oswin/Serra! They're so adorable together, but there are soo few 'fics for them. (...Update "Days of Waiting" already! Grawr! (Heehee.)

[She, with a mere woman's strength, bearing a man more than half her weight!]

Did you mean "twice", rather than half?

There was one huge, long, immensely ...uh... lengthy sentence in there. But I did like this. You kept things very real, and I can certainly appreciate that. I wish that I had more to say than I have said, but I'll leave and read your other 'fic, now.