Reviews for Those Left Behind
moonlunes chapter 1 . 3/5
this fic is old as balls and you might not ever see this review, and if not I really regret not leaving some of my thoughts years ago, the first, or second, or seventh time I read it. but then again I'm not sure I would have had very coherent thoughts to leave. for full disclosure, I haven't read your other works, and I haven't even played or read Sword of Seals in any capacity - I'm just a Blazing Sword fan, so in all honesty there's a lot here that's probably lost on me.

but this is one of the only pieces of writing I've ever come across to dig into Rath's complicated relationship with his tribe, his sense of belonging, and his purpose in the world, and probably the one that's done so most poignantly. it sticks in my memory to this day. I relate to Rath a lot - I had a bad day today, I ended up lost in my own thoughts in a bad way thinking about my own sense of belonging and purpose in the world, and I remembered this fic again. and I'm glad I did.

I'm grateful to you for writing this. it's silly how important to me this character is, almost, but I really appreciate how much you conveyed here. it's ironic since I don't really ever see fic exploring how tightly he holds onto the idea of the Kutolah when he's outside of Sacae, the way he does in the game, but it's just as hard-hitting going the other way around - living for so long with foreign customs that in the place where he should finally feel at home he's still an outsider.

even outside of my over-identifying, I think you wrote him really well. you got that "quiet strength" sort of feeling across perfectly I think, and the writing itself is also beautiful - it's paced in a way that's really easy to digest, and everyone's actions and emotions and expressions are clear without being over-explained. descriptions are evocative, but not ornate - everything is simple and straightforward. it's easy to empathize with Rath for me, but in this piece, because of the quality of the writing it's also easy to empathize with Dayan, with Shin, even with Sue. I'm sure since this is so old you can see lots of things you'd change about it, but to me I just appreciate it more and more over time.
themagebear chapter 1 . 1/8/2008
you capture everyones personality very well. however, the magebear is certain the age gap between sue and shin is much less than 8 years. shin is barely 20, at most, during fuuin, which would make him a little over 10 during this story. yes, the magebear knows those numbers dont add up. the magebear never saw an exact age for shin, so its approximating, covering the youngest to oldest.
Kitten Kisses chapter 1 . 12/23/2007
Hmm...pretty interesting. Even though I don't care for Rath (and know next-to nothing about Shin and Sue), I read this anyway. First of all, you wrote it, and secondly, it ties in with Days of Waiting. I'm interested to see how exactly this all fits together, though I can almost see it already.

I wouldn't even call it one-sided Rath/Lyndis, because he only speaks wistfully of her for a moment.

The point of view was interesting, and the ending was vague, but also very sad- poor Sue. I hope to read more from you, soon.

(I hope everything is going fine on your trip, also!)