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evanescencelady chapter 77 . 2/26
I absolutely LOVED your story! 3 It is beautifully written, and so capturing! I couldn't stop reading even after it turned 3am in the morning :D
Now I'm going to look at your profile and hope you've got some more stories like this one, it was just SO good (though I could have smacked Remus in between.. how can you be so stubborn? ;) )
Missy Moore chapter 77 . 12/23/2013
This story is not only a masterpiece, but why I am up with tears of joy in my eyes, I have read a lot of fanfiction, albeit a lot of smut is usually involved (btw, I'm 18 don't have a Lj account, and would love to see what is surely some beautiful coitus that these two love birds get on like bunnies) This has caused tears of joy and sorrow, and more yelling at fictional characters than my boyfriend could pretend to care about as he listened to me fangirl hour after hour of reading this beautiful masterpiece of a story!
Sara chapter 77 . 12/17/2013
Lovely story and i would like it very much if you wrote a sequel with tenis and sirius having a child xD
DustyWolf chapter 77 . 10/30/2013
Thank you for this amazing story! To be honest, there were times I wanted to stop reading because Remus was being an arse or Sirius was upset, but in the end my curiosity and love for the pair won out and I'm glad it did :)
StarSpangledTeaLeaf chapter 53 . 10/25/2013
No offense, but I really don't like Remus too much at this point.I think he's stubborn and selfish and a coward and it annoys me. Also, Sirius is too forgiving, if you ask me. Still, brilliant story, and fantastic writing. Thank you.
ThingsLeftBehind chapter 77 . 8/6/2013
Ah, now that I have finished completely, i am very satisfied...and a few chapters later, I got over my anger at Remus but overall I really loved the depth of this story. Although I think one of the aspects that really stood out to me is how you portrayed the personalities of the characters. At a few points in the story I actually sympathicized with Walburga, which I was never expecting. Granted I feel that maybe canon only shows the negative aspects of her, and sometimes I think readers forget to think about the humanity that does exist in almost every character. And Im glad finding out that you decided to start from way back to the beginning rather than what you originally planned with the story because I did get really connected with the characters. I also kind of pitied Greyback in your story, although I dont know why because he is extremely selfish and only really looking out for himself and his own goals. But part of me feels that maybe theres a story somewhere that just explains why greyback is so inhumane and how he got there...anyways thanks for the awesome read! It took up like a week or so of my time between work and everything else I do lol :D and sorry i was kind of angry in my other review lol...
ThingsLeftBehind chapter 58 . 8/4/2013
I hate to be that kind of person but this has been one of the more difficult stories I've ever had to read. Don't get me wrong, I'm really into finishing this story, the development of the storyline is superb and I'm massively into slash. I just need to say that your characters are at first charming and acceptable, but I'm at the point where I am starting to hate some of them, specifically among the some is Remus. Remus selfishness goes far beyond the realms of realistic, because by this point of the story, he's so selfish that he's honestly the biggest asshole ive ever seen. All that crap about being normal is school and then that shit with charlie goes down and now all his dreams to be in school and normal just disappears? wtf was that? Its so hard to read and enjoy sometimes when one of the main characters evokes so much anger in me that i've had to stop reading because i just feel too bad for Sirius. I mean, Sirius has literally done every damn thing he could ever do for him and he still doesnt even realize the depth of Sirius' feelings! It drives me nuts, and my heart hurts from the rejection Sirius is getting. I mean, now SB has completely promised his parents to marry one of the girls so even if Remus were to admit his feelings to him, it would be bloody pointless. Yeah im sure there will be some disownage/fighting that will explain it, but even if I was Sirius I would have f'n given up on Remus by now...Im sorry for my rant _ I was just kind of angry at RL. So im going to keep reading now, and I'm anxious to get to the part when i can finally say that they're together. Oh and this is the first time I've ever felt the need to review to comment on a completed story before I got to the i broke my "rule" cuz i was so frustrated, just to give you an idea lol...
AbsconditusPersona chapter 60 . 6/28/2013
I must say, every time I read Charlie's nickname, I think of Charlie Weasley instead of Charlie the girl. Lolz. I don't read many fics that are before Harry's time, but lately I've been on a Siri/Remy kick. -_-" I've cried because of fics before, mainly because something sad happens, but this one really takes me on a roller coaster of emotions. And then, I want to keep reading until I've finished it all but I can't because I have to get up a six tomorrow to move and it is midnight o'thirty right now and I woke up at six THIS morning (or should I say last morning?) and I am totally not going to get enough sleep. And then I will wake up grouchy and slow like a bear who has just woken from hibernation which isn't good, because then, after I've had my shower and gotten dressed, I will come back to read more of this fic and I won't be able to fully enjoy it because I will be grouchy and slow like a grouchy and slow bear and it will all be because of sleep deprivation. And the sleep deprivation will be because this fic is an awesome possum roller coaster and I CAN'T STOP READING IT! And the sleep deprivation will also be because I just used seven minutes to write this review, proof it (sort of), and click the "Post Review as..." button, and then I need to get my pajamas and look, I've just used another minute. -_-'' I think I'll just go now...
Rosa Mundi chapter 57 . 6/5/2013
I've read quite a few of your stories and really enjoyed them, but this is where I gave up on this one. I realized that I'd much rather Remus was executed and everyone could just mourn him and get on with their lives.
Aureleis chapter 77 . 6/4/2013
Gorgeous story. The characterization, the emotions, the plot twists- it was all very well planned out and quite beautifully written. Thank you for sharing your imagination with us!
dragonweb99 chapter 42 . 5/6/2013
Ouran-Lover-Chan chapter 77 . 3/25/2013
I think I can honestly say that this is the best fanfic I have ever read... It made me cry, and angry (mostly at Remus's obliviousness...) It made me feel so happy, and confused xD
I adore the way you've written them all, especially Romulus. Usually, I hate OCs and think they're terribly written, but all of the OCs in here are perfect... I think you're an amazing writer!
I've been reading it non-stop, up a lot of the night, and just... Wow...
You have a real talent, and thank you for writing this C:
Maybe2Morrow chapter 77 . 2/15/2013
I stayed up super late for three nights to continue reading this, I couldn't stop. It was an amazing story and I cried (I know a story is good if it can make me cry) ;D.
kuropi-chan chapter 77 . 2/14/2013

To anyone and everyone attempting to browse through this fic's reviews, let me stop you right here and tell you: Stop reading the bloody reviews and go start on the story!

At first I thought I'd be wasting my time. After all, 77 chapters is no joke and it takes some time to read something so long but when I started it, I got hooked.

I've loved the Sirius x Remus canon pairing from the moment they were introduced to me (which was...about 5 or 6 years ago) and I've been dying to read a fic about them that didn't dwell so much on the usual screwing-each-other-until-certain-parts-are-sore line-up and this story has exceeded my expectations in more ways than one.

Be prepared to cry your eyes dry, have your heart touched in more ways than the usual "aw, that's cute" - this isn't a story for the shallow and the feeble.

To the awesome author/authoress who devoted so much time, effort, thought and heart to this story: YOU'RE THE BEST! This work of yours had me cheering, crying, laughing and believing in the magic of love all over again. I loved the characters (yes, even Charlie) and the devotion of thought you put into each and every chapter.

I look forward to reading more of your works and hope that you keep writing!

And to the person who's still reading this review: HURRY AND READ THIS FIC! :)
A Cumberbatch Of Cookies chapter 77 . 2/6/2013
This is around the 10th time I've read this and I still love it. Your charcters are amazing and the plot I've never seen before
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