Reviews for Fire, Water, War
Amazing-Thalia-Grace chapter 2 . 5/26/2013
IamMoving101 chapter 2 . 10/25/2012
Oh please continue this! This is such a well-written and amazing story!
Leila chapter 2 . 6/15/2010
I loved how Luigi seemed to get his fire back towards the end...! I know this fic hasn't been updated in long while, but I just wanted to say that I really like how this fic seems to be going. :D

I also waned to also thank your for introducing me to the Roy/Luigi angle in some other fics of yours; they were very fun to read, although now I find myself bummed that I cant find more! XD
Sarifina Filth chapter 2 . 12/6/2009

I find that SO incrediby sad! What do I find sad you ask, well, it's two things:

a) You describe Luigi in a way that reminds me of a grumpy old man, and Mario and Princess Peach all royal and amazing! I like the way you described mario and Peach, but Luigi's attitude towards them makes me so sad! Mario thinks he's doing something good, and that they share this brotherly bond, BUT IT'S ALL A LIE! Wah! That makes me want to cry!

b) it doen't look like you're going to continue this fanfic! Why not? It's SO cool and is full of new ideas! I really want to see the way describe Ludwig in his newly found power, and if Princess Peach is captured or (hopefully not) murdered, and if she is captured, the reaction of Bowser to that blast from the past, after all that time. But if you don't continue, IT'LL BOTHER ME FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!

XO (just kidding!)

Anyways, all in all, I love it!

Your hopeful reveiwer,

~Sarifina Filth

PS. I'm story alerting it just in case!
Myron Byron chapter 2 . 10/13/2009
Sweet story. I like the way you portray the adult koopalings.
Anonymous chapter 2 . 9/10/2009
Please update soon! This is an awsome story!
HarvesterOfHearts chapter 2 . 1/26/2009
oh god this is such a good story, i really think you should continue it.

it's so excellent, exploring a different view of the koopalings, and their situation with having to live in the desolate valley and everything. I love it. It's an idea I've always been particularily fond of, the fact that the Koopa's aren't evil, they're just doing what is right to them, and you pull it off so well.

I also love how you use the old nintendo comic for the Koopalings' personality, and how you explain Lemmy's... predicament. The fact that Larry didn't speak english always appealed to me.

Oh! and I don't know if you mentioned it in this story, but you did in the Prequel that Roy and Wendy are twins. Usually when people get the order of the Koopalings wrong it ticks me off a little (because they ALWAYS make Lemmy and Iggy the youngest, and twins.) but the idea of Wendy and Roy being twins is an idea I really like. Like... alot.

I also like the way you portray the Mario Bros. I've always really liked Luigi, and I adore the quiet demeanor you have given him. (And the fact that he didn't end up with Daisy-(oh did I say that?))

Anyways, you should really consider continuing this story, its a very good one, one of the best Koopaling fics I have read, and I really want to know what happens next... I love it when a fic concentrates on Roy's softer side (he's my second favorite after all, and has such wonderful depth) and would really like to see where you're going with this.

Need I beg more? Because I will you know...
Rulin chapter 2 . 7/15/2008
Oh my!

Finally, a good Koopaling story! And yes... Roy is my fave...

Please, please finish this fic!
SixTrueWords chapter 2 . 4/29/2008
Hey, I really like your story! It's nice to see some depth and planning in a fandom that has so much crap floating around, and some spot-light on the underapreciated characters! Hope you keep this one going, 'cause I'm going to be watching it!
SaturnStorm chapter 2 . 1/26/2008
Its weird to think about the Mario Brothers aging. After so long and them not growing a day older you almost wonder what kind of magic's at work. But, everything grows old, and you have gotten across how both brothers would do so quite nicely. I like how time's worn on them both in different ways, it does sound like how they'd cope with it, if their game personalities are anything to go by.

After you confirmed the old cartoons were an influence on your writings (as could be pinpointed in your 'second best' fic), I can see most certainly where their points shine out (Roy and Yoshi are most noteable) and while I wouldn't use those as an influence in my write-ups, your being able to take the elements that most inspired you is something I can get behind.

I do want to see where you'll take it, and how far along. There may still be elements I don't agree with, but as I've said before you're a talented writer, and I'm curious as to what the World looks like through your eyes. With the way you can get images across so far, I have no doubt you'll be able to do this.
oh my god the regret I have chapter 2 . 1/5/2008
Ohmygosh...this story is awesome! I'm spechless...It's just so good! I love your portrayal of all the characters.
MadeUpFigment chapter 2 . 1/4/2008

Chapter One

-“…Come on, then,”-

Since Roy has the accent in this story, wouldn't 'then' sound like 'den'? Just wondering.

That's all I found and it wasn't even a typo to boot.

I disagree with your first reviewer, this is the best protrayl of the Koopalings I have ever seen. I also liked Lemmy's psychic moments, it makes him all the more intresting.

For some reason, I liked how you described the Mario brothers aging. It makest he story seem more realistic. Usually people try to make these characters seem perfect in looks, which can be annoying boring in my opinion.

I liked how Luigi more or less lived alone and adopted a Yoshi (or the Yoshi). I also liked how he wasn't intrested in any of the princesses (I'm one of the few non-Daisy/Luigi fans). It's kind of funny to picture girls swooning over Luigi, who doesn't care.

I like the interactions with all the siblings, Mario and Koopalings. It's hard to explain, but it's how I'd imagine them to act towards each other.

I hope to see this continued.

-A crappy reviewer
darksorc chapter 1 . 12/26/2007
I, for one, found nothing disappointing with your portrayal of the Koopalings. Lemmy's psychic moments were an interesting bit, and you've added a fresh touch to the Koopalings while retaining their classic personalities and not making them at all boring. I could see why people (such as SaturnStorm) might find your take on the Koopaling's personalities a bit "rusty". A little revamp would be really cool, but it's not something that gets in the way of enjoying this great fic :D

That being said, I can not wait to see what happens in the next chapter! I'm greatly anticipating an appearance by the Mario brothers, especially WEEGIE! Wow, I'm almost afraid for Roy. I hope he doesn't get it too bad!
SaturnStorm chapter 1 . 12/26/2007
Right, part of me wants to go "Shweet a new take on the Koopalings and a refreshing change of pace to the typical way of looking at them and how the World reacts" which does stand... and I will say and stick to saying that you're able to twist a good story here, and your words paint a convincing World...

However, I'm having trouble sticking to it. I'm interested in this concept, really I am, but how the personalities have been given is a mix of a cliche which I tire of and something completely out there and I can't see how the conclusion was drawn. I'm all for choosing different personalities to how everyone else sees the characters (for instance I don't see Ludwig as an imitation German who composes, or is even a scientist. I see him as a very heavy, childishly insane Koopa. Smart, yes, but this isn't his overpowering aspect.), but it seems like, for instance, Larry's came from nowhere, and it irked me. Why does he talk like that? Why are he and Lemmy so close? Since Lemmy's eyes were already askew, why did he only go blind by Mario World? And why the blindfold? And, more troublesome, why the psychic moment, did we really need that? A familiarity over how his brothers move and interact I can take but isn't the Mushroom World's magic enough without throwing psychic abilities into the mix (and trust me, as an EarthBound fan it pains me to say that).

This concept could go quite far. Its a dark look into the World, almost alternate Universe (which can be very awesome), and from the description and an idea from this chapter it seems like there could be some amazing epic behind it. But I'm not finding the characters likeable, and I'm not sure I want to follow them through whatever epic they're going to wade through.

This story could be big. I just think the characters need re-personify-ing.