Reviews for If The Fates Allow
LuckyLadybug chapter 1 . 12/24/2007
Yay! X3 Oh wow, this came out awesomely! There's so much friendship cuteness! Dalton and Rakesh came out really well! And I love the scenes you added. Cloud and Denzel's was amazing. And Seph and Zack's banter over the snow was priceless. Especially Seph's "throwing lumps of snow" comment. That's so him. I love the image of Aerith being out there having so much fun too!

So much Squee for Zack's thoughts about Cloud and Seph's friendship! And Angeal! **snickers at the mental image of trying to put Angeal under the tree.**

And the scene with Cloud and Seph ... that turned out so incredible. o.o Cloud's explanation of what the scar reminded him of was very interesting! And the whole conversation about Nibelheim, and killing guiltless people. Wow.

I love Seph starting to smirk as he recalls what Cloud said in his delirium. His sarcasm about Zack's concern was great, too. LOL. Cloud commenting that he must have meant what he said was very Squee! X3

Ending things on a humorous note was fun. XD I was not expecting that last sentence. **snickers.**

All in all, a totally awesome fanfic! I love seeing other explorations into the Twilight and Dawn verse! X3 Every part of this fic is amazing!
Kazaam chapter 1 . 12/24/2007
Oh, this story was great! And I think it fits perfectly in Ladybug's universe.

The scene with Cloud and Denzel was so touching and really cute. And Tifa's theory about Zack was hilarious! I also loved Cloud and Zack's conversation about Christmas. LOL.

Oh gosh, and Seph's comments about throwing lumps of snow, and Zack's thoughts on wrapping Angeal were so amusing!

And I really loved everyone's thoughts about the things that were important to them. And Cloud's hallucination, with him telling Seph that he was a good person, was such a happy surprise! I'm glad everything turned out well.