Reviews for And The Train That Runs Through The Graveyard
Guile chapter 1 . 4/26/2009
Dream and Yuri, and an explanation for that crazy-ass Atman thing. Some cool imagery in there, too. I like it.
Indiana Jerico chapter 1 . 12/27/2007
This fic actually took me by surprise, Cheesecake, as I never knew you could write this well. I love how you put the little seemingly random bits of info in writing from Yuri's perspective. It makes for some believable thought streams so you're not really reading an essay, but an actual human (or close to it) experience. Now, I'll have to go re-read an SH story FAQ again, or better yet, replay SH and SH:C to refresh everything. D:

And at ariescelestial's question, yes, Death is friendly to everyone in the Sandman mythos. It actually creates for a really interesting juxtaposition on Dream and Death (Death is Dream's favortie sibling), as people tend to fear Death more than Dream; a fact which amused Dream a bit.
ariescelestial chapter 1 . 12/25/2007
I haven't read Sandman, only heard about it a bit, but I really wish I had. I think this worked great as a crossover-gave a good explanation of the drastic changes to Yuri's graveyard. I'd just always assumed that the Mistletoe curse caused such a huge disruption in Yuri's soul that it swallowed the masks up, but this is a lot more interesting. And I agree, I think the original graveyard was richer, more beautiful in its eerie way. I loved how Yuri talked to Morpheus, especially his order of priorities: 1) who are you, 2) why are you here and 3) take off the mask so I make sure who you really are. The descriptions were really nice. (And I'm very amused by how friendly Death is to Yuri. Or is she friendly to most people in Sandman?)

I think I missed something, which distracted me a bit: what exactly was the pact Yuri made with Atman? Was it just general, to survive the attack, or something more specific? The other thing was that IIRC (I left my game in another state, so I can't check at the moment D: ), the SH instruction manual says Yuri was 10 when he lost his parents, didn't it? And he was 24 in the first game and they said the Demon's Gate Invocation happened 15 years ago, so he would have had to be 9 or older when he and Anne were attacked. It's not a major detail, but it was a bit jarring.