Reviews for Obsession
PrincessBluetree chapter 50 . 9/30
I really loved this fanfiction! Thank you so much!
Bre-chan chapter 50 . 9/3
This isn't obsession just straight-out jealousy
Guest chapter 7 . 8/19
Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Wow... Probably one of the best written fanfic of GA... And the only one that has perfect grammar AND spelling! I'm loving your story so far... o()o
Suki Harlett chapter 50 . 7/12
soo this was amazing! I didnt like Nonoko and Kyo but then it was flawless thanks rlly THANKS
Undertheskys chapter 16 . 6/22
umm i think its suppose to say "as long as you don't betray me or anything "
Guest chapter 49 . 6/22
good but a little too... adult-ish
MaRiAjHaDe chapter 50 . 5/3
I really enjoyed reading obsession, this fanfic is unique than others..
Tina Mayuri chapter 50 . 3/2
I soooo love this story! I read it many times, but I still can't get over it. By the way, I love how you created your own characters in this story especially Kyo and Ryou. And the tandem you made with Kyo and Nonoko is just soooo awesome, I went gaga over that. I feel like they should be part of the real manga story! Hahah. And I so love the way you did the story, it wasn't dragging like any other story that I read before. Especially the intimate scenes of Mikan and Natsume. I got brokenhearted when something happened to Mikan and Ruka, but anyways after that Natsume showed that he still loves Mikan despite all of that.

I really want to hear more stories of Gakuen Alice like this I see that you're from the Philippines! Hope to see you on conventions! Hope for more stories to come! Gambatte!
Guest chapter 36 . 3/2
maya.oingoing chapter 34 . 8/5/2014
I hate this. My lovely Hotaru look so powerless ( _ ) I can't wait break aya head.
maya.oingoing chapter 1 . 8/3/2014
OMG! I love your fanfic and I love you! Please befriend with me! :')
AiramEnayle chapter 50 . 7/5/2014
The title itself is really interesting. Obession in love and Obsession in power are the main focus on your plot. It was beautifully written. The characters were great..

Ruka made a great impact to me, how you write his character from a gentle guy to an obsess man..

Along the way as you progress it was heartbreaking and breathtaking. You made me cry when Mikan is calling Natsume for help when she was drugged and the time she was helpless when the aphrodisiac takes effect..

True love can accept all your mistakes and failures which Mikan and Natsume did..Natsume is obsess but his obsession is what really keeps their relationship more interesting..
MarSette chapter 50 . 6/8/2014
ohh i really like this ! hope u would still write more stories of gakuen alice... this one is awesome .. you really wrote this as a prof.. i adore u :3
MarSette chapter 4 . 6/3/2014
amazing piece :3 im so excited for next chapters .:D
Polka-Dotted Strawberries chapter 50 . 2/24/2014
So sweet!
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