Reviews for An Unexamined Life
A ShrinkinG VIOLET GIrL chapter 3 . 11/25/2013
such a great story..the detail was awesome..!
Kat chapter 3 . 7/11/2013
Great Story. It was so well thought out! Congrats!
Rosajean chapter 3 . 5/5/2013
Aww! Great story! Well done!
Rebakah chapter 3 . 6/18/2012
Thought provoking with a cute side. Your consequences were very well thought out and followed logically even if some were a little extreme. i enjoyed.
Dherea chapter 3 . 4/2/2012
I enjoyed the retelling of the Christmas story. What a tragic end the Wizarding World would have had without Snape. It is a great concept for each of the main characters. Would love to see the same thing with Hermione, Ron and Neville. Good job!
awu chapter 3 . 3/21/2012

I got the link for this story from ( post/16608736592/recommended-snape-granger-fanfiction). I love that this story was only 3 chapters and still managed to encompasses all the other Harry Potter character as well. Very well though out and written. I can't believe you only have 61 reviews. If it's not already on there you should post it over at ashwinder, I'm sure all the other SSHG shippers will love it. I have added it to my favourites. Well done! Can't wait to read the rest of your stories.
librarywitch chapter 3 . 3/11/2012
OMG! I found this on another author's favorite list and I can see why. I loved the use of "It's a wonderful life" storyline. Well done and the perfect length. It will take a placed of pride on my favorites list too!
Sarah Crawford chapter 3 . 1/9/2012
Wow, I love this so much that I don’t know what to say. Fantastic job! This is one of the best SS/HG fics I’ve ever read. Definitely going on my favorites list.
Dearlady2002 chapter 3 . 9/30/2011
Yep, I like this one. It's official. Going on my favorites list. Perhaps I'll come back and reread it around Christmas. ;)
Dearlady2002 chapter 1 . 9/30/2011
Oh! I like this! I almost wish I had waited to read it until Christmas (bah, that means I'd have to wait!). I'm not actually familiar with the movie (only sat through fifteen minutes of it, maybe, before I was bored out of my skull).
azulkan2 chapter 3 . 9/15/2011
Great story.
etherian chapter 3 . 4/19/2011
This was a wonderful adaptation of 'It's A Wonderful Life'. Such a grim world without Severus, and I am so pleased he learned just what he had.
Katamabob chapter 3 . 2/27/2011
Nice xD Love that movie, works well with these characters! A little ... horrific in places, far more than the original movie (which is more along the lines of "She became an old maid? *gasp* *horror*". An, antiquity).

Interesting to think how different things would have been without Snape. Many of these things would most likely have come to pass.

Very sweet, lovely ending. Really loving Harry, actually.

Miravisu chapter 3 . 1/25/2011
*sniffle and whews*

Now that was no dance on roses, the world without Severus Snape.
sbrande chapter 3 . 8/16/2009
What an inventive, original, well written story. Kudo's to both of you lovely ladies, and keep on writing.

Love Sonia :)
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