Reviews for Just an Act
ivanthedead chapter 1 . 1/19/2015
Soul Nomad stories are rare and stories about Levin/Raksha even more so. Heck when Raksha is proving his point to Trish and the rest he destroys the former home of the Thurists and Raide which were both abandoned at the tie. Something he knew.

But I'll get off my tangent and say I really enjoyed this!
Not a World Eater chapter 1 . 6/19/2009
Omg I loved this - your right no one does any Levin and Trish stories. They need more love. Good job on the one shot tho, really good!
ChiiKimono chapter 1 . 3/16/2009
Ok you rock. Seriously your like the only one who did a oneshot for Levin and Trish GOOD JOB! YOU ARE GOD! (well actually no my friend is but you can be jesus how's that sound?) Seriously no one writes any good Soul Nomad Fanfictions. I've just started one called "A Cradled Soul" look it up if yeah want (just type into google and you'l find it at quizilla at mewvanilla) but serious your my hero! Good job! TEN STARS FOOL XD! LevinXTricia
Rayless Night chapter 1 . 2/14/2008
Very nice. You've really captured the characters' voices. Even more impressive, you managed to meld the two sides of Levin's personality. This is a great scene; it could've been in the game, and I wish it were.


Just some formatting issues, particularly hyphens. Also, Tricia's comment about "a broad wide of problems" doesn't make sense (though, at the same time, I think I know what you mean).

Are you going to write more for this fandom?
Kit Kat's Snacks chapter 1 . 12/26/2007
aw, now I feel depressed T_T i never really liked Levin after the raksha bit but still...

great fic (8)~
Dark Hope chapter 1 . 12/25/2007
OMG, a Levin and Tricia fic? This is a nice surprise. I had forgotten about Tricia mentioning Levin after the Raksha revelation. I liked this one, it was kind of sweet (then again, I may be biased since I loved the idea of LevinTricia during the game).