Reviews for In Another Lifetime: 'Baby, It's Cold Outside'
seireidoragon chapter 1 . 8/19/2014
This story was great and the reveal was perfect!
LovettLestrange chapter 1 . 1/19/2011
That was so amazing! I now feel as if the movie has cheated me and you have filled that empty hole with your writing. Excellent job on both characters. Seriously, this just made me so happy.
KatiechanXoxoXSesshoukun chapter 1 . 1/23/2010
I LOVED IT! It was so awesome.I am glad that she finally found was the best.

barb1808 chapter 1 . 1/11/2010
*takes a deep breath*


What a story, what a revelation!

I like how you show us here a variation of the Niagara Falls story arc and the 'soft' revelation.

You really caught me in the story and I couldn't stop reading until the end. Well done!
SassyReaderGirl chapter 1 . 4/18/2009
Oh! Lovely! But I'm a bit surprised by Lois' reaction. Shouldn't she be angry?
icarustooclose chapter 1 . 2/6/2009
This is more than a little bit brilliant. I love the idea of an A/U Superman II, and this is a fantastic one.
LA Suka chapter 1 . 12/27/2007
This is excellent, better than the movie. :)
JamesTKent chapter 1 . 12/26/2007
That was, you'll pardon the expression, cool! That's more like how I envisioned the "reveal", certainly. Nice awareness of conflicting emotions; great banter and internal dialogue!
Dannie Tomlinson chapter 1 . 12/26/2007
*Falls over giggling* Loved this.
ainomegami chapter 1 . 12/25/2007
Wonderful story! You really captured the Kidder/Reeve dynamic! I kind of wish SMII had happened this way. I like the idea of Lois and Clark being snowed-in-but-not-really much more than silver-bed-in-icy-fortress. Both were chilly, but it seems so much cozier the way you wrote it!

I just finished reading all of LS and now I'm looking forward to more of this universe!
lere chapter 1 . 12/25/2007
I love it! I love it so much! I can't say how much I love it actually. Please, you must write more about this universe. I would really like it. The revelation was perfect and I must say again how much your characterization is fantastic. I keep seeing Margot and Chris all over the story. Please, I would love to see more.

Warm hug from Brazil.
Trekkie6 chapter 1 . 12/24/2007
{Adrian straightened up to greet them as per the most recent memo.} Memos. Blah.

{Mrs. Smith growled as she cruised past the desk, heading for the complimentary coffee urn like a shark homing in on the scent of blood in the water.} teehee

{“That is the most mismatched pair I’ve ever seen in my life.”} He doesn’t watch Maury does he?

{“Look, it’s the sugary simpering ones you gotta look out for. All smiles and cuddles here, but by the time they get home they’re already fighting about money or the kind of cigars he likes to smoke or the way she drives. Couple years later, one of ‘em shoots the other or brains ‘em with a frying pan or something.”} lol Well I don’t think that works for every couple but ok…

{watching the Smiths as they went back outside and stood just to one side of the doors, talking.} Wonder what they’re talking about. Or rather, what Lois is griping about, lol

{Not like my Linda, all sugar ‘n’ spice ‘til the honeymoon was over, then she started runnin’ up my credit cards and havin’ headaches every night.”} *snort*

{the Alimony Triplets.} HA! Well with Bob’s experience, I dunno whether to trust him or to dismiss him out of hand.

{But it’ll be damn worth it – there’s compensation for a temper like that.”} *chokes*

{“This coffee’s scandalous,”} ROFL!

{I’m paying four hundred dollars a night} Then I hope the room is worth it.

{“Or I will be when I stop drowning in coffee and snot.} hehe Of course this one would grab my attention.

{Remind me why we’re in this godforsaken armpit of civilization?} ROFL! Really stinks huh?

{Furthermore, it should never be painted flamingo pink, jaundice yellow, and nursing-home teal.”} Wow.

{Lois turned to look up at the looming building with a wrinkle of her nose. “If I lived here, I’d burn the place down for the good of humanity.”} lol

{“They have sleigh rides every afternoon, and moonlight skating every night,”} *sigh* That sounds nice.

{“That doesn’t mean anything, Clark. I grew up on military bases, but I can’t fly a fighter or drive a tank.”} You didn’t ask him if he could ride them; you just asked if he were afraid of them. *ducks snowballs*

{Lois observed, although her attention was more on her footing than on him.} Hope she’s wearing boots.

{“She and I went horseback riding a couple of times,”} Lana.

{And to love her, to be so close to her and yet so far away, tormented him.} *hugs him*

{Especially when she’d gone straight into the hot tub following that little stroll and locked the door as she did so. And stayed there for over an hour. Sometimes he thought she was doing that on purpose to mess with his mind…} lol Maybe she just didn’t wanna get out. I stay in the tub for at least two hours myself…

{I’m in hell, he thought.} Well, maybe not for long…

{the snow on the ground had frozen hard} Oh, snow! Duh. *slaps self* They’re in the mountains. In that case, I hope Lois was wearing her boots.

{she had made the discovery that sealed his fate. “You’re warm,”} heh heh. Can’t blame a girl for wanting to be warm in the wintertime.

{Stop thinking about it, he told himself sternly. But it would be so easy to kiss her, to warm her up even slightly…} Hey, I say enjoy it while you can. Put your arm around her!

{Her acidic remark completely derailed Clark’s train of thought, for which he was grateful. The lodge, and the assignment for that matter, was the last thing on his mind.} *laughing even though it’s not funny*

{“So even if you don’t register for the evening activities, they know whether you’re in your cabin or not,”} That’s a lil freaky.

{Lois had insisted on leaving the kitchen light on last night. Not because she was a city-dweller and nervous in total darkness, but because he was so abysmally klutzy that he’d probably break his neck if he got up in the middle of the night. Really.} Sometimes I think I shouldn’t eat while reading.

{“We did. Maybe someone’s in there right now, taking down our addresses,”} Or maybe they’re snooping through your things.

{They hadn’t been worrying overmuch about the man driving their sleigh hearing their conversation.} I’d always worry. Ears are everywhere. Especially when people are “sleeping”.

{a shadow had just dropped from a window.} OOH! Pushed, jumped? Suicide? Burglar?

{she buried her face in Clark’s shoulder, his arm going around her.} YAY!

{“Isn’t this exciting, honey?” “Yeah, like a root canal,”} Hear that kids? Always brush your teeth twice a day!

{Namely, a quick trip to the Fortress and his usual rounds in Metropolis.} Why the fortress?

{I’ve got to figure a way to stop getting sent on assignment with Lois.} ROFL Ya know, that line by itself woulda worked in the sleigh.

{“He’s been here forever practically} BOB!

{“Do you know how to skate, Clark?”} There’s a visual…

{What planet are you from again?”} I love that joke.

{I have got to avoid going on assignment with her,} *snorkle*

{“If I can’t completely derail a man’s train of thought by flashing them at him, I can always kick him in the face.”} AWESOME!

{Moving on roughened ice while wearing blades strapped to his feet was one of those inherently dangerous activities that Clark abhorred and Lois adored.} Why do I see him tripping and his glasses sliding across the ice?

{She just laughed in response, turning gracefully to skate backwards.} I hate that people can do that.

{“Good luck – you’ll need it.”} heh

{“It would take an ice age to catch up to you, Lois.} *snarf*

{A cape hidden in my luggage?} lol If that’s where you’re keeping it…

{And if he fell, he’d take her with him, not something he wanted to do on cold, hard ice. Not when she was wearing a skirt, anyway…} *chokes*

{Was that their contact?} Yup. And Bob had better not be thinking she’s flirting with him.

{Lois was one of the first to hustle out of her skates, rushing to talk to Bob.} Always working. So is a storm really coming or are they just covering up from something having happened?

{“Keep warm,” he added.} *chuckle* If only.

{Lois woke slowly, the cabin cold in spite of the heater} BODY HEAT!

{She opened the door of the cabin only to confront a wall of white – the snow was piled as high as her chest.} Wow. Guess there really was a storm.

{Bright sunlight reflected off the packed snow and into the room, right into his face.} Which is why I always sleep with the shade down.

{He bit his lip as he sat up; sleeping on the couch wasn’t comfortable.} Hope he slept with his glasses on.

{they’re going to have this path cleared by mid-afternoon or my name isn’t Lois Lane.”} HA! I dunno if you can use your “power” outside of Metropolis my dear.


“Um, Lois, maybe you shouldn’t have said…”

“Shut up, Clark.”} *snicker* But hey, it makes for a romantic mood.

{He also, unfortunately, brought in a squirrel that had been sleeping in the wood, and it nearly drove Lois out of her mind before she could chase it back outside.} There’s something I’d love to see on video.

{Then they discovered that the only radio in the cabin was missing a power cord, and its batteries were dead.} Deliberately?

{Not even the men back home talked like that – not even men who’d been in the military. And you’re madly in love with this woman} Just goes to show you can’t help who you fall in love with.

{her entire long-legged frame practically shimmered with vitality; and her full lower lip pouted slightly in frustration, nonetheless looking like an absolute invitation to be kissed. Lois was, in fact, the only woman Clark knew who made near-murderous wrath look, well, sexy.} Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark…*shaking head*

{Lois was beautiful all the time in his eyes, but never more so than when she was either in trouble or about to cause it} Oh but of course. It’s part of her charm.

{She’d been almost as surprised as Grizzly when the drawer had broken four bones in his hand…} Ouch. Bet he learned his lesson.

{“I’m sorry, Clark. Probably just ruined your image of me, huh?} lol No! It’s nothing he hasn’t seen before!

Monopoly rocks! How else are you supposed to play it? Nicely? I have Lord of the Rings Risk. Still no idea how to play it.

{Although she did throw the dice at him when she landed on his Boardwalk} A woman after my own heart.

{“Yeah, and I’m the queen of … dammit!” The room plunged into darkness in the middle of her sentence.} *snort* That’s especially annoying when you’re trying to tape something. And then the power comes back on just after the show is over.

{It was also getting dark outside, and with no electricity indoors, that made the room very dim indeed.} Those powers have to come in handy sooner or later. He should tell her. Who wouldn’t wanna be cuddled up with Superman in a nice cozy cabin in the dark?

{Remain indoors, be sure to protect your pipes and pets, and make sure you have alternate sources of heat and light available.} Too late if you’re already stuck without them.

{North Carolina hasn’t seen a storm of this magnitude since the blizzard of 1818…”} Joy.

{“Hand me your lighter,”} lol So she still has it I see.

{No sense fiddling around with the lighter and twists of paper} Those things are a beyotch. The fire has to be very hot before the wood can burn? What sense does that make? I hate firewood. You have to keep poking at it every so often or else the fire will go out. God bless oil. And working heaters.

{a high-pressure system from the gulf had come up and settled to the south of them, stalling the cold front and the storm right overhead.} That makes me wanna take a nice hot bubble bath. Again.

{He and Lois were as well prepared to weather the storm as they could be.} I wonder if anyone forgot that they were up there. Lol Another thought just came to mind, cuz I apparently look for a conspiracy in any and everything and if it were possible, just shows what great lengths she would go to to prove herself right: if Lois could control the weather, she’d lock herself in a cabin with Clark just to see how long it would take for him to use his powers to get them out.

{They had dragged the mattress into the living room and laid it in front of the fireplace.} *gets the giggles* That’s a nice visual. Putting the couch behind them is a great idea. Never would have thought of that.

{So they were both wearing only socks and pajamas,} lol I dunno why I see Clark wearing red and black Paul Bunyan style flannel pjs.

{Lois was far enough away from Clark that she wasn’t getting the full advantage of his solar-powered warmth.} How much has he got left? He’s been inside all day.

{“You’re warm,” she gasped in surprise, wiggling her foot around on his ankle. “My God, you’re still warm.”} Woman, you are so making it worse, lol. And I think she knows it.

{Lois cuddled into that embrace with a relieved sigh, nuzzling her face into the crook of his elbow.} *smiles* Now, isn’t that a nice picture… I wish I could draw. And paint.

{“It’s all right. Now shush. I’m cold.”} *narrows eyes* But *why* is it all right, Lois? Don’t tell me it’s just cuz you’re cold. And you know, he could heat up the blankets. While she’s sleeping of course. Or, he could just come out and tell her and let her be pissed for keeping the secret. At least she wouldn’t be freezing.

{Lois tried not to think about the pain that accompanied that thought, how let down she felt. If she had ever needed her hero, it was now. And he was nowhere to be seen.} Which is exactly why she shouldn’t depend on him so much. If everybody did that, so many would be disappointed. He can’t be everywhere at once.

{Clark stopped breathing for a long moment.} LOL

{“We could really die out here, with no one to save us this time,” Lois was saying, in a small voice he’d never heard her use. “Clark, this is real. We’re pretty warm right now, but if it gets much colder…”} And dying words, Lois? Anything you’d like to reveal?

{Oh my dear God, she’s known all along? All this time, she knew? Clark was frozen in horrified shock,} You’re a dope. I hope you don’t embarrass yourself.

{“Wha…?” Clark’s train of thought came to a screeching halt,} Scr! That’s how I heard it in my head, lol

{Which I still didn’t think was quite that blindingly obvious…} Cuz you’re a dope.

{“Clark…” Lois reached up and stroked his cheek, silencing him. “It’s okay. I love you.”} Lois say what?

{The words were the ones he’d longed to hear, but in his dreams they’d never been spoken in those tones of brotherly affection.} Oh. Well. Hmm, well, you never know how things’ll change.

{“But not like I love you, Lois. It’s not the same.”} Aw.

{No, she wasn’t madly passionately in love with him, but who else was as close to her as Clark was?} And who else would she allow to be this close to her? I don’t see her and Lombard snuggling up to stay warm. She’d probably chop him up for firewood.

{Either that, or the Man of Steel wasn’t quite as focused on Lois Lane as she was on him…} Kinda makes you feel stupid doesn’t it?

{From the sound of it, he was willing to die with no regrets tonight, so long as he was with her – he certainly seemed much less afraid of the encroaching cold than Lois would have expected.} Despite that that isn’t what’s really going on, it’s still a warming thought.

{Maybe, if I’d never met Superman… And if this is the end, well, what would it hurt…?} Absolutely nothing. And once you accept Clark, you’re in.

{she had tried valiantly to keep from showing him how crazy in love she actually was.} Or just how crazy she was.

{she closed her eyes and kissed him.} YAY!

{She had a moment to revel in his tender adoration, a moment to wish that she’d given Clark more of a chance before the end…} Don’t worry; it won’t end tonight.

{That wasn’t the puppy-dog crush she’d always assumed Clark had on her; that was passion and desire, and to Lois’ shock she responded to it.} Bet she’s warm now…

{she found herself kissing him hungrily, shoving those damn glasses out of her way.} THAR SHE BLOWS!

{He didn’t notice, and wouldn’t have cared.} I don’t blame him cuz I wouldn’t have either.

{Being frozen into a block of ice and bathed in flame within the span of a few minutes hadn’t been able to make chills run up and down his spine the way her mouth did,} lol It actually took me a minute to realize what you were referencing. Things go out the window when Lois and Clark are kissing.

{For once, he was being selfish} Innit nice?

{if she wasn’t careful she might lead him into unreasonable expectations} Does it matter if you’re about to die? But more importantly, will it after you survive?

{She didn’t even feel the cold any longer, so swept up in this surprising rush of desire.} *waggles brows at her*

{Lois’ eyes opened wide, and the sexy stare became a look of utter shock.} Dun dun dunn! True testament time.

{her palm cracked against his cheek.} I heard a crack!

{Clark had never been more ashamed in his life.} Well he should, at least a little bit. Still doesn’t change how they feel.

{Instead, Lois ran a hand into his hair and kissed him, hard and hungry.} *hums high pitched note*

{Everything she’d ever wanted had been in her reach all along…} It’s never until she stops chasing Superman that she gets the Real Man.

{“You jerk, we’re not gonna die out here, are we?”} Nope.

{“You were trying to tell me, weren’t you?”} Yep. I like words with ‘p’ sounds.

{Now tell me: isn’t that worth giving up a Pulitzer?} Heck yeah!

{Lois had the best of both worlds.} I know and I hate her for it.

{She couldn’t possibly want to… Could she?} Probably.

{“What are you doing New Year’s Eve?”} teehee Guess that’s that then huh?

{“Spending it with you … love.} Can you hear me squeeing from here?