Reviews for An Xmas Gift Leads To Love For A Fox And A Cat
RosutoKi-chan chapter 1 . 6/17/2009
Short and kawaii, even though I didn't really understand the fic (I've never seen this show, I might later though, but I'm reviewing so I can contact you.), but romantic none-the-less. Anyway, as I already said, my review is just a way of contacting you (but I read the fic too, that'd be unfair if I just reviewed, got my message, and walked away while ignoring the fanfic completely!). Since there was no PM thing on your profile, I had to tell you this somehow. In the

Give de scotsman a name" fourm in the cartoon/Samurai Jack category, they had topics saying mean things about you (If you search the name in quotes, you'll find it, and you'll see what they said for yourself.) My opinion, they shouldn't be saying things like that about people, I'm not getting invovled but I'm just telling you their saying some mean things and you should do something about it.

-Teh Double Agent: Ki-chan