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Larisa chapter 20 . 3/24/2016
That's an intriguing story od yours. I think Adara is very unique but I can't really tell if I like her or scared in a way. Anyway she got her life to live and I think, she is using all the possibilities she can think of.
Thank you for writing :)
LucasVN chapter 20 . 12/20/2011

This is one of those fics where 'wow' is the only word that can be used to describe it as a whole. TFxhuman fics are a problem cliche, but when handled correctly, they can give amazing results. (This is the second good TF/human fic I've read on this site.) You said this was your personal favorite, an I can see why. I am amazed by the complexity of the emotions, thoughts, and characterizations, and the dark dynamic between Megatron and Adara. I also like th handling of other characters, as well as the human avatar of Starscream, and references of Marvel G1. (About through the first 14 issues.) Also a nice bit was the allegory of Starscream and Sunstreaker to demons. Speaking of which, I wonder what is planned...

One final note, and more of a personal one, I like the political elements that you put into the storyline. Outside of fanfiction, I'm an avid reader of military/political science and techno-thrillers, particularly Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan series, Dale Brown's Patrick McLannahan series, and other works with complex political elements and detailed descriptions of military equipment and methods. In truth, my dream is to one day find a TF fanfic with elements of these technical styles in it. (And since Dale Brown's work is mostly centered around military aviation, it would make excellent crossover fodder.)

Now, I anxiously await more new material from you. In the meantime, on to other stories.
hannah chapter 20 . 11/7/2011
This is entirely fascinating.. I confess that I've never read anything like this.. heh.. at the same time I feel appaled that I'd read something like this, but the psychiatrist part of me absolutely loves it!

Well. yes, I'm loving this fic! Always liked Megatron and whatever drove him to what he is. You use your OFC in such a way that doesn't seem... fake... she's a little mental girl who has seen too much for her own age and it corrupted her completly, a psycopath. And Megatron as the puppetmaster, things are bound to be interesting!

And a little thing. Ifrit is the word in hebrew to demon (it is very close to Ivrit - the word for music) anyway.. And Djins (geanies) are kind of Ifrits too. The one thousand and one nights stories are full of Djins related tales. (I know a bit of hebrew and arabic - very VERY little mind you.. enough to survive...)like Anaha (word in hebrew for Discount...) heheh!
Atlantislux chapter 20 . 9/9/2011
I consumed my eyes over this story in the latests days. A well written, captivating and sensual experience. Needless to say, I throughly enjoyed the torture :)

First of all, the plot is extremely brilliant and refreshing. I admit I've often asked myself, while watching the episodes of the G1, what was the purpose of attacking each single refinery. In this case, the Decepticon's plan is much more challenging and fitted those who are introduced -especially in Furman's comics- like metallic gods that go through human laws and conventions like wolves hunting sheep, at ease with international diplomacy as much as they are at ground bombing their enemies. And I like it a lot, it makes the Decepticon a truly a magnificent foe, and not only a brunch of intergalactic barbarians! :D

Then, of this story I appreciate the exotic background. Seldom I've seen a TF story not based in a western country, and I appreciate a lot the change. It gives the whole story a surreal, almost legendary flavor that is truly captivating. Yes, very "one thousand and one nights-esque", but the style you use in this story also reminds me of my favorite author, the English writer Tanith Lee, who writes in a very similar, sensual fashion.

Speaking of sensuality... the affair between Adara and Megatron is twisted on so many level to give me shivers. Yet it works. Yet it's probably the only way a human can hope to be fairly interesting for a creature like Megatron, one who has experienced everything in his long and vicious life save the madness of a woman ready to strip herself of every ounce of dignity to capture his attention. But it's truly formidable how, in the end, it's Adara the true winner of the game, the Queen of the chessboard who has brought the King on his knees. Well, not that surprising for someone who is young but grew up in that treacherous environment, a vicious yet virgin Sherazade with a touch of Cleopatra and Salomé. I detest, love, admire and envy her at the same time. Thank you for creating a character so enticing!

Last but not least, Starscream and his wingmates, Soundwave, the Constructicons, the Lambo twins are gorgeous in their roles, and you keep each of them so in character to be be scary. In particular I adore Starscream, and personally I find almost funny his hate toward Adara. I don't know if it's the case, but I like to sense a slight jealousy too in his hatred. He's no more the only one who can drives Megatron crazy, and this is probably an unbearable affront to his vast ego ;)
Virivie chapter 20 . 4/3/2011
Adara's insane! Lol. I suppose that's why Megatron-dare I say- loves her. Update soon? All your reviewers are waiting:0
FluffyBiscuits chapter 20 . 10/29/2010
From what I heard All Hail Megatron was kind of depressing and something was said about Sunstreaker being a traitor to the Autobots. I think he was bonded to a human and something bad happened to the human and Sunstreaker never got over it. So the Sunny from that universe would be an ideal choice to work with a Decepticon.

I'm interested in seeing how everything pans out. Will Starscream's plans succeed? Dun Dun.
Azure Neko chapter 20 . 9/26/2010
Frag, this is intense. That girl is seriously messed up in the head, but she's also very realistic. What's really shocking is that Megatron put up with her long enough to start caring. If Starscream can make a pretender form, surely creating one in a particular human's image wouldn't be too difficult. I predict that she's going to get herself stepped on when Starscream's plans get rolling, and Megatron will not admit to any one that he cares.
chaitea16 chapter 20 . 9/2/2010
Sunny is a fun choice. And so long as he doesn't end up as a robot in a wheelchair, I won't fault you in the slightest for following the IDW trend a smidge. There's actually a few awesome fan-arts your image brings to mine. One in particular I feel obliged to send your way. But since the link probably won't work, its by risonsuit-rabbitman on deviant art and called Revenge. Come to think of it, I recommend ever picture and comic of Sunny she has on there.

And on to my favorite dysfunctional couple. The scene with her holding him as a gun is executed flawlessly. You address every aspect of it so well. That you also throw in some relevant lore adds to the effect. You really are such a tease when it comes to the actual sex scenes. But you hint at them so tastefully that I really can't complain. I feel the passion in the written words and its so much hotter then some of the more explicit scenes depicting how such a romance would be physically expressed.
Diinya-chan chapter 20 . 8/30/2010
Oo' (falls off chair)

You post another entry and it blows me away.

He really IS fixated on that girl, isn't he? 3

As always, wonderful. Thank you.
Angry Archer chapter 20 . 8/29/2010
While I have heard of djinns, I have never heard of ifrits! So kudos for adding a 'ghost' term I can store in the back of my head.

Oh... wow... right from the start of this chapter you had me sucked in. I always loved your imagery of the desert, you always wrote it so surreal, beautiful and trecherous- which is the perfect environment for such demons. :)

I liked how you chose Sunny, he always did seem like he could betray everyone- a perfect example is "All Hail Megatron" like you mentioned and of course who better than to betray than Starscream- it's what he's built for. And as long as he gets the position he doesn't care who he has to ally with or step on. What really caught my intrest the most during their conversation was definitely sealing the deal in blood. Something I can't recall seeing before in the fandom, so major kudos for that. I love things that are new and cool. :)

And of course another brillant Adara and Megs special. :) I absoulty loved her comeback on what was impossible and not; she always manages to get under Megs circutry which is one of the reasons why she is an absoutly incredible OC. She seems to be the ying to his yang; they fit so perfectly for being so diffrent. Oh how I would love to bein her place, have Megs strapped to my thigh and then blast people I don't like, turning into the ifrit; nice touch. :)

Another lovely and sexy chapter my dear, always love these sinful updates. :)

Keep up the good work!

~Alaskan Olive
dasz chapter 20 . 8/29/2010
What an awesome surprise! I was so excited to see this story updated! It's so dark and delicious- kind of like the devil's food cake of fanfics. :) Thanks so much for sticking with it!
Shirox chapter 20 . 8/29/2010
God this is so twisted! And after every new chapter i love this story more :D
chaitea16 chapter 19 . 8/17/2010
And my mind was officially blown out the back of my head and splattered on the wall. Just scraped it all up and got most of it back where it belongs so I'm ready to toss out my view.

First off, what a bold move. Taking on a Megatron story with a human love interest. Its so over done and poorly executed in near every case. But what you have here is a brilliantly crafted tale that isn't about teaching a tyrant to love. Thank Primus!

The focus has sensible madness twisted with desire on a different sort of level. I especially adore the other character's reactions,TC and Skywarp in particular. I'm so looking forward to where you might be taking their plot threads. You have some great set up going on that sucks me in every time you write them.

Adara is one crazy bitch and damn is she an interesting character to throw at Megatron. One of my favorite aspects of their relationship is just how much he didn't really notice her at first. it was casual and overlooked. Worked beautifully with his personality and added a new concept to this that most Megatron/OC's lack. She really had to work for his attention and treed the fine line between amusement and annoyance.

The extent of the affect she eventually had on him made for one of the most powerful sequence of scenes I've read in a while. Drunk Megatron is one scary bastard and you pulled it off chillingly.

Soundwave and Starscream's portrayal add so much as well. You play them off of one another while not even in the same room most of the time. Their effect on Megatron throughout and interaction help to divert focus from the twisted romance refreshingly. Don't get me wrong, I love to read the Megatron/Adara scenes, but what makes them more savory is the development between with the other characters. Makes me appreciate all the more what sexy scraps you finally put out with those two.
Cleargold chapter 19 . 7/14/2010
I thought Megatron’s wish to preserve his battle scars was very in-character. I can imagine he would take a pride in them, though it’s a pride some might find rather dubious!

Megatron and Adara are perfectly and symmetrically balanced characters in this story, and although you focus on other viewpoint characters at times in order to tell the story, they stand out from all of the others – perhaps because, as Artemis 1000 and Alaskan Olive, and probably others, have remarked, they represent the dare factor of a human/TF romantic and sexual relationship. Intriguingly, whether the result of a conscious decision on your part or not, you parallel their characters, yet contrast all the others (as you must), which is logical bearing in mind that they represent the central theme of the story. They are definitely on the same wavelength. And while Megatron may have few functional emotions, he has extremely sharp perceptions where Adara’s are concerned. As lovers always do!

Starscream’s entrance at the bar: ‘He made his way through the tables like a sleepwalker, the textile of his long thobe grazing chairs and vice as if they were the same thing...’ I really liked this perceptive description, but did you mean “long robe”?

Mister Latta: I would guess that this places this story after Starscream has regained his body in "Fleshling?" ‘Cos he did have some trouble coming up with the name...I realised Starscream had utilised some means of disguising himself rather than being trapped in a human version of his body, but I didn’t twig exactly what he’d done until the body melted away into complete squishiness at the end of the scene.

And what is Starscream up to here? Destabilising the regime, it seems. The blackmail photos were a surprise - I’d expected the envelope to contain money. But although the TFs don’t reproduce in the same way as humans and other organic races, they seem pretty familiar with the various aspects and results of the technique.

Well, that’s an interesting turn of events...

A most enjoyable update and a good way of introducing further conflict to carry forward and perhaps resolve the story at some point.
Sayla-Gathermoon chapter 19 . 6/1/2010
I just spent 4 hours straight reading this. Please continue. Fanfiction of a caliber this high are few and far between.
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