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Guest chapter 6 . 8/31/2014
I totally in love with your story that's all i can say, there is no word that can describe it. It's lovely and yeah now she will be loved
That Girl chapter 6 . 7/13/2013
I loved it! I loved their development (very believable, her realizations, his cute politeness, his shock/denial, acceptance, everything!), I loved Keigo's insanity, and I almost swallowed toothpaste when I finished chapter 5. (that whole ranch comment? I really shouldn't be getting ready for bed while reading. Bad for my health!)

All in all, loved it. More IshiHime please! _
demonfox910 chapter 6 . 4/6/2012
you emo! don't call this writing crap! MY writing is crap! this stuff is fucking beautiful! stop making me tear up, damnit! *sniff* this is frieking awesome...
BleachFanatic chapter 3 . 10/8/2011
You are a very good writer. Do not stop writing. (:
Xylexia chapter 5 . 6/15/2011
Cute fic :3 Uryuu-mun is such an idiot. And so is Hime for assuming things xD
Xylexia chapter 3 . 6/15/2011
Pffft she doesn't love him back. She's rebounding. Get over Ichi for a few months first /then/ go after him. *sigh*

Oh now Ichi notices and starts to care. *Sigh* Too late dude.

And Uryuu you apathetic IDIOT! I just want to slap you DX
Xylexia chapter 2 . 6/15/2011
Awww poor Uryuu-mun! *A* I just want to hug on him and squish him to death DX so sad :(
Guptanation chapter 6 . 4/13/2011
Great story, I really liked the way you had the scene play out where Inoue confesses to Ishida. You did a good job with Ishida's reaction I thought. The bitterness from always having been ignored in favor of Ichigo really feels like a realistic response, feelings like that are going to exist and they don't just disappear. I especially liked his disbelief towards her sudden change of heart, thought that was a nice touch.
blazinfire08 chapter 6 . 1/6/2011
i love this story, really, i do. it's partly a songfic, but the characters don't invent the song, or do everything exactly according to the song, which is rare (you know how many songfics are like that to before he cheats by carrie underwood?) also, it has a nice amount of angst, and the characters pretty much act like themselves. good job!
Guest chapter 6 . 12/17/2010
Awesome! Loved it
MoonlightOrange666 chapter 1 . 10/23/2010
Just so you know, Mayuri is the 12th captain. Toushirou is the 10th.

Other than that, chapter 1 is great.
SasuTenLuvr chapter 5 . 8/9/2010
Would you stop saying that? Your story does NOT suck! Gosh, even I'm not that bad. In my honest opinion, it's romantic, yet angsty- with just the right touch of humor- and captures everyone's personalities.
lonewolf118 chapter 1 . 6/27/2010
This is such a sweet story! 2 million awesome points for you and a cyber cookie! :3
Lover of Stories 24 chapter 6 . 6/19/2010
This fic is love. :D
Lover of Stories 24 chapter 5 . 6/19/2010
Don't EVEN call this a horrible chapter. It made me CRY. TWICE - just when my eyes were clearing up I had to cry again. Oh, you wonderful writer, you! This was heartbreaking and beautiful and I loved it. After this chapter, you're definitely one of my favorite authors. So in case you want to know, these are the parts that made me cry:


"I—I came here to..." She couldn't believe herself. She didn't know what to say, her jumbled thoughts wouldn't form into words. She loved him. Was it hard to just say that? She could blurt out the worst question ever, but she couldn't say three simple words? I love you. I love you! Three formed to five, and left a trail of sharp sting as they were spoken. "...I brought your jacket back."

Any hope Uryu held in his heart died. He felt the sting, and replied with it magnified.

"I don't give a damn about that jacket. Why did you bring it back?"

Instead of answering, Orihime cringed in regret as her courage was lost. He felt it. His voice softened, a little bit of himself returned.

"Inoue-san, you know as well as I do that you shouldn't be here." Uryu forced his arms off of her. "You don't belong here...with me."

Why can't I stay?

He pushed her away, but she wouldn't budge—she clung on to him. Looking up at him with tormented eyes and their gazes locked.

"What do you mean 'I don't belong here with you'? You're the one that said I can come here anytime that I want. You said that all I would have to do was knock on the door—t-tap on the…" Her bottom lip started to tremble, but he coolly evaded her question.


"Ishida-kun..." She opened her eyes, " you."

She expected happiness, one of many things—but she only received a blank stare. Uryu's dark blue eyes were wide and illegible; there was a flicker of something was caught in his gaze—and it was disbelief. He shook his head negatively, causing her heart started to nervously pulsate, until he choked.

"No. No. T-That's not true. can't love me! You love Kurosaki!" His navy eyes flared, and his jaw clenched tightly. "All along, you've loved him! There was never a time when you stopped thinking of him—and never once have you ever thought of me…it was always…him."

Uryu was never one to indulge. He wasn't that kind of person. Yet, he seemed to be learning new things every day, and with that, he had been doing a lot of indulging. Some things just couldn't be helped! He was indulging on pain, on loss, on love. Love? No.

She didn't love him. He was the leftover. He was the replacement—the temporary substitution. His dark navy blue eyes narrowed—Uryu hated that feeling: being the damn rebound.

"Inoue-san, I told you before: you can't get over someone that you've loved for so long that fast. I told you that it takes time. Time, Inoue-san, time! Three days can't fix things! You can't love me in just three days! Damn it, it just doesn't work that way…"

The walls were closing in on him once again. He felt the urge to run. But would he run from her, now that she was actually there?

She's always there, right in front of me.

"Do you doubt my love for you?"

Uryu looked down at her, shock in his dark eyes. Tenaciously, her hands tightly gripped his shirt. It choked him—he needed to be free. He needed space. He needed more time.

He just needed her.

"L-Let me go."

"Ishida-kun, I w—"

"Let me go! Inoue-san, just let go of me and go home!"

She wouldn't deny him anymore. Forcefully, Orihime freed him from her grasp and he briskly left her intimate presence. One step, two steps, he increased their distance from each other. She was too close, he needed air…

"Do you doubt my love for you?" Her voice was strained, repeated and indignant, yet it penetrated through his skull. She wanted an answer from him, and she wasn't going to stop asking until he answered her. Orihime knew that talking to him was going to be hard, but this was something she had to do.

Uryu made it to the entrance steps of his stoop, and stopped. He clenched his fists in frustration, and the cut on his arm, much like his heart, throbbed with a numbing pain. Swiftly, he pivoted on the toes of his shoes, and fluidly turned around to face her. A supercilious expression was upon his face, yet anemically there was a shadow of exasperation—like he finally gave up. Uryu needed to get things clear, because to him, it seemed that she didn't get the point.

"I don't know. I just don't know anymore. Maybe I do doubt it, your love. Love isn't a thing to be played with, and I don't like my emotions being played with. I always thought that you could love me. I'd try imagining it, but even then, you only cared about Kurosaki. Every time I saw you, he was always right there. I used to hope that those looks you'd give him you could give to me, but I gave up on that. I gave up on a lot of things, and through all of it, I've learned to take in life with disappointment." He instantly thought of the cold face of his father. "I can't afford to be dependent on things that will just hurt me in the end."

So then I finished crying... only to cry AGAIN here:


Orihime didn't once look up at him, but instead felt his body language. Uryu would tense up, then relax—his chest heaved, desperate for breath it seemed. If only he would say something! Anything! He seemed uncomfortable and aloof—Orihime was misreading him. She needed some type of reciprocation, even just some acknowledgment; her courage was diminishing fast—but she wouldn't cry. No, she wouldn't burden him with that, but there was just one more thing that she had to do.

There needed to be closure.

His heart beat in tremors...Uryu didn't realize he was holding his breath until she started to speak once more. He could feel the vibrations of her voice against his chest and her sweet voice ring in his ears. Anxiously gulping, Uryu glanced down at her.


Please don't try

So hard to say goodbye


Orihime's arms released him from their hold, and she placed her gentle hands lightly on his chest. Through unbelievably long eyelashes, and dewy gingery auburn bangs, she looked up at him with soft gray eyes. Their gazes interlocked as each pair of eyes were unfazed by deep attraction.

"Ishida-kun—U-Uryu..." Orihime took a deep, extremely nervous breath.

What possessed, what compelled her to do this, neither of them really knew, but she stood up on her tippy toes, softly grasped the front of his shirt for leverage, and delicately pressed her warm, tender lips to his gawking mouth. His dark, navy blue eyes dilated in a jubilant stupor.

Orihime. Was. Kissing. Him.

His heart stopped, was he dreaming? Oh hell no he wasn't!

Inoue-san. Is. Kissing. Me.

If he could speak, and if his voice was audible, every word he would have enunciated, pronounced, vocalized, would have squeaked in high falsetto. If he could even move an arm, a leg, maybe even twitch an eye, he might have fell back and inevitably passed out due to the surprise. Damn. She was kissing him! Uryu couldn't wrap his rationally intellectual psyche around it.

It greatly took him aback, and if he thought that his current situation couldn't get any worse—or any better, even—it did. Uryu was paralyzed, shocked, stunned—even more than he had been before. First, she actually admits that she loves him—and now only a few minutes later she's brushing her lips against his in a nervously bashful frenzy? He didn't know what to do. Her lips...ah, Orihime's lips!

It was amazing how just a kiss changed the colors of the heart.

The Quincy drowned in the soft movement against his mouth. Part of Uryu couldn't believe that she—Orihime, the girl he loved, the girl that was unreachable, the girl that now loved him back—was kissing him. And why the hell wasn't he kissing her back? What happened to his calm, cool, collectiveness that seemed to help him in all sorts of horrible situations—that stoic averment, a sense of impermanent bravado until the actual courage kicked in? Uryu couldn't deny it though—this was awfully, wonderfully frightening!

His mind was racing, the world was spinning on its axis too damn fast—and he was still thinking too much.

All she wanted was a little reciprocation. A few words would have sufficed.

Uryu didn't realize that their mouths now parted, and she was looking up at him. Orihime's eyes were broken as she looked into his pale face. She had assumed—assumed that he would kiss her back, assumed that he still loved her, assumed that his words were just meaningless and untrue. But, he didn't do anything. Nothing. Orihime's heart slowly crumbled in her chest as she gazed deeply into his wide, shocked and surprised eyes. He didn't return her feelings. Was he really so repulsed by her? He didn't even move.

Why does this happen to me?

Assumptions were bad, she knew this, but...she only hoped...

That Uryu would still love her.

Orihime quickly stepped back—embarrassed, fallen, ashamed. Every moment now was so, so hard. She had told herself that she wouldn't cry—but she was just giving broken promises.

"I-I'm sorry." Her voice was barely audible. Her eyes dammed up with dripping tears, but she didn't want to choke on her crushed words. She took a deep sigh of surrender. "I'm sorry I came here. I may not have...made it through the night without telling you how I felt. I just had to see you, I just needed to talk. It's alright if you don't love me anymore, but I still love you."

Uryu didn't reply, and she shivered as he bore holes through her with his freezing eyes.

I LOVE THIS FIC. In case you can't tell. xD
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