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Anjirika chapter 11 . 2/11/2008
Oh if I had known about the bribe I would have reviewed earlier... (I got halfway through the chapter and then had go out to shovel snow) ..but I've read it and I love it. I love the Voyager reference I mean it was briliant- didn't know you were a fan. And I loved how they've stumbled upon the alternate universe theory..._ And the end was so touching, though one does have to wonder how Boromir is going to react once Morgan tells him that SHE was the cause of his suffering for those months. *sigh* It will not be a pretty scene...but it will be angsty and I love angst. I can almost picture it.


"But how-how could you?"

"Boromir I am so sorry...back then I didn't know! I didn't understand...isn't there something that you haven't understood and took the wrong action- regretting it in the end?"

"Aye...I have done that."

"Well that's what I did. I made a mistake and I am SO sorry.."


*sigh* I can't wait. UPDATE SOON PLEASE! PLEASE!

I know you're holding out on us (lol) so UPDATE! I beg of you!
ValarenOfGondor chapter 11 . 2/11/2008
Another great chapter!

The conversation at the beginning about drawing a map and then leaving him to look on the computer was great! Then when he started thinking of Faramir and how he would have the right words to 'woo her heart', I thought that was really good too.

The library scene was good too. That was a good idea Morgan had about the parallel universes and all. It may be a bit complicated, but that could be a possiblity. HA, building a Stargate :) I liked that one! (Stargate is another of my favorite movies).

The next part when they were talking about the 'holes in time' and she was very excited that they have possibly found a way. Boromir saw that she was happy about what she discovered but then he got distant from her when he realized that their time may be coming to an end. That made me so sad. They need to tell each other they love each other! Then when Dr Larkin called, I really was worried for Boromir too! He was so afraid that he was going to get locked up again when the doctor asked if he could come by and see him(Dr Larkin). I am glad the doctor told Morgan that he would not do that again and I know she is feeling so much guilt for it.

The scene in the bedroom was really heartbreaking. Like someone else said in another review, he is like Eowyn there, not afraid of pain or death, but afraid of being in a cage he can not get out of. *sniff* Then he pulled her into his arms and just held her. Loved that part!

I can't wait to see what happens next :)
HiddenValor chapter 11 . 2/10/2008
Ah, another good chapter. I honestly felt scared for Boromir when he was talking to Dr. Larkin-poor guy.

Honestly, I find it a little hard to believe that the library wouldn't have any references to Middle-Earth-they would have found something by or about Tolkien somewhere in their search, unless this is an alternate universe in which Tolkien was never born or never wrote the Lord of the Rings. I do have an idea, however; I dunno if it could work, but it's a nice thought. What if Sean Bean actually was Boromir? I mean, if you made it so that this story took place many years before the movies were filmed, Boromir could somehow forget all about Middle Earth, become Sean Bean in the process, and then regain his memory when he's actually portraying himself in the movies. It's probably a silly idea, but it would be cool if you could make it work. People reading this story just want to see how you would have him react to seeing himself on screen or reading about himself in the books. It's really up to your discretion.

Aoi Dragon chapter 11 . 2/10/2008
So, much like Eowyn, Boromir fears neither death nor pain, but he does fear a cage. Again, I express my pity for this world's loss of Tolkien's excellent works.

A stargate... Ha. Great movie, but it doesn't go to alternate universes; it goes to distant planets which would take light years to get to. If I'm wrong and it does that AND goes to alternate universes, correct me.

FLUFF! Yay! Now all they need to do is admit it to each other. Boromir is stubborn, that's for sure; I've always imagined him as such.

Have you ever read Pride and Prejudice or seen the Masterpiece Theater miniseries? Those are both about ten gazillion times better than the movie; the miniseries develops many of the minor characters and Mr. Collins doesn't have Cutler Beckett's "I'm evil" attached to him. P&P is a GREAT romance. In fact, any of Jane Austin's novels are pretty good. Oh! And Jayne Eyre. That one's good too. Oh! And Lady Chatterley's Lover (SEAN BEAN! :D).

I'm not a Tolkien purist (I am an epic poetry (don't get me started on Troy) and Shakespeare purist)... I bend the rules sometimes, and I have written two Boromances (with semi-Sues) for my amusement and the amusement of those who like them, but I actually tried to explain some of the things and keep the canon characters in character. Also, I've tried to keep them longer than "in medias res." One Sue came about two years before LotR started just to be able to train; the other was pathetically from Bree. Since then, I've gotten out of the Sues and have tried writing more realistic fan fics, like my Golden Arda crossover (though it stretches some things, like James Bond can speak the Westron/Ad√Ľni, but not read it).

Great chapter!

~Aoi Dragon
Paulette chapter 11 . 2/10/2008
I am so enjoying this story. Most of the time the formula of bringing characters from the past to the present don't really seem to work but this time is really does.

Great job! I looking forward to the next chapter.
Luthien and Tari Oronar chapter 11 . 2/10/2008
aaw, the truth will out! Maybe...if she doesn't get distracted by his closeness! The part with the dishwasher was cute, if a little sudden. Maybe if you could have expanded it a little bit more...

All in all this chapter was very mushy and romantic. I did like Morgan's elation at figuring out the parallel universes and the probability of traveling from one to another.

oh, and I'm Tari. The one and only! lol
ladysakura chapter 10 . 2/7/2008
Great story. Please post more soon.
jules14 chapter 10 . 2/6/2008
I'm still reading and enjoying this story. I love how you show Boromir's softer side when he basically admits he loves Morgan. Still, I can imagine how it must be agony for him, not being able to return home and help his people.

Is Morgan ever going to read the Lord of the Rings books or watch the movies? It would be interesting if she did, and all of a sudden something clicked in her mind.
Luthien and Tari Oronar chapter 10 . 2/6/2008
I really do think that Boromir's characterization is right. He's gruff but kind, shy but dominating. He's everything I've ever pictured him to be (and that sounds like it comes straight from some sort of paperback romance novel).

Your endings always are so good. Although I do wonder if Boromir thinks he has a way that he can go back to Gondor? And his unspoken admission of his feelings for Morgan was precious. As was the incident with the dwarf-er little person. roflmao! )
Anjirika chapter 10 . 2/6/2008
_ Liz- to beg is to be humble and you know how all us writers have huge egos. _ Just kidding...this chapter was amazing. I mean really and truly. _ I loved it, from the explainations of the peoples of Middle Earth to the heartwrenching embrace at the end... *sigh* So romantic. _ Can't wait till your next update. Don't hold out on us for too long 'kay? _
Nonce chapter 10 . 2/6/2008
Okay, now I'm intrigued with how he'll get back, what he'll be wearing (LOL) and if Morgan will go with him :)
sparkling-stone chapter 10 . 2/6/2008
Great chapter. Now I'm just wondering if Morgan's going to come with him to Middle Earth, or if the whole story's here... Is Boromir going to tell the story of the Ring, or the part he knows, to Morgan?
ValarenOfGondor chapter 10 . 2/6/2008
Another great chapter.

The shopping excurision was great. He was so amazed and surprised by all that he saw in the mall. So many stores. And when he looked at the jeans and all, he thought them mad, but I think he will like them :) Then the Eddie Bauer store! Oh dear. Loved how they were holding hands while walking :)

Then the incident with the Little Person! Oh Boromir! I thought he was going to get into a lot of trouble for what he said. And Morgan was upset with him (and I probably would have been too), but he does not understand. I am glad she explained it to him later on and then had a nice conversation about ME and all its peoples.

You were right, the ending was very sweet. It also was a bit heartbreaking too. He wants to get home so badly and help his father, brother, friends and his people. But he also loves Morgan and does not want to leave her. He has finally admitted (perhaps not in words, but it was just as great) that he loves her and then she seemed to realize that he is staying there for her. Loved how they just held each other like that :)

Can't wait to see what happens next :)
Aoi Dragon chapter 10 . 2/6/2008
As I said in my PM before... Westron does not equal English. Boromir would have learned to read and write in runes as well as in Sindarin script... although he probably wasn't as good a student as Faramir.

The speaking and reading/writing magically being the same as English has been used before in MANY stories, but for accuracy's sake... it's just not true. Boromir would have trouble reading the Roman alphabet.

Hamlet, however, was an excellent choice for Boromir to read, but ( I don't think I can do it in a review or PM), plays and novels are italicized or underlined. Poems, short stories, and articles have quotations around them.

tengwar. art. pl/tengwar/ ott/start. php?len

Pretty Tengwar fonts (delete the spaces)! :) Use the .png if you don't have the font installed. The most common would be Tengwar Sindarin.

You do characterize Boromir very well. :)

~Aoi Dragon
HiddenValor chapter 10 . 2/6/2008
You were right; the ending was so sweet. :) So he finally admits hat he loves her-I wonder if she will feel the same. I had to laugh when I imagined Boromir shopping, of all things, and getting kicked in the shin by a Little Person-that was great! Can't wait for the next chapter.

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