Reviews for Maelstrom 12 Unicron
Solsabre1 chapter 1 . 1/24/2008
I'm really loving your stories! I have to admit there was one detail that through me for a loop. It had to do with KC, at the end of the previous chapter we see her being questioned and then allowed in. Next thing I know, I'm reading in this chapter and she has metal bending abilities. I was like, "When did this happen?" I went back to see if I missed something, but I didn't. I guess if I were to suggest anything, I'd add a little detail explaining how she discovered her powers and not just dropping the scene of her using them on the reader without warning. Was I correct in reading that her mutant name was Mayhem I had to think about that for a sec, since you used it only once.

Also, one other thing, I know I've only read the first ten stories, but I couldn't help but think why wouldn't the Jabez notice that the amount of slave traders lessening due to Rodimus's interfrence or due they just have such an infinite supply of potential converts that they don't notice the declining number of Converts from Earth and Cybertron?

Well, I guess that'll due for now!