Reviews for A Different Life
Guest chapter 28 . 8h
This story is amazing but honestly, you need a beta. You have a lot of spelling mistakes and you are using the wrong sayings e.g. Chicken mother? You mean mother hen.
Guest chapter 13 . 11/27
...It suddenly got boring.
mariita1mari chapter 64 . 10/15
Oh this story was just bloody perfect. Fabulous, amazing and down right entertaining. Wonderful job you did I'm so going to check if you wrote anything else cause you are an incredible writer, nice job and I hope you never stop writing.
AlyssJocelyn chapter 15 . 10/14
tough not tuff...just a quick grammar lesson
Loveless150050 chapter 21 . 10/13
I find it cool and odd that Hogwarts has a sort of connection with him, why is that?
cookiesrforme chapter 64 . 9/29
AWESOME! Whoa. An amazing completely Dark!Harry story. I loved the pairings, I loved the writing, and even though I think that Voldemort was a tad more father-ish than he would be in the actual books/movies, the dialogue and character development were very realistic if this had actually happened in the books. Plus, this was awesomely written! With incredible plot twists! I usually don't like reading super long fanfictions, but this was so worth it. I loved every chapter. Thanks so much for writing it, and write more! Pretty please with a new Sherlock season on top?
Liese chapter 64 . 9/22
wonderful story! I have read this story 3 times in a row what other stories do you write?( I think I am addicted to this story!)
Crazy guy chapter 15 . 9/21
I am 10-11 years old and I sleep at 12 am and wake up at 6 am
Sweet Shy Suz chapter 22 . 9/10
I am surprised that Draco and Cynthia did not change schools with Erus!
MonsterSlut chapter 28 . 9/10
How could anyone say this story sucks?! This is my second time through reading it. I love it
Sweet Shy Suz chapter 8 . 9/7
I am really enjoying this story, though I did not think I would. The light is evil? The dark is...evil? There are a lot of sentances with the words out of order, and some words that are not right. Still I reaallllllllllllly like it. One Question. What is a neck shirt?
gingermama chapter 58 . 8/31
I LOVE YOUR STORY AND IM READING ON THE APP. it wont let me review on the app so this is my one chance! love it!
Phe Phe Nix chapter 42 . 8/24
I LOVE the interaction between Voldemort and Erus...
And I FLOPPING LOVE Voldemort!
He is by far the best Dark Lord EVER...
I love him and how you wrote him(:
It's amazing3
Guest chapter 14 . 8/23
I must say, I am rather enjoying this story so far. I would like to know more about exactly how Lily and Tom met - how on earth could that have happened? - and then why would she betray him if she loved him so much, but I trust if I will be patient perhaps I shall find out more. My guess as to Lockhart is either that he is a pedophile, or perhaps in one of his oblivation adventures he gleaned something about Tom and Erus and is hoping to gain something by getting close to his son... I'm leaning towards the pedophile theory at this point.
MonsterSlut chapter 64 . 8/18
No it's sad...its taken me four days to read this. So good!
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