Reviews for A Different Life
Naeym Jaafar chapter 7 . 6/24
that Erus have to be injured every chapter... it is kind of repetitive,
Tatted-Pierced-Wolf chapter 64 . 6/18
This has quickly become one of my absolute favorite fanfictions. It's such a good story and I love how they keep their murderous manaical tendencies but they still love just as much.
ElijahWinter chapter 38 . 4/4
X1lov3x chapter 45 . 3/5
Erus just grinned into the two-way mirror.


Voldemort bolted up from the bed with a gasp, tangled himself up in the sheets and fell to the floor with an undignified yelp. Grabbing the two-way mirror from the table he roared:


Oh god i laughed my ass off at that part!
Great story!
lianlamkhual123 chapter 1 . 2/1
O shit she's in love with a fking no nose and a snake face shit.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/29
Shikadoru chapter 10 . 1/29
So many surprises. Has me gripping the edge of my seat for more. Can not wait to read future chapters. I am hooked!
Shikadoru chapter 7 . 1/27
*Squirms.* So dog gone wholesome! You really are an amazing story teller and writer.
Shikadoru chapter 6 . 1/26
Erus does have the worst of luck. Poor boy!
Shikadoru chapter 5 . 1/26
Love this story so far. So dog gone wholesome! Whatever Ron gets in the future he deserves. *Shakes fist at the Weasley*.
Queen of Darknes chapter 3 . 9/18/2021
will you marry me? i bloody love you
love the way you make tommy boy nice father love how voldy's jaw dropped
Clay Deans chapter 64 . 7/19/2021
This is the 6th time I've really read this and it's still as good as the other 5 times. I love this fic so much and is defiantly in my top 5 HP fanfictions. Tbh all of Tiro's fics are great, (anyone who disagrees can get tortured by Erus for all I care)
Love you and continuebwriting
jessi.phillips82 chapter 64 . 7/7/2021
Loved the story!
Miss-Snarry51 chapter 64 . 6/26/2021
The Best Complete Harry Potter Story
Lu Bright chapter 28 . 4/27/2021
I don’t like Stella. She’s so nosy...
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