Reviews for The Fall And Rise Of Rodney McKay
girlgonemadd chapter 1 . 7/3/2011
You may want to work with a beta (someone to review and help edit your story) prior to putting a story out there. Critically looking at your own work can be hard but the more you can do so, the better you'll get at it. There are plenty of people willing to be beta's out there. The characters' reactions in this are over-the-top and while I understand you wanted to motivate them from that point of view to tell the story, it takes credibility away from your story-telling. Toning it down into more subtle but yet still heartbreaking reactions will make it more realistic. Also, really look at the authors you like and see how they work to get the characters to interact (sometimes it flows and sometimes you have to beat the characters with a stick and sometimes they take you screaming and kicking into a different direction). Take a look at each character as a whole person and see how their characteristics will blend into the story you're trying to write.
Keyanna chapter 2 . 2/19/2008
Um...people don't...act like that. Ever. This is painfully unbelievable.