Reviews for Usagi's Struggles
Lucky Guard chapter 21 . 9/8
Great chapter. I loved it. I can't wait till the next one. Please update soon.
sabina21 chapter 21 . 9/8
good chapter what is going to happen next now that usagi and the girls are not the sailor senshi and mamoru is not tuxedo mask anymore what is going to happen when usagi goes home with mamoru what will usagi parents say about usagi leaving with mamoru to help her friends
and what is going to happen when mamoru talks to rie about when usagi and mamoru got sucked into the darkness why she shouted for him when all of usagi friends called for her update soon
RKF22 chapter 21 . 9/8
Excellent work can't wait for more
I-Love-Trunks1 chapter 21 . 9/8
I love the pairing Mamoru/Usagi! I love how they both used there crystals to escape Metallia and saved the world. I love this story so much! Cant wait for more!
cyiusblack chapter 21 . 9/8
Awesome chapter. update soon
SerenityxEndymion chapter 21 . 9/8
Awsome chapter! But is this the end or is there still more?
LeafeKnight7 chapter 21 . 9/8
Oh this was a nice read. I thought the fights scenes were nicely paced. I look forward to any future updates. Until next time. Please be well.
Nancy67 chapter 21 . 9/7
I love how the chapter came out it had best fight scenes. I didn't even think about combining the two crystals to defeat Metallia. Will Usagi and Mamoru tell her family that she is Sailor Moon and that Mamoru is Tuxedo Kamen or will they use their crystals and erase their memory of Usagi and Mamoru leaving the house to go help her friends. I hope you will write a sequel with the doom tree arc or the black moon arc. Hope to see an update soon.
Queenbooklover chapter 21 . 9/7
That was an awesome chapter! Thank u for writing it! :) :) :) :) :)
Ladyroo88 chapter 21 . 9/7
Oh man now I am curious if her family remembers her leaving before the fight? Mamoru dealing with Rei should interesting... She is still focusing on him and not her princess, speaks to her selfishness to me. i don't know if you meant for the her character to be that way but it comes across so.
I really love this I reread with every new chapter.
Amethyst-Pheonix2003 chapter 21 . 9/7
Great story. Will you be doing the other seasons? Can't wait to read more of your work!
Puffgirl1952 the 2nd chapter 21 . 9/7
Will there be more or is this the end?
Nancy67 chapter 20 . 9/2
After Usagi and Mamoru defeat Kunzite will Metallia swallow them just like in the manga and Usagi use the silver crystal from inside Metallia and finally defeat her. Everyone keeps their memories except Ikuku or will Usagi tell her mother that she is Sailor Moon and Mamoru is Tuxedo Kamen. I hope you can update soon.
Sunrise moon 2 chapter 20 . 8/28
I liked the chapter. I kind of hope she tells her family about her secret double life, even though I know that might result in them forbidding her from going out because it's too dangerous. I guess this thought stems from the fact that Usagi said she doesn't like having to lie to them. Also, partially because I have a big family so if I were secretly a superhero I don't think I would be able to keep such a huge secret, I would at least tell my siblings.

Glad Rei apologized to Mamoru. I guess it was right for him and Usagi to not accept her apologies but to continue to watch her to see if she gets her act together. I mean her parents thought that was best.

Also, last minute thought but does Usagi still have blue eyes or does she have greyish- silvery eyes? It would look cool. I mean because everyone besides Mamoru has a color for their hair and eyes, Rei's is red, Mako's is green, etc. Are she and Mamo the odds men out with hair and eyes that don't match?
angelMwings chapter 20 . 8/17
I love this story so far. I love everything. You are doing a great job in making each character have a different voice when you change points of views. I like the way Usagi has changed from the beginning. She has learned a lot. I'm so glad you decided to share this story with us. I can't wait for the next chapter to come out. Are you planning to make a sequel? I just want to see how Haruka and Usagi interact. I just really like Haruka. Hope you have a lovely week. :) & 3
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