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wrappedinharry chapter 25 . 1/8/2010
How very sad that poor tiny baby lost her battle. You described Ginny's thoughts and fears beautifully.

I feel a bit sorry for Harry... all father's really. With what Ginny has been told in her dreams and I suppose because the mother incubates and nurtures the child, the father is rather superfluous after conception, isn't he? Lily's sacrifice to save her son is what is talked about and what imbued Harry with his special powers, but no-one speaks of poor James' sacrifice to try and save his wife and son. He was alone when he died at the bottom of the stairs.

I am becoming quite maudlin here, I think. It is very late and I am tired. Sorry to ramble on.

wrappedinharry chapter 24 . 1/8/2010
Very stressful chapter to read. I can only imagine how hard it was to write. As a midwife, I can say that your descriptions of labour and the birth and the preinatal care were very well done. I know you're a mum, are you a midwife as well?

I though Ginny would come to the decision to use Severus as the middle name after her talk with Lily. Harry did get a shock.

wrappedinharry chapter 23 . 1/8/2010
This birth sounds a little like the second coming of Christ! The 'specialness' described in the previous chapter where we heard the story of 'the Chosen One' made it seem that he would be a powerful political type figure. But now it seems as if he is going to be much more than that.

Somehow I hope that Ginny does not remember the most significant aspects of her 'dream' because it would be a terrible responsibility knowing that she and HArry are responsible for guiding such a significant person through to adulthood. Knowing how important he is going to be would be amazingly intimidating.

And he is going to be closer to Rose than his own siblings. That is a bit sad. James and Lily will certainly be overshadowed by their amazing brother, as well as their cousin though not as children. And Hugo too. But I suppose that is the way of the world for all of those siblings of famous people. I gather that the third person will be Scorpius.

wrappedinharry chapter 22 . 1/8/2010
A slightly different take on meeting the in-laws! lol. Did Ginny just dream she went to the toilet or did she fall asleep in there and is sleep walking?lol.

Beautiful chapter. Ginny and Harry were perfect together. No more need be said.

wrappedinharry chapter 21 . 1/8/2010
Oh how brilliantly diabolical are you? Who better to play Lucius than the person who knows him best! I feel so sorry for Narcissa (and I don't often say that). Not only will she soon lose her husband, but her son also seems to be a lost cause. *sigh* Perhaps becoming a father might inspire Draco to be a decent human being.

And now we know why Albus is going to be so special. You never thought about writing a sequel with a grown up Albus Severus? That would be brilliant. I suppose being the son of 'the Chosen One' and the seventh child of a family who have not seen a girl born for seven generations, as well as having Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore and Severus Snape, the bravest man his father had ever known~as namesakes, make his qualifications for the task impeccable. Also, he has one set of great grandparents who were Muggles and a Muggleborn grandmother and a grandfather who is obsessed with Muggles.

I feared for Harry's safety when Chalie found him. I thought he was going to punch him out.

Brilliant plan you thought out and brilliant chapter.

wrappedinharry chapter 20 . 1/8/2010
I thought something terrible would happen because of Sirius' words... 'But listen, Ginny, don’t worry about the baby. Or Harry either for that matter. They’re both guided by the same spirits, and those spirits will guide both of them home.”'.

WHy would the spirits need to guide Little Albus home in the normal course of events. He is going to have to fight for his tiny life, it seems. And poor Harry is not going to be there for the birth of his second son.

The house-elves were a bit of light entertainment. Ginny stays calm in the face of their elfish storms, it seems.

Ron was wonderful in this chapter. I feel so sorry for him. He really is down on himself isn't he? He has such an inferiority complex. It could not be easy being married to Hermione even when she isn't under the control of pregnancy hormones. (Who is she kidding.) I wish Ginny was a little more positive with Ron when she must know how hard a time Hermione gives him. Calling him thick is not likely to bolster his confidence at all.

Will anyone else see the note? The words disappear when you fold the note but Ginny has not had time.

Have to get onto next chapter. I am on tenterhooks.

wrappedinharry chapter 19 . 1/6/2010
It is so nice to see Harry again... I have missed him since his little jaunt back into his wife's arms. I have read quite a few stories from Ginny's POV and yours is one of the more excellent ones out there.

Narcissa is using her brain for once and has come down on the side of good. I wonder if she and Andromeda will ever meet up again. Not as long as Lucius is alive, I suppose. And Draco is on the road back to his old ways. No wonder Narcissa is desperate enough to assist Harry. And the 7 parchment belongs to Narcissa. How thoughtful it was of her to give it to Harry.

You definitely have an excellent knowledge of the political history of the time you are writing about. Your story is wonderfully researched and very informative. It is a shame that the zealots amongst the purebloods and the wizarding 'old school'cannot see that it is impossible for the magical world to exist without contact with and knowledge of the Muggle leaders of the day. There are just far too many Muggles and like it or not, they really do run the world in which the magical community is just one tine little enclave. You would think the staggering number of Muggles on the planet would give the fools pause for thought.

I loved that Harry 'saw' Ginny talking to Sirius near Sirius' tree, even though to him, it was a dream. That is a complicated scenario... Harry dreamed Ginny's dream.

Still loving the story. Thank you for your last review reply. Your original work sounds wonderful. I am sure you will get over you block soon enough. But I do have to say that I am sad that you wrote so few fanfics because like little0bird, you have created a wonderful universe here.

wrappedinharry chapter 17 . 1/6/2010 I am only one of many to come up with the Polyjuice theory, lol. (I always go to the review page after I have written mine to read other reviews) After I stopped patting myself on the back for my intuitiveness, I realised that even if it was true that Harry was using the potion, there would be much more to it. You are nothing if not inventive. I can't wait to find out.

Sirius was wonderful and it was lovely to see him focusing on James rather than Albus, though the babies were not really the focus at all.

I thought when I read about Ginny putting Harry off as far as even getting engaged went that it might just be payback for him. A bit nasty really, but then, that is human nature, unfortunately. Ginny wanted to play Quidditch though. Harry did not ask for, nor want to be the saviour of the wizarding world... nor did he want to leave Ginny.

A few chapters back, you wrote about how Ginny felt when she realised that HR&H had disapparated away from the wedding when the DEs gatecrashed. I thought it was brilliant how you described her anguish, and I thought it would make a wonderful one-shot. But of course, you are not writing fanfic anymore (according to your bio), so that ain't gonna happen, I suppose. How is the original work going BTW? It has been a while since you last updated your bio. I would love to think that you will write more HP fanfic, but it probably won't happen. I am grateful that you bother to answer my reviews though, when you must be so busy doing other things and it has been a year and a half since you finished this story... especially if you are still writing your original work.

So, we have had Remus & Tonks, Fred, Dumbledore, and now Sirius. I do so hope Snape is on the list, though I doubt that he will be, and I certainly hope LIly and James are. It would be a bit sad if Harry's parents weren't part of this scenario, though Ginny never met Lily and James and so far, the dream subjects have been people Ginny has met and (apart from DD, I suppose) knows.

Once more into the fray...

wrappedinharry chapter 16 . 1/6/2010
Wonderful chapter. You described the various reactions of the family perfectly. I loved Ron's defence of Harry against Percy's ill-advised comments, and agree with him completely. Percy has no right to talk about anyone's responsibilities to their family. Go Ron!

The seven word idea was very clever... bravo! And bravo Ginny for working it out.

But personally, I do not think Harry is missing at all. And my reason for this conclusion... “I’m saying there is no need to worry about Potter.” Taking the flask from his pocket, Malfoy took another drink...

Harry has taken a leaf out of the fake Moody's book, IMO. He is drinking Polyjuice Potion from a flask with Lucius' hair in it! Am I right? lol. Doubt you will tell me of course, but I don't really have to wait to long to find out. Onwards...

wrappedinharry chapter 15 . 1/6/2010
Loved this chapter as I love the whole story. I find it funny though how we authors visualize the different characters, especially those we do not know a lot about. I have always pictured Astoria (And I never knew there was a debate about her name... she has always been Astoria to me) as being very fair. But the reason for this is that I cannot imagine Draco marrying anyonw with dark colouring. I just picture the Malfoys as being very, very fair and pale, just like Draco himself, Lucius and Narcissa, the only fair one of three sisters. Stupid, I know, but I got a bit of a shock when you identified the dark woman scrutinising Ginny as being Astoria Malfoy.

Thank you for your latest review replies. Concerning my comments about Al's 'specialness', I just want to say that I agree with you that all children are special in their own ways and that their parents love them all (of course, we know that there are exceptions to this unwritten law), and I agree with you entirely. And this discussion probably has to go in the 'too stupid' basket because I am getting all het up about a story and of course you are not going to write a situation where Al is favoured over his siblings! I know Ginny (and Harry) would never overtly favour one child over another, but I just feel that because Ginny is being so profoundly affected by these dreams and because all of these 'dream subjects' keep telling her how 'special' this child is, then she will surely come to believe it. Not so Harry because he is not havving these conversations.

I am a mother of 5, and as much as I would hope that nothing on earth would make me favour one child over another, what Ginny is being told is a powerful catalyst that may push her to believe that Al is more important than her other children. Anyway, just wanted to add to my previous comments. Surely she would think that there has to be a reason why this is happeneing with this pregnancy... with this baby, when it didn't happen with James and probably won't happen with Lily. Is it happening perhaps because Ginny greeted the pregnancy with such bitterness and negativity and she feels guilty?

Back to this chapter...eek! What is going on with Harry. And written warning or not, this might just be enough to upset the equilibrium of the lately stabilised pregnancy. Ginny IS suffering from cramps at the moment after all... things may no longer be stable.

wrappedinharry chapter 14 . 1/5/2010
If Dawlish is superior to Harry, then Harry cannot be the head of the Auror Department yet. JK never actually said how old Harry was when this happened, only that Harry did not really have to train. Shacklebolt obviously thought he had enough experience. Did I read earlier somewhere that it was seven years since Volde died (another seven), so Harry can only be 25. Bit young to be head Auror, I suppose.

I have been meaning to say for quite a while and kept forgetting, but one of the very few things that I find jarring in the story is the house-elf situation. I find it difficult to think of Harry and Ginny being the Lord and Lady of the manor with two servants running around after them. And as for Hermione's refugee camp for displaced house-elves, I cannot imagine how she reconciles her feelings about their menial status (as obsessive and stupid as that was when she saw evidence everyday of just how much house-elves love what they do) and still allows them to wait hand, foot and finger on her and Ron. I can see her taking them in, but as with Harry and Ginny, I cannot see any of them willing to be master or mistress to servants. Harry ahd to accept Kreacher as his because the elf had nowhere else to go, but Harry would only allow Kreacher and Winky to work for him with the greatest reluctance. And Hermione seems perfectly content to be waited on after all her zealousness during school.

Another rant...sorry.

Just one more thing... I wonder if Harry would stay at home if Ginny declared that was what she wanted. He has to know that because Ginny loves him and because she is not a selfish person, she would not demand his agreement to stay home... to stop being an Auror basically.

I don't think he would be able to not go off and 'do what he feels he has to do', so what is more important, his wife and family or his job? Of course he says Ginny is everything to him, but he knows she will not demand he stay, so he's safe.

wrappedinharry chapter 12 . 1/5/2010
I notice that Ginny has not told Harry about the Dumbledore dream. Loved Ginny's talk with Teddy.

And I agree with Andromeda. I can't believe that JK said that Lucius wiggled out of any kind of approriate punishment for being a murdering, torturing, Muggle-baiting Death Eater. Your seven years (there's one seven) is better than nothing, but still ridiculous. Harry may well have been sent to Azkaban when he was 15 for using underage magic to save his and his cousins life and Malfoy should have correctly been imprisoned for the rest of his life. But of course, Fudge was weak and easily corrupted, and Shacklebolt is a good man. But it seems as if the M for M holds little sway over the ridiculously arcane wizengamot. Not much point in being the M for M when those idiots can make such corrupt decisions because the defendant is a pure blood with lots of money.

wrappedinharry chapter 11 . 1/4/2010
Very powerful chapter. Your Albus was so very Albus, almost speaking in tongues that you have to turn your brain inside out to interpret.

I said it in another review, but I have to repeat it here. I now officially feel sorry for James and the still not thought of Lily. I have to think that Lily's conception is another accident because after these experiences of everyone from beyond more or less telling Ginny that Albus Severus is going to be so special, what is she going to get out of having another child? It will never live up to Albus' potential, and neither will little James, who is always depicted as being nothing more than the reincarnation of his paternal grnadfather and Sirius, and perhaps Fred and George. In other words, nothing more than a mischief-maker in the making. It seems unlikely that James, nor Lily will ever live up to their siblings 'specialness'. Ginny's difficulties with this pregnancy immediately make Albus special, but it is going to be more than that and his siblings will be left in the shadows.

I am making a mess of telling you what I feel, I am afraid. Albus is not even born yet, but he is already overshadowing his older brother. And too, as two people cannot really share a dream, it seems as if Ginny will always have a closer connection to Al than Harry because she is the one who has 'heard' first hand just how special he will be. Harry cannot really share that. And if Ginny does tell him about this dream (perhaps she won't because the dreams are freaking Harry out) Harry will still not be able to feel the profoundness of the experience.

I am kind of relating to little0bird's characters here and Al is very much the central child in her stories as well, I feel. But then again, JK focused the epilogue around Albus, so she seems to have seen him as Harry and Ginny's standout child as well.

Anyway, I will end my rant here... sorry.

GinnyPotter12488 chapter 1 . 1/4/2010
I have read grate expectaions more than once and I was just wondering if you were going to write a follow up story. I hope to see more of your writing.
wrappedinharry chapter 9 . 1/4/2010
Back again. I have been away for a weeks holiday and did not have a computer! It is lovely to get back into the story. Loved this chapter... I loved how you described Harry playing qith Teddy and steadying James. I adore daddy Harry. I also adore how in love Ginny is with her husband and he with her. Hermione and Ron are brilliant too, and the house sounds idyllic. I'm jealous. LOL.

Can't wait to see who the next dream subject is. This is such a good storyline. Obviously something happens to change Ginny's mind about having Severus as a name. I wonder if it is a dream that convinces her. Obviously Ginny is not as forgiving as Harry. But I suppose if Snape's terrible abuse had been directed at Ginny rather than himself, Harry might not be so forgiving.

I thought it was funny that you had Hermione suggesting that she go into the D. of Mysteries to research dreams but then a little later, she launches into a speil about just that very thing and has obviously already done a lot of reading.


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