Reviews for Never Say Remember
Dichotomus chapter 9 . 9/28
this is an excellently well written story. You have earned a favorite. I particularly liked who you have both Harry's and Severus's interact.
Tempest Kiro chapter 24 . 9/20
This was an excellent fic of emotional highs and lows.
Your characterisation of Known Harry and known Snape was spot on. The depiction of the Alt-universe Harry and Snape was believable and the contrast plucked at the heartstrings. Your writing style was excellent, mixing the right amount of humour with the right amount of feels with a dash of action.
Thank you for writing it. I truly enjoyed it.
Hopeful-z chapter 24 . 8/8
I loved your idea, and I really liked the way you approached it.
Your plot was well defined and your characters were believable.
I just couldn't connect with your last chapters (Malfoy, Dark Lord, the cave), they weren't like the rest of your work.
But all in all it was a very good read. Thank you.
Hopeful-z chapter 17 . 8/8
The last part of this chapter was Beautiful.
Feenrai chapter 24 . 8/3
katiek121 chapter 24 . 7/3
I was entertained by this story! It was a little confusing at times though, because I would forget which world it was sometimes. I had to go back and check during certain chapters. I liked the story though.
siehjin chapter 24 . 4/26
What a powerfully poignant story. Well done.

I felt that it was so unfair that harry potter and severus of the known universe gave up so much for so little - Harry's memories and snape's magic (if I remember correctly, he said that the depletion of his magic would be permanent, when he gave the curse-breaker to harry snape), for a tiny improvement in lily's memory. But I guess real life is often unfair, so it is realistic that it turned out that way...

Again, well done. The characters were fleshed out so well. :)
Dylant chapter 24 . 4/25
This was a really lovely read. Very believable and in character and moving.
BlueWater5 chapter 24 . 4/14
Great story, with a sweet but sad ending.
BlueWater5 chapter 9 . 4/14
Loved Dumbledore's final comment.
donewritingfortheindefinitefut chapter 24 . 4/7
This was utterly beautiful. It was one of those stories I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the way through and couldn't put down for a second, though when I finished, I felt as if some giant gaping hole was left inside of me. I wish that these characters would of had a happier ending- especially Lily. Her whole dynamic with Severus and Harry was simply fascinating to read, and really snipped away at my heartstrings.
Inkcoat chapter 5 . 4/5
as much as i love the idea, the way you let the events unfolds were rather messy and forced. the vocabulary, the ways characters react, act and think - many of them seem very unlogical - like The paralelle severus and headmaster - do u really just let a Harry who they dont know much what kind of person that supposedly Harry is or whether it's not a trick from the dark lord playing mind or not - just let him go like that? into the same space as a Lily character who also has a curse on her mind . I can't see the ration behind these actions . so even though the concept is good and i been trying to read through because of its potential, im dropping .
poog chapter 24 . 3/21
beautifil story, thanks
dragonfire1994 chapter 24 . 3/7
No where near 50 chapters.
dragonfire1994 chapter 1 . 3/6
£1 3/6/2016 2:16 p.m.
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