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SakuMiChanNoGaara chapter 4 . 11/5/2015
I had to review on this major OMFG ! I loved the end with sai on it lol I screamed so loud at the end of this chapter that my mom trew the shoe at me for scaring her lol thanks for the good laugh
arhi chapter 50 . 10/30/2015
I don't really know where to begin with my review... I marathoned this fic last night ("It'll just be a bedtime story! I'll stop after a few chapters!" I said. "Well, maybe one more wouldn't hurt!" I said. "You'll be fine going to bed at 7:30 am!" I said. None of these things were strictly true.) and I felt compelled to come back and leave a proper review. (Proper may be a generous term.)

Regardless... I opened this fic mostly because I was thrilled at the idea of female centric, romantic fic. I got a LOT more than a bargained for with that, and I couldn't be happier. I was surprised to find myself intrigued by the plot from the first chapter. I found - and do still find - the idea of turning the mostly-canon ships on their heads and, in doing so, giving the characters opportunities to grow in those regards. We always see a lot of the focus characters gaining power - but rarely do we see them grow socially and mature in that aspect as well.

Also, I remain impressed that you were able to have five central characters AND five love interests that all got significant 'screentime,' without it feeling drawn-out or boring in any regard. Especially toward the end, when I was DESPERATE to know why Ino was angry and how it would turn out between her and Gaara, I wasn't upset to have the story shift to Sakura, or to Hinata, or Tenten. It's definitely a lovely skill, honestly, and I didn't realize how impressed I was by that until I finished the story and realized - "wow, I was never bored."

I loved seeing Hinata with Choji. This was the ship I felt the most apprehension about mostly because - it could be considered nearly plausible if you squinted just right, and it didn't require a lot of morphing the way I already perceived their personalities? I was afraid I wouldn't find it interesting, I guess. Except, Choji was never the boorish "we're subtly condemning all of his actions because he's fat, and this makes him an awful person" that I feel like I see most of the rest of the time he's included in things, and Hinata retained so much of her shy nature while still being outgoing in her own way, caring and delightful and so concerned about his feelings even though she hadn't been in Love with him for years.

I was thrilled to see Ino and Temari work together against Shikamaru in the beginning, and it took him a long time to grow, but I was incredibly pleased when he approached Yugao at the end. It was as clear a development of character as any, and I enjoyed the banter between she and his mother a lot. I'm glad to know that even though it isn't written in stone or included much in the end of the story, they still have that potential.

Speaking of Ino and Temari - I am SO in love with Ino and Gaara's flower language. The fact that Gaara obsessively brought ALL of those flowers to Konoha was so EXCITING to me, and then they were eloping and I was trying to read through a mist of excited tears. I love that they came to understand one another in their own way, and that Gaara didn't mind the parts of Ino inherent to being Ino, the same way that she didn't mind him. (The final few chapters though, when they were fighting, had me so tense! I was so fond of all of these couples, and the idea of Ino and Gaara not making it, just in time for the story to wrap up, had me tied up in knots.)

Temari's relationship with Shino was very funny to me. I didn't expect to get to see a sincere side of Temari, or to find their relationship so similar - if still different in many ways - to the relationship between Anko and Sai. Shino pushing her away because he's been making assumptions, only to attack Sasuke for being with her - I loved every moment of that. They seemed a lot like the comedy couple, for all that I was aching for them to get together again with every chapter after that. The inoculation bit was so funny. (Also, her eggs replaced with the frogs, and Hinata's reaction - I spent a lot of time laughing even though I was so nervous!)

Sakura and Kiba were a couple I didn't expect to work out, honestly. Especially after Kiba yelled at her and her mom - and for all that I didn't agree with Sakura's mother, I did still find myself... agreeing with her somehow, in some aspects. Watching her and Tsume butt heads was sort of scary in its own right, and I was nervous that if Sakura and Kiba didn't break up on their own, their mothers would cause it. My favorite scene of theirs is the one from the very beginning, though, when Kiba has changed himself entirely (and left Akamaru at home!) to try and impress her - and her reaction to it was what showed me that I'd enjoy her as a character in this story. Many writers have trouble walking the fine line between Sakura being Too Good and Sakura being Horrible, and so I was thrilled for her to have a real, three-dimensional personality.

Tenten and Kankuro... is my two favorite characters, better together. Kankuro cracked me up, often - I remember laughing when he kept the Kawarimi log, and then trying to keep my emotions in check once he revealed to her that he'd carved it during his sleepless nights. I enjoyed the idea that he was excellent in the kitchen, also, and honestly I'm more interested in puppetry as a ninja idea than ever because of this. Tenten is a character that I started to love mostly because I felt slighted on her behalf (the total lack of canon ANYTHING drives me nuts) and so while she's a very malleable character, there are some things about her that I feel are very important. Her determination, her strong-headedness... And I love that her total capability with weapons translated well into a lack of capability in romantic areas. It's a trope I really enjoy. I loved that she ended up pregnant after all, honestly, and that she was getting close to Gaara in a familial way once they were on their way back to Konoha.

Matsuri and Lee was interesting and lovely, and Gai and Shizune... There was no couple in this story that I wasn't excited to see play out, even though many of them were characters I usually don't have an interest in. Everyone was interesting and solid in their own rights, and there honestly wasn't a single couple I didn't like, or that I thought was ridiculous. I LOVED it.

My favorite thing, though, was how Sasuke and Hanabi ended up in the end. I dreaded Sasuke for a lot of the fic, afraid he was going to cause horrible trouble, and I liked watching he and Hanabi play each other. It's hard to remember sometimes that she is young in her own way, and watching her bug the hell out of him in the hospital was a reminder of that - but she wasn't terrible and immature in every other aspect, either. Watching her play him was funny, and watching him react was just as good. Somehow I didn't hate him by the end of the story, which felt like an accomplishment all its own.

I dunno. I just loved this story. Your writing was phenomenal and I didn't find many - if any - spelling or grammar errors, I can't remember at this juncture. Your characters were all individually interesting, which is SO difficult to do in a story with a scope this large. You've got two HUGE thumbs up from me, to the point that I was compelled to leave a review on a story with nearly 3k reviews that's been finished for seven years... I just hope that if you read this, you feel satisfaction in knowing that this story brought me joy, I suppose.
Hyuuga Hitomichan chapter 4 . 8/30/2015
That was absolutely hilarious..specially sakura and sai's part! And the food question !oh god!it brought tears to my eyes ..i liked ur story...a new concept...i am a diehard naruhina fan!bt u making me fall in love wid d pairs u made...temari and shino?never thought of u made it sound so appealing!m actually curious as to how they will hit it off!
Zise Stars chapter 1 . 8/18/2015
The story had me in sadness (gaara finding out about Ino being pregnant), laughter and suspense. Stayed up until 2 am just to squeeze in a few extra chapters; this is easily the best story I've read for a long time.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/18/2015
This is the best story in your arsenal! My favourite was LeeMatsu. It was just so sweet!
Theseus329 chapter 26 . 6/20/2015
Sorry for my last review. Your cliff hangers are horrible by the way. Make's me mad at you instead of in suspense.
Theseus329 chapter 25 . 6/20/2015
Annnnnd you made this so completely AU it isn't funny. Seriously? Shino BEATING post Itachi Sasuke? Sasuke is a Nin specialist, not Gen. Why would a lack of genjutsu matter that much? Out of the Rookies, Lee and Naruto could defeat him, but Lee would die from doing it(8th Gate). Shino is at the strength of a Clan Head. A very impressive feat in the Naruto world, but Sasuke and Naruto were above Kage level at this point. I'd rank Shino as the fith most powerful of the Konoha 12, and the sixth best at combat. Shino hospitalizing Sasuke Would. Not. Happen.
Theseus329 chapter 2 . 6/20/2015
And you fixed it. I put this story on a trial, as you made Naruto out to be a bad guy, but you fixed it. Naruto being dense is completely true. Naruto being mean isn't.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/23/2015
I am going to write a fic where Sakura dates two guys on the sly. then i am going to let them find out and then talk about putting sakura on a list of undateable and then TALK about how they should kill her. Lets see if girls find that funny or whine that it is misogynistic. Double standards.
CarlitaM chapter 50 . 2/22/2015
This was amazing. Had me smiling widely all 50 chapters.
Little Indulgence chapter 50 . 2/6/2015
The best Naruto's story I've ever read. Really. No words can apply to your work here. I loved it!
BlazeSwurlAngel chapter 5 . 2/3/2015
Temari and Shino make such a cute couple!
I hope they keep their oath and no drama unfolds.
BlazeSwurlAngel chapter 4 . 2/3/2015
It would be AWESOME if I could see the picture that Sai painted! That would make my day.
Time to get revenge on all of those boys
BlazeSwurlAngel chapter 2 . 2/3/2015
I love these talks!
Need to keep on reading.
The chapters are so nice! Not too long, and not too short.
BlazeSwurlAngel chapter 1 . 2/3/2015
That is an amazing beginning!
But I kind of was wishing for Hinata to either be with Kiba or Gaara.
I hope this does not turn into a tragedy for any of the girls.
I love this!
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