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Guest chapter 122 . 7/3/2015
Shocked but glad to see that this is back.
Guest chapter 112 . 12/13/2014
alyssa lippert chapter 110 . 12/13/2014
I like peach. why do you do this Yoshizilla rhedosaurus? why
Ivyleaf of Swiftclan chapter 121 . 7/5/2012
this whole thing took me for ever to read, but it was worth it
SmellyFace chapter 1 . 6/13/2008
I really love all these one offs in this really long story. They're all great and fun to read! I say this is another classic Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus!
Negative-Gingerbread chapter 121 . 6/8/2008
Well, what can I say? Quitting Smash, eh?

It's been fun in the world of Smash. But I have a confession to make. You, yes...Y O U, were the one that inspired me to come on and write about Nevis, Morga and Malcolm. So I am to say this.

Thank you very much ]



Nevis: *Sniff* I-I can't believe it...he's going from SMASHLAND! WAHAHA!

Malcolm: Well, seeing as you've been so awesome here, we're gonna give you a present!

Morga: Yea, dat's right...wait, what?

Malcolm: Yoshizilla...*Hands you some keys* WE ARE GIVING YOU THE ORIGINAL TIGER TRUCK!

*Giant tiger striped monster truck appears out of nowhere*


Nevis / Morga: WHA?

Malcolm: Oh no...

...Fight scene...and it soon ends...but everybody comes back...




Nevis / Malcolm / Morga: BYE BYE YOSHIZILLA! ]
Razzkat chapter 121 . 5/8/2008
Hi, Yoshizilla! Sorry, I’m terribly late one more time, but we had some nasty exams and I didn’t want to give you a rushed review! D:

First, the final chapter itself…you weren’t joking, it was the most epic one ever! I got a little freaked out when I read Omega Ridley description! And awesome use of Yoshi’s Final Smash, I think? And the final action paragraph of Yoshi vs. Ridley was awesome. And yeah, Luigi, Deeds, and Jigglypuff got a last-minute appearance! Awesome. I think I said awesome enough, right?…

Anyway, I said it last time, but I have very much enjoyed reading this fic and am very impressed with it, both in length and the writing itself! This story came a long way, from the very sweet and laid-back first chapters between Bowser, Charizard, and Yoshi to this last, pretty terrifying Ridley chapter, and the Ridley chapters before it. It’s one of those neat things when you get to the last chapter, you look back to the first and think “Wow, look where it started out! I would not have expected that.” But most all stayed in that casual style, and that was what was pretty cool about it—you proved you had great capacity with the action-packed chapters, but you stayed true to the drabble style the rest of the time. It was nice to read a slice of life fic like this, especially starring Yoshi. :D Also, I think maybe the friendship between the characters was well-done, especially with Bowser and Charizard, and then these last few chapters with the Mario family and Lucas. And you used almost all the other SSB, too, even Snake! (I think my favorites are how you introduced Falco and Captain Falcon as newscasters. :D) And Wario stayed true to the end…loved his last line this chapter. XD I really do not have much criticism for you, except maybe check over for typos every once in a while, or perhaps a tiny bit more variety in your description, outside of color words? But really, your style works very well, and I hope you continue writing in this way sometime; it’s really neat and down to earth, and often very humorous. I wonder where you could go with it…Anyway, I hope that wasn’t too long; I’ll stop now! Just know I love this fic, and it really made me think! ;D

I’m upset you’ll not be writing for Super Smash Bros. anymore, at least for a while, but I understand the sentiment. I don’t know if it’s the same reason for you, but it seems a lot of…fans hopped on after the game’s release, whereas we had been following it from the beginning, and it was a little frustrating. (Or, maybe you’re just tired of the game itself—also understandable, and Mario Kart is pretty awesome! I don’t have it yet, but I hope I will…) Either way, good luck…I see you have been writing several Mario things lately, which is great. Well, if you ever need a review, please ask me! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this and would be happy to read more. Great job, Yoshizilla!
The Great Chicken Miasma chapter 121 . 5/1/2008
Aw, tired of Brawl already? I'm still trying to unlock and collect everything at this point. The game's still got my attention, and probably will until I can get "Okami" for my b-day. Not to mention "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon" needs finishing.

Anyway, what a great ending to a great story. I think I enjoyed it even more, since Meta Ridley has the cheapest attack pattern in the game and he's starting to piss me off with them... Grr, I'm getting off subject... All in all, hats off to you for finishing this story and proving not all fanfic authors out there are lazy slobs/rabid fangirls/etc.

Love the Chicken!

~C. Miasma
AuraChannelerChris chapter 121 . 4/30/2008
Very well done, Yoshizilla!

That is a good ending for your story, say, do you hate Ridley so much?

Anyway, I'm still going to do fan fics around here, maybe I could make one starring Yoshi, who knows.

Good luck my friend! (BTW, I've changed my FC for Brawl, check my profile please!)
Gonzales512 chapter 121 . 4/30/2008
Well, I like to congratulate you on your success of Yoshi!

Everyone in Gonzales512's Domain: CONGRAT'S YOSHIZILLA!

I'm deeply disappointed though since you're quitting but what can I say, good things don't last forever. Although I do like to wish you luck on any future fanfics and what you're going to do now. (and good luck with that stupid recession. Our economy's dying in CA).

Nice finish, except those paragraphs were a strain in my eyes. Well, there's nothing to do now so farewell for now.

- The Great Gonzales

- A.K.A Gonzales512
The GamerSwordsman chapter 121 . 4/30/2008
(hangs head down)

I see so that why you haven't been on here lately. Well, I hope we still play each other and this may sound dumb but I don't care because you are my friend so I feel it's the right thing to say. So I'll be waiting until we "met" again online my friend and hopefully soon I will have Mario Kart for the Wii so I'll see there, but no offense to Mario Kart, but for some reason it won't feel the same. Kidding but I am glad that you're still reviewing my stories so (starts to teary eyed) so that does mean that you are a very good friend. So like I said earlier I'll see around (waves goodbye for now).
Razzkat chapter 120 . 4/27/2008
Aw, poor Lucas. :( *gives him...many bandaids...* Great chapter, though, Yoshizilla. And no problem, I’ve been glad to review! I very much am impressed with this story, and have really enjoyed reading it. I just wish I had been able to give you longer and better reviews on most chapters! I always seem to be playing catch-up…anyway, I’ll wait to give a big long review on the last chapter…good luck on it! Can’t wait to read it.
Gonzales512 chapter 120 . 4/26/2008
Poor Lucas.

... there's 121 now. How long are you gonna keep going?

- Gonzales
Dysfunction Junction chapter 119 . 4/26/2008
Wow I love this I just kept clicking on chapter after chapter. I needed a good laugh and this provided a whole lot of them :)
Razzkat chapter 119 . 4/25/2008
D: Oh dear lord, that was scary...well, the part where all the Squirtles were surrounding him...XD! Well, the rest of the chapter was very cute, especially when Yoshi captured Squirtle and released him across the water. XD I heart Squirtle...anyway, loved this chapter!
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