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crazyreader11 chapter 61 . 9/17
Poor Gregor! All the pain he's been forced to endure...The final scene where he loses his stuffed animals really did me in. Well written, as always. I'd almost forgotten that Clockwork was Danny's mentor, but I'm so glad he gave the halfa a small hint about Sam and Tuck, because I haven't forgotten the old tale you told early on that relates to the power Sam truly has when it comes to seeking peace. I can't wait for your next chapter!
Guest chapter 61 . 8/9
Hi long time reader. Love your story. I just get depressed at how weak danny is I mean he isn't even a shadow of the badass preteen with a attitude that took on ghosts way outside his league and won. I mean for pity's sake their at war have Vlad put him through some combat training or something. He has a kid with a history of sneaking of at least make sure he can defend himself. And when is Danny going to nut up and spill the beans about spectra?
Rhosan L chapter 61 . 7/18
Okay, I have to say I absolutely love. this. book! There's so much that happened in this chapter, it's hard to know where to begin, but I'll keep it short. I do have a theory: there is now a fifth gem. (The necklace that Danny's mother gave him.) I'm not sure what it would be doing, and it may not be as powerful as the others, but it would be awesome if it would became a gem!
JH24 chapter 61 . 7/11
Oh, poor, poor Gregor. My heart broke into pieces. He never can catch a break, can he? If it isn't Tom, it is Freakshow. I can only hope that one day, both Freakshow and Tom will finally face the consequences of their actions.

This is so amazingly written. Words could never do justice to your breathtaking work. The emotions, the feelings; they really make an impact on me. Aragon desperately searching for his son, Gregor falling even more into despair and darkness, Juukka who couldn't forgive King Vlad and left, the tension between Vlad and Skulker, so many things are happening and I love how everything is connected.

One of my favorite moments in this chapter was the scene between Danny and Skulker. I couldn't help but smile when Skulker said he was proud to call Danny his Prince. I could just picture Danny's grateful reaction. When they hugged it armed my heart. A beautiful written scene, and I really love how you're showing Danny's kind heart and who he really is.

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing story with us. And thank you for giving Juukka a place in your wonderful story. It means a lot to me. Thank you.
faedemonn chapter 61 . 7/5
ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck. ohhhh fuck!
Irisofthewaters chapter 26 . 6/19
Why do you feel the need to rip my heart in half every few chapters!?
CSIalchemist chapter 61 . 6/10
I think Freakshow broke Gregor's brain. How dare he destroy his dragonfly toy! Gregor's one link to humanity is gone!
xXHailHydraXx chapter 61 . 6/10
I should’ve guessed that Freakshow had always been the puppet master...but now he literally is the puppet master. He has everything he wants and he has it tied on the end of a string...
Brenne chapter 61 . 6/10
Aww man! Poor Gregor! What's gonna happen now? What will happen if Aragon finds him? I REALLY hope Aragon doesn't die. Oh man! I gotta see what happens next! Looking forward to more! XD
OutOfThisUniverse chapter 61 . 6/10
I have been keeping up with this story for quite awhile. It’s been a long, rocky ride. But after so much grief and so much loss, I’m really hoping for some bright, sunny turn soon.

I’m rooting for Elliot, Vlad, Danny, and everyone good. Yet with every point so heavily focused on Gregory and how god awful his life is, that’s just exhausting, and puts a bad taste in my mouth. Danny’s the main character, but recently I’ve been thinking, “Is he?” It’s a balancing act of good and evil, and whatever’s in between.

I’m just waiting fo that “dawning” of something good to happen. Chapter after chapter of distress puts a damper on my soul, so matter how I can’t stop myself from consuming every last word. Excellent writing, just need that reassurance of later, happier times.
KaliAnn chapter 61 . 6/9
This chapter had a lot of heartache and grief in it, mixed with regret. The dragons, Danny, Vlad everyone has done something that has created this problem or exasperated the situation. Danny faced his own flaws and saw how selfish he was, but he is still committed to doing what is right.

Vlad has loss a very dear friend and he can only blame himself for the way things ended with Horris. Plenty of people will stay mad and angry forever.

Argon needs to forgive his son and his family needs to be reunited. Your story about the gems and the amulet were really interesting and I like them. I wanted to cry when you had Freakshow destroy all those stuffed animals. That was cruel!
Invader Johnny chapter 61 . 6/9
Aragon just made a huge mistake that will cost him greatly, he didn't hust lose a son, he now has a choice to make because in one month's time there will be a battle unlike no other.

I don't exactly feel sorry for him but I do feel great sorrow for Vlad, he lost more than he should have, Horris' passing was a terrible think but Juukka leaving out of anger was yet another hit for the Ghost King.

I did like that Danny and Skulker seem to patch things up, even under the circumstances at hand.

Now I really want to hurt Freakshow, he is not only a sadist but a psychopath, I really hope that his cruelty comes back to bite him.

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
La Signora Della Grande Cielo chapter 61 . 6/9
Oh my God. The chapters are so heavy to read someone give my heart a reprieve.
BlueRowley chapter 61 . 6/9
I was happy to see a update. Hope you update Endgame as well soon. You are a great writer and I can’t wait to see where all this goes. See you next chapter!
truephan chapter 61 . 6/9
Wow, I'm SO exhausted in many ways! First of all, thank you for the kudos about betaing for you. I absolutely LOVE our banter over theories and such. It is so much fun!

Secondly, but just as important, I LOVED this chapter! I especially LOVED the back story/subplot about the gems. It was absolutely fascinating and I love your theory about the gems themselves: how they came to be, their role in the ghost world, how powerful they are, how dragon ghosts can control all of them, etc! I really love it when you 'teach' us about the history of characters-like the Ancients-artifacts and the like. I feel REALLY smarter after those chapters! XD

Now a word about the two biggest baddies in this chapter. I really could just smack Aragon and Freakshow (well, more like deck both of them!). They come out as the coldest of the group when it comes to thinking of others' emotions, needs, etc. They seem to have not a smidgen of PITY or even CARE in them, which makes them despicable creatures! At least, I would like your Vlad Muse to bump off Freakshow in the future. XD I'm a bit more on the fence when it comes to Aragon because, after all, he has a mate, sister and son who still love him (for some reason!) and I wouldn't like to see them suffer if your Vlad muse bumps him off! LOL. And speaking of baddies, Tom isn't off the hook just because he was 'innocently' sleeping at the time HE almost got bumped off. I also put in an order to your Vlad muse to definitely off him as soon as he can! HAHAHAHA!

Finally, I thought the best scene of this chapter-except for the gems/Ancient history lessons-is the one between Vlad and Aragon when it comes to deciding the fate of Gregor/Gregory. I really think that Vlad showed both justice and mercy with his decision. And that says a LOT about you, pearl, because you made me side with Vlad again!

Loved this monster of a chapter and it has that fresh, 'new car' smell!

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