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mastersam chapter 1 . 1/3/2008
For a one-shot, that was DAMN awesome! There was only a couple spelling/grammar errors, but unless there's always a bunch, I always consider that being a bit of a bitch. Freakin' awesome, dude.
ERRORINVALID chapter 1 . 1/2/2008
Oh Kryalla, you've done it again.

You do not know how delighted I was when my eyes fell upon this fic. I was squealing with delight, I was giddy. _ -jumps up and down-

You don't know how much I craved more new work from you (I actually found this while taking a break from re-reading Orange Coloured Cliffs).

Well, this one certainly broke my heart.

As soon as i read that it's 'angst' and that it involved Robin and Starfire, my heart felt that tug that just makes me scared to read it.

Then all that talk about Dick's other girlfriends and how he ignored Star. A part of me died right there.

But then, -squeal- they said they loved each other. My heartstrings sang.

Oh, but you had to do it, didn't you (damn rabid plot bunny -shakes fist in anger-). In the middle of all my glee and celebration, she leaves him. I wanted to grab Star, shake her, and make her understand how much she belonged with Nightwing.

When she moved to Paris, I literally believed that she would would never see him again, ever. (But then, who can resist a semi-happy ending, even when you're being bitten by a rabid bunny _)

-happy tear- He found her. I knew he would. -cries- THANK YOU KRYALLA.

Long story short - i LOVED it. oh so much.

Angels Falls8 chapter 1 . 1/2/2008
Magnificent as always! And please do not rule out future one shots or new stories...even though you are diligently working on a writing career, we the fans would love to hear from you once in a while!

StarryNightT chapter 1 . 1/2/2008
that. was. brilliant. i so loved every minute of it from angsty ending to new beginning. truelly amazing, keep up the good work.

Royal Blue chapter 1 . 1/2/2008
OOHH! I'm so exited.

Angsting over Robin, oh Star you and I are in the same boat, Hun.

Oh! BB and Rae got together! That's so sweet, see there's the romance bunny, she's just hidden, deep in there.

And married! Well, squee! SQUEE! _

Aw, Cyborg went to help his dad. That's so sweet, too.

Leave it to Speedy to start a stupid pool! _ Sometimes I wonder what goes under that wonderful head of hair. Hehe!

Oh...OH...oh..oh, oh. oh. oh. Kry! You're going to make me cry, Kry! Dammit all! :'( Bah...

Aw, well at least they were happy for a while...and nope, it was ruined...Have I mentioned that I'm going to kill the rabid plot bunny?


Oh! You lay down the line there, Star! YOU TELL NIGHTWING! -whoops-

...-hides giggle- She...she said 'fuck' AHAHAHAHAHAH! -breaks out laughing- I'm sorry...oh..oh, she said fuck...that's amazing...-wipes away tear- Haha..

Oh My Lordy Jesus Christ...he just...oh...oh...That's just...oh there's a lump in my throat right now...oh...

I think 'Oh' is my favorite word right now.

She ran...hell, I would too.

-tear- Aw, now that was romantic..even in it's screwed up little way, and even if he blames my beloved Batman for everything...

Haha, he yelled at Gar. AW! Richard..."But, you can call me that." Oh lordy, Kry...

Yes, she loves you, you idiot! -smakes Nightwing on the back of his head- You dope.

Oh yay! Here's why it's called M! -grabs popcorn- Wait, okay...I don't like popcorn...please hold. -grabs hot chocolate- Okay, there we go.

Wow, that was amazing...Kry, you do amazing work! _

NO! SHE LEFT! KRYALLA ORCHID! -blinks- I want to yell at you but I'm at a loss of words...damn little bunny...

Cy's always been the overprotective brother type, gotta love him for it too.

Raven! She's actually consenting to doing 'girly stuff' OH NO! O.O

"and at Raven’s silence known that Raven, too, just wanted her to come home"...Ur, Kry I'm confuzzled..._

Kory's a model! She was one in the comics too! Oh, I bet you knew that! Smart, Kry, very smart!

OH! RICHARD! -clasps hands- OH!

-tears falling- Oohh Kry, -huggles- I loved it! LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT!

Hell, I loved this...Wow...

There will not be anymore what? -begins to panic-



damn what a long review...
katergator chapter 1 . 1/2/2008
Oh God Kry!


You sure know how to pour on the angst, girl...


This is so good, but so depressing, but so good...

I totally know what you mean about the rabid angsty plot bunnies. Have to give in to them sometimes.

I like the bits that you added in at the end. Made it a bit happier, and liked the fact that they were being so cryptic in front of Pierre!

And of course, you're still the romance scene queen. -applaude- You can write all manner of romantic scene, and that is brilliant. This one was no exception.

Like the fact that Star went to Paris... it does seem very fitting of her, and her model career.

It had a... happy... ending. Dick and Kori will be together, so that is still sweet. You didn't make it worse!

But I'm still gonna wander off and be sad now. Meanie Nightwing...

Great one shot Kry.


Beautiful Thief chapter 1 . 1/2/2008
Awh. Darl. Did I ruin your Christmas with my angsty fic? ;)

It's all good. .

I love it. Heheheh. It's so cute, yet dramatic and angstful. .

Love you!

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