Reviews for Games are afoot
GracieMo1321 chapter 55 . 10/9
Is this story complete? I would love an epilogue of some kind, just to tie everything together.
Melody-of-the-wind chapter 27 . 10/7
Susnsmsh chapter 55 . 9/27
I can't believe that's how you ended it. Damn. I was so excited for the next chapter and then I realized there weren't any more. That's a super frustrating way to end a fantastic story!
WizardWriting chapter 1 . 8/15
Quite simply, this is one of the most perfect pieces of work I have read on this site. This was one of the first five stories I ever read, and it remains to be one of my absolute all-time favorites. However, I would like to point out what others have said in that the last several chapters (especially the final chapter) seems extremely rushed. It kind of takes away from so many "magical" moments that are scattered within the first three-quarters of your story. Nonetheless, fabulous work!
theablue chapter 55 . 8/10
Is this the end? It this is, I just want to say that I love your story and I enjoy the ride
Mrslmather chapter 55 . 7/21
Iv read this story a few times now and it's still blows me away an amazing story amazing details a nd fantasticly written we. Red moreeeee!
Charlie's Girl chapter 7 . 6/23
A similar thing happened to me once. It was obviously not apparition but I was with the guy I had a crush on at school going up stairs when it was period switch. I was pushed and I nearly fell. He caught me, and oddly my twin had the same thing happen to him. The thing is I was half hugged, while he was caught around the bag. Weird twin thing hey.
FWisBae chapter 47 . 5/19
No fair making them fight
Guest chapter 55 . 4/12
The sweetest, most convincing story ever. I have no words for this masterpiece.
Guest chapter 55 . 3/30
Hoping this isn't the end:-)
I'm fairly new to reading Charlie stories, and I really liked this one.
Congrats on a nice story.
Espied7 chapter 55 . 3/15
Such an amazing story! And I guess that counts as an ending...but I would love to read an epilogue. Please? Your characters are just so wonderful!
Blue-10-Spades chapter 55 . 2/26
I loved this so much!
Guest chapter 55 . 1/23
Very nicely done!
WeasleyObsession chapter 6 . 1/25
I really love the Charlie/Hermione thing. he's such a gentleman
WeasleyObsession chapter 2 . 1/24
okay. I've never been one for a Charlie/Hermione thing, but I really liked chapter 2
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