Reviews for Elite Creatures Unleashed Encore!
hellscream89 chapter 1 . 1/23/2011
This is freakin awsome :D! I love the chicken thing. Its just like the chicken of doom from Third Fang's story. If you haven't heard of it go take look. The chicken appears about halfway.
Uros Osium Tokker chapter 5 . 2/23/2010
Bravo bravisimo x3! I needed the damn laughs! Sadly I never really thought here there would be a section for Dungeon Keeper! (Otherwise I would’ve looked two years ago…) But as a fair player of Dungeon Keeper (1 and 2) I must say this is frigging great ! I want to see more but… I would want to see the old chapters now T_T.

I may not be used to this kind of writing since I am on for more detailed and a bit more mature kind of writing myself (What? Dude, almost 22, naughty as hell… What did you expect if you mix it with avid writer and reader?) but I like it a lot !

Faved and watched x3! Now to work on my own story for this, the world needs more dungeon keepers… and boobs.
Azmodai chapter 5 . 1/29/2010
Your killing me here light, i mean it your killing me. Teasing me with all this non information about what happened.

Then you turned Kaleb into a girl.

I have to admit, i did not see that coming.

Good thing i came on to check my e-mails otherwise i wouldn't have known you had updated (mass effect 2 is just drawing me in _)

I want to know what happened man, you acn't leave me hanging!
Azmodai chapter 4 . 1/28/2010
it's good, it's funny and i like it alot. it'll be interesting to see when you finally stop dancing around everyones deaths and explain fully what happened and where the reviewers who remained loyal (cough read: me) managed to escape to after all thats what you promised in the last story... or if you plan to have us all dead except you i want to have gone out in style.

now this is where i go into fanboy mode

D8 \0\/\/!
Positronic Hazardous Infiltration Lifeform chapter 3 . 7/25/2008
When Brian says "ARCANITE REAPER… HHO" I am strangely reminded of the Thundercats. Maybe that's an idea for another chapter, I dunno.

You need to update your profile too. It needs a little bio or something.
Azmodai chapter 3 . 1/21/2008
Azmodai: Well here we are a new chapter of the ECUE and i'm impressed hats off to you the words that won me over with this chapter (other than the pokeball thing) was HALFWIT


Azmodai: I'm sorry you say something? anyway another word that won was DUMBFUCK

Kaleb: You yelled.

Azmodai: Sorry false alarm... you see considering i died in warriors of old and am now living on the ethereal plane there and i seemed to have died in ECUE with no backstory what so ever. I'm looking at you DE! It's pretty boring at least i hope i went down in style and if you are still listening to me babble on and on about this i have 2 words for you


Thats right monkey man i want to have died in a way that will be remembered... got that? but meh as long as it isnt embarassing i can live with that.

Azrael: Aren't you supposed to review the fanfiction in the review bit? you know instead of ranting about yourself?

Azmodai: Are you sure? i mean i like my me time!

Azrael: ok Azmodai is being a bit self centred here so i will take over. Now ladies and gentleman the following criteria is in effect

For Having Brian Blessed in a fic you gain 2 points

For having a small little assistant for Blessed you gain 1 point

For Capturing BVK in a poke ball you gain 4 points

For the HALFWIT (Mike: HALFWITS) and DUMBFUCK lines you get 6 points.

For another awesome chapter you gain 7 points

For hinting at explaining the story that happened inbetween ECU and ECUE but not actually saying it you loose 2 points

For the really bad joke of PISS OFF... you loose 1 point

Azmodai: so that means on the Azmodai and Azrael scoring board you get a 17 out of 20... which is damn freaking good.

now i sign off with the final words


Azmodai Cyaquil: Lord of the Black Dungeon and emissarry from the Ethereal Realm
Azmodai chapter 2 . 1/7/2008
9 out of ten statistics are made up .

oh wait that should go at the end...

YOU ROCK... its starting to regain some of the old flame that the first one had and for that i thank you. the chicken is good the elites are cool and the heroes well they are still brainless.

Azmodai: But of course he is still missing a vital part.

Azrael: What is that? you cant be referring to us can you because from what has been said we were killed.

Azmodai: Mwahahaha you were killed, you were a mistake. Azmodai lives true and free and evil

Azrael: But if i'm dead and i am a part of you doesnt that mean that you are dead to?

Azmodai: Damn logic! (Falls over dead)

Sorry about that my muses do sometimes get in the way.

but Brian Blessed is awesome. it comes back to my point in the first review and i realise i badly explained.

as you know 9 out of 10 sequels are worse than the orignal... well thats a bit strict i'll say 8 out of 10 but that is only because in the urge to get more fame and popularity (or in the case of movies Money!) but after all that they lose something, the good thing is that you are successfully reclaiming it with each step. Good work

of course i could be talking a lot of crap after all...

9 out of 10 statistics are made up :P

think about that!
Azmodai chapter 1 . 1/6/2008
well i always give credit where credit is due, i like it... its good and has alot of the humour that the original did which is why i like it...

the only thing thats got me down about is that it feels like its missing something... and no i am not talking about the half a dozen author inserts... it just misses some of the old flame of ECU...

ah well heres to it continuing