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sara chapter 8 . 3/7/2008
I find it very endearing the way that Cirdan and Radagast think of Faramir as a 'boy,' even though by the standards of Men he is an adult. It makes their otherness, their wisdom, as an ancient Elf and wizard very apparent in a way that not many, if any, other stories have done.
Susan W chapter 7 . 3/1/2008
Lovely! A Most Excellent update to this tale! I actually read this last night, just too late to leave a good, coherent review. Shireling, you had me thinking all day about this wonderful chapter and anxious to get in here to leave a review.

sniffles! I so wanted the chance for Imrahil or Tamir to discover Min on board the "Grey Swan". Of course, we don't want the tale to start winding down too soon either. Now you've sent Min off on a journey to heal his soul and you sent him deep into the wilderness and all on his own to do so. You have gone were so few fanfics have taken Faramir and I absolutely love it.

Yay! I suppose that is Radagast that you have sent on his new mission to find and care for the lost and injured soul. I love how the Fates or the Valar have decided his course! The meeting with the little brown man and his dog was wonderful. Oh yes! I love that Min aided the dog, it's just something that Fara would have done. And nice to see his Ranger's instinct is still well intact as he journeyed and in that moment just before he found the dog. I think that Radagast, after feeling how well the animal was doing, must feel that he has a kindred spirit in the "gentle stranger". Love the carving also. :) :)

It was never stated how the dog ended up with her injuries. Is there something dangerous out there in the forest? If so, are the Ancient Ones watching over Min and keeping him safe? Or just an accident, or Fate that set the dog in Min's path? :) :)

And so now I'm wondering what Imrahil thought about not getting to meet this artist/sailor enigma and now the man has left the Captain and moved on. Has anyone recognized the style of the man's art and/or carvings yet? I'm glad that the Captain did not let the Healer take Min off ship so he could watch him. Seeing an Haradrim man would have really messed with Min's mind and healing capability, especially since it had been an Haradrim that had tortured him so horribly.

And finally, what is going on in Minas Tirith and Dol Amroth? How has Fara's "death" affected everyone? Poor Fara/Min! He has been missing, presumed dead, for two years now. (erm, I think I calculated it right). He has missed so much going on between his remaining family, newfound friends, and the love of his life. sniffles!

This was a beautiful and visual chapter! It will be a great surprise and wonderful to see the expressions and wonder on the faces of everyone once Min/Fara does return to society. The Man is a survivor and a strong character. I love him! :) :) I do hope there will be more of Captain Cardolan, Tat, and the crew of the Duck showing up in this tale!

Absolutely And Most Anxiously Awaiting the Next Update, of which I hope does not take another two weeks in coming! ;) :) Please update soon! Purty please!
vectis chapter 7 . 3/1/2008
What a tease you are! Just when I thought Prince Imrahil would discover Min's true identity you manage to cast him adrift again. You certainly know how to keep your readers guessing - great chapter again.
acacia59601 chapter 7 . 2/29/2008
Wow, great chapter, I love how Min heals the doggy... It's amazing how one little act of kindness can set things in motion that you never could have imagined! Update soon!
sara chapter 6 . 2/17/2008
Or maybe Imrahil himself will have something to do with Faramir being found! I figured he would be off in Minas Tirith. As always a great update. The depth of this story is wonderful-every little piece works into something else so far.
Sarahbarr17 chapter 6 . 2/17/2008
A marvellous chapter, very well written.

I'm glad that Imrahil is going to see Faramir - there's a pretty good chance of his being recognised, hopefully...

It was very distressing to read of the poor man's experiences at the hands of the brigands, though. How he endured it all I'll never know...

You depiction of the court proceedings is excellent - very dramatic.

Roll on next chapter!


Sarah x
acacia59601 chapter 6 . 2/16/2008
Wow, I can't believe that it's something as innocuous as a doodle that could bring our Min home! Update soon, this is wonderful!
BM originally chapter 6 . 2/16/2008
Finally! And please don't kill me with suspense, making me wait for Faramir's family to find him! :D

I'm definitely looking forward to another update soon!
Susan W chapter 6 . 2/16/2008
A Most Excellent update, albeit a very sad one with the details of Faramir's capture and the outright murder of his soldiers, along with the death of a long time old friend of his.

Dariel and the Refuge that Fara helped to build for the disabled veterans, widows, and the orphans, was a lovely telling of Fara's generosity.

"..Lord Faramir accompanied her and between them they coaxed and bullied the old man into accepting their care." I can certainly see Faramir doing such a thing. He would be most caring of his veterans.

YAY! "“Fool! Don’t you understand? Send for the Prince. . .I know this weapon.” For the first time the sheriff looked closely at the dagger and his eyes widened as he recognised the crest engraved on the blade." Oh! Most excellent! A piece of the puzzle to who the culprits were in the ambush on Fara's troop and the ambush on the King Elessar himself.

"“Mathlong, Ex-trooper of the Fourth Company and Gothrick of Rohan, you are charged with High Treason, in that you organised and participated in the attack upon the King’s Company and in the attempted assassination of the King. How do you plead?”"

"“I was a Corporal in his Company at Cair Andros. He had me flogged and demoted to the ranks. . .”" Yeah, and with good reason you disgusting excuse for a man.

Great trial! And finally someone will pay for the deeds done against Gondor.

Oh my! You had me crying near the end, especially with the death of Dariel. If not for him finding Fara's dagger, those two creatures would have gotten free with a slap on the wrist for starting a bar room brawl.

Finally, the scene takes us back to the current time in Dol Amroth and another trial. "“I am intrigued. I would like to meet this paragon of virtue,” Imrahil paused to flick through the rest of the ledger and pulled the loose leaves from the back." YES!

I am most deliriously happy with the ending of the chapter as Min comes closer to meeting someone who will or might know him.

Would it be possible to update this tale again tonight? ;) :)

Something should have clicked in Imrahil's mind about Min being rescued and near death. How rescued and why near death! I'm sure it will hit him as he walks back to his own home.

I can hardly wait for his meeting with Min. :) :) Please update Very Very Soon!
vectis chapter 5 . 2/12/2008
Thought at first you had typed Faramir by mistake, although I know other readers had guessed Min's true identity, you would have fooled me for a bit longer! I'll have to stop reading other reviews as they "give the game away".

Can't wait for the next instalment though.
Sarahbarr17 chapter 5 . 2/12/2008
So Min is Faramir? The poor soul... But at least he is alive, albeit scarred and with white hair (which must look a little strange on a young man of Numenorean race!). I must admit, I never suspected Min to be Faramir!

Let's hope that uncle Imrahil gets to see Min! And would it be too much to hope for Min's hearing to be restored?

Sarah x
Susan W chapter 5 . 2/11/2008
Yay! Finally the week has gone by and a new update is here! :) :) Hope you enjoyed your vacation.

I love the picture of health that Min has become, but, there is his stubbornness in not wanting to remember his dreams. If only he could get past the horror and start to remember other, better parts to his memory. sigh! "He didn’t want to know and he didn’t want to remember." Noo!

Ah! Captain Cardolan certainly has gained quiet a valuable member to his crew. :) :) Min seems mostly to be at peace where he is at, except for those "funny turns", he does fit in nicely on the "Duck".

Great! Still more of Faramir's skills and instinct show up in Min. Nice to see it showing up especially when needed most. "Min had little to do with the man, though instinct warned him to keep a close eye on him. Without hearing, Min struggled to isolate what it was about the man that set his teeth on edge; he was just a little too friendly, a little too ingratiating."

Aauugghh! Poor dear Tat! So Min was right to suspicion Talhir, he just didn't know of what. No wonder the creature wanted to befriend the youth, Tat. Nice to see that Min's instinct payed off and he was able to stop Talhir before he raped the boy.

I'm definitely glad of the Master's decision to go to Dol Amroth and taking that disgusting Talhir with him for the Prince's justice.

"We will take him to Dol Amroth." Yay! I hope that Tamir is still with Prince Imrahil. Surely somehow the story of the lost Steward will reach the ears of the crew of the "Duck" and they can start piecing things together.

Oops! Poor Fara! Walking in on the Captain as he finished his punishment of Tat was embarrassing, but at least the sleeping Tat did not see his friend walking in. Good of the Captain to punish the youth in private instead of making it a public one in front of the crew.

"He wants to be a healer. I can buy him an apprenticeship." Young Tat certainly proved that he could become a healer, with his patience and care of Min the year before.

"..he had taken to doodling and sketching as a means of relaxation when the numbers and figures would not add-up." Ok! Now I'm very curious as to what the doodles and sketches could be of. And I just know that he will forget they are there and they will be a key somehow to someone finding him. ;) :)

"The Grey Swan was delayed in passing through the narrow entrance into the great enclosed harbour of Dol Amroth; as they approached they were met by the magnificent sight of a great Galleon and they were required to give way as the mighty vessel was manoeuvred into the dock. It was the Royal Swan, flagship of the Swan Fleet, Prince Imrahil’s personal vessel.." Yay! A Most Excellent sight! :) :)

Oh no no, Min! Do not feel anxious about being in Dol Amroth! eep! Sad that he missed Tat leaving the ship for the last time. Hmm! I see another key in the little carved fish that Min made for Tat which Tat took with him. Some carvers add their own special touches to items they carve that are unique to their style. ;) :) Don't know who would see the thing and know it's style in the Houses of Healing in Dol Amroth, though. Hmm!

aauugghh! aauugghh! Bad cliffhanger, bad! sniffles! :(

Are you, Shireling, going to be the next Queen of the Evil Cliffhangers? ;) :) Looks to be!

No more vacations for you! ;) :)

"..nobles passed by, barely noticing the Guard detail and oblivious to his distress, he stood, head bowed, under sudden assault; frozen in place, the buzzing in his ears so loud that he felt sick. ..bolted back up onto the deck, seeking safety, while he still had the capacity for conscious action. The pain in his head, a vice that blocked thought, hampered his coordination and, as he neared his cabin, finally robbed him of consciousness." Poor dear Min! Surely someone in the entourage noticed his reaction at their passing. Oh! And did he remember to pull those doodles/sketches out of the ledger book? :) :)

Thanks for your review reply for the last chapter.

No wonder Min's mind refuses to go back into his past with the loss of his raw recruits on their first mission. Something like that would have a most adverse effect on one's mind, especially adding to it that Faramir had lost family and friends to the War just a short time before this latest tragedy.

Yes! I absolutely look forward to your updates.

As usual, I am MOST Anxiously awaiting the Next Update! Soon, please.
sara chapter 5 . 2/11/2008
Did you mean to put Faramir's name in throughout this? I can see how it might have been done on purpose but it almost seemed like a mistake. Might be better to have just said Min the whole time.

I am very interested to see how Faramir is returned home-no doubt Imrahil's sons will have *something* to do with it. Nicely written chapter.
acacia59601 chapter 5 . 2/11/2008
Great chapter, only thing I would mention is that you spend half of the time calling him Min and the other half Faramir. Is that intentional? I know that most readers will know who Min is without you telling us until the last minute.
DXRULES103 chapter 4 . 2/8/2008
OMG! MOre!
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