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Guest chapter 15 . 7/1/2012
I love how loving and compassionate you made this chapter and the whole book.
I look forward to reading another touched by an angel story.

ps. i really love how you captured the spirit of all of the angels.
Its like their entire presence is glowing in this story.
You did a great job!
Elisa Cristine De La Torre chapter 1 . 12/27/2009
Was Captain Parker His First Assignment Please Add To This Story.
Garjzlavarden chapter 36 . 5/12/2008
An oh so awesome epilogue to an oh so awesome story. Totally cool to see where everyone is ten years later. Great details and emotions.

This story has been a pleasure to read. It's been great to be able to get lost with Andrew and Tess (and even Adam ;-) in Lattinburg.

This has been a great trip that we can relive whenever the fancy strikes us. You are totally awesome!

On behalf of myself and all the other true fans: Thank You.
Garjzlavarden chapter 35 . 5/12/2008
GA! Walking in a field and then the white dove and...

It's hard to believe it's over. I know there's an epilogue, but the base story is over. Finished. At an end. Sealed. Done. Complete.

::squints and tries to think of another synonym

OK, I'm out. Really though, very nice conclusion with our favorite angels.

Awesome job.
Garjzlavarden chapter 34 . 5/12/2008
That was a nifty speech by John. Touching. And the dialog between Tess, Andrew, and Adam is just awesome! Sarah is so sweet. And Andrew promised that he'd come and see her again some day. Hm... could I possibly smell a one-shot coming on?

Anyway, great chapter!
Garjzlavarden chapter 33 . 5/12/2008
Sorry I haven't reviewed in so long. I've been uber-busy. But now I'm back on track.


Poor Sarah! I can imagine what she was thinking when she found out that Andrew was an angel. Surprise! It's sad that she hid alone to cry, but I'm glad that Andrew found her and they were able to work it out. That's what friends are for.

Nice touch.
Jenni-OnThisSide chapter 36 . 5/8/2008
Sob and sigh... Beautiful. As I knew it would be. I'm so glad they were reunited even if just for a bit. I'll write more later via email. I need to go run.
Yva J chapter 36 . 5/8/2008
That was an absolutely brilliant ending to a wonderful story. Thanks so much for sharing this gem with all of us. It truly is a work of art, and anyone who truly knows and loves the show and its message would affirm the very same thing.

Positively Stunning, breathtaking! You have written a story to be proud of. I'm sad to see it end, but I am looking forward to your other story. This is just so special, and you used Sarah in this final posting. That's just wonderful.

I love the newfound confidence that Andrew has, and I am certain that most of your other readers will too.

Bravo! This story and you deserve a standing ovation! :)
Zarz chapter 35 . 5/7/2008
This is a really incredible chapter! I love the interaction between Andrew and Adam, and I really hope to see more of it in your sequel. In some ways, Adam really does seem like a big brother to Andrew in this. I just hope that Andrew's a little more attentive to Adam than Monica was to him! Really, really great penultimate chapter, and I'm just so sad that's it's almost over. It's extraordinary work, and I can't wait to see what else you might write next! You're an extremely talented author, and I have no doubt Andrew will have quite the interesting assignments with you writing!
Jenni-OnThisSide chapter 35 . 5/6/2008
Hopefully this time I won't get listed as anonymous...

Anyhow, so sad this is nearly over but great chapter. I particularly enjoyed Adam teasing Andrew. Sigh... love the lovely angels!

Course, you about broke my heart with Andrew worrying about Tess leaving him. Poor love!

Just all around really great interaction between the three!

Now to wait for the last chapter...
Yva J chapter 35 . 5/5/2008
'Tess is probably the most stubborn, persistent, and hard-nosed angels I have ever met.'

I think you meant angel not plural.

'Did Tess says something to you that made you think of all these questions?'

Did Tess say...

Lovely, absolutely lovely. But, you know that I really enjoyed this story, it's by far one of the best TBAA stories I have ever read and I am going to so look forward to whatever you have coming up next. Truly a wonderful tale.

I can hardly wait for something new from you. If it's anywhere as good as this, then we're all in for a treat. Andrew AND Adam, what a is a gal to do? ;)

I love the way you roll! :D
Guest chapter 34 . 5/1/2008
Sigh... I hate good byes. But this one was beautifully written and I'm very glad Andrew promised to come back to see Sarah.

John's eulogy was lovely and very touching.

Now for my fav quotes:

"God turned something bad into something truly miraculous, Andrew. He specializes in that, you know."

I like that cause that kinda thing is something I've been thinking about pretty often myself, beauty coming outta ugliness and such.

And from Adam:

"Everyone could use some help sometimes. What's bad is when you could use a bit of it, and it doesn't seem to be there."

Is there any way I could, perhaps, get that on a plaque I might then be able to send to Monica? No? Just thought I'd check. ;-) I am glad the two guys and Tess will be spending some time together. I suggest the fellows enjoy it while they can...

::must let go of my personal jadedness now::

This was another wonderful chapter!
Yva J chapter 34 . 5/1/2008
Bravo! Not much else to say that hasn't already been said. This story is truly a magnificant piece, and Adam's back and he will be working with them. That is a nice addition.

Hopefully there will be a new assignment for us to read about, but it really was great. Sarah is just a wonderful girl. I wish that they could see each other again, I just think she is awesome.

What else is there for me to say? Every review that I wrote was a pleasure to write, and I'm glad that what I said means as much to you as your story has come to mean to me. Truly a gift. Thanks so much for sharing that.

I'm looking so forward to the last two chapters, of course, I wish it could go on and on, but everything must end in order to begin again.

Again, a truly fantastic story. :)
Zarz chapter 34 . 5/1/2008
That promise was so sweet! Will one of the last couple chapters be about him fulfilling that promise? That would be neat. John was incredible. It's so cute to see Andrew still amazed and what a difference he and the Father managed to make in John's life! It will also be cool to see Adam and Andrew interacting more, if Adam's going to stay with Tess and Andrew. Let's hope they have a slightly better relationship that between Andrew and Monica! Keep up the extraordinary work - you are an incredibly talented author, and I can't wait to see what project you're working on next!
Limony Picket chapter 18 . 4/29/2008
"Thanks for all the review everybody! They’ve really brightened my mood! Before I end this note, I just wanted to thank Garjzlavarden, Jenni-OnThisSide, and Yva J. for keeping up so well and faithfully reviewing every chapter. You all rock!"

OK, look, I have a life. SORRY for not reviewing every day of my natural life. I'll get around to doing it, someday...

Lol, "I never want to go to a tavern again"! What's wrong with him? All the fun can be in pubs! He doesn't have to drink the stuff that makes his innards go beserk... I wouldn't mind being his nurse, though :)
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