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Shade the Hero chapter 11 . 3/2/2015
Haha, this ending was perfect. How surprising to see him sitting there on the steps. Perhaps it was a silent reassurance, not just from Cloud, but from the 'man upstairs' that they were both welcome there. I love the friendly banter towards the end.

I'm sad to see that I've reached the end, but I'll say that it made for one heck of a day or reading. One of the best stories I've ever read and I'll probably read it again and again. Since, yanno, it's got a permanent spot in my favs an' all. ;3
Shade the Hero chapter 10 . 3/2/2015
I was listening to the song "Lullaby" by Nickelback in a piano version while reading the scene where Sephiroth was praying and I could see that whole scene perfectly. What a beautiful image and so powerful. This story is so amazing it really is hard to put it into words. I love every KH and FF7 story I've read from you, but this one is in a class all of its own. It's right at the top of the list.
Shade the Hero chapter 9 . 3/2/2015
Hahaha! He said it. lol. I love it when he says that, the country bumkin. xD

Hmph, I feel no sympathy for her Kala's death. I only regret it wasn't more painful. It is eerie that Zack and the others are nowhere to be found when they were right behind them. Creepy. Something is definitely up.

That was one of the best chapters yet, and this story is one of the best I've ever read. You've put me through an emotional roller coaster and I'm having a blast! Poor Cloud. hopefully they can find Zack and get him some help soon.
Shade the Hero chapter 8 . 3/2/2015
...They're gonna WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?! Burn him at the stake?! WHAT THE F**K! Seriously?! WHAT. THE. F**K!

I normally don't swear online, ever. But this is an exception. That's just. WRONG! Seph needs to bust in their and chop off a few heads. Think I'm kidding I'm not. These people deserve to have a heartless hoard swarm them and devour their black hearts.

Hell, if I had sword skills and could step into this fic I would. and I'd cut down ANYONE who'd dare get in my way and try to stop me from freeing him. This has nothing to do with being a Cloud Strife fan, it's about the pure and revolting injustice of burning an innocent man for nothing. The dark ages ended centuries ago. And saying he's a monster just because he has wings is so shallow-minded. Would they do the same to a person who was born with only one arm? Or couldn't see? No, they'd feel bad and offer pity. But Noooooo, let's not show the same for someone who has a wing. Heaven forbid he created a harmless gust by flapping it once or twice.

I suddenly have an urge to kill a butt-load of heartless to get this anger off my chest.

Sephiroth, I LOVE YOU! Swooping in and catching him like that. Heck for once I know Cloud was definitely happy to be held by him. That was one heck of a save. But that woman. I've always hated Frolo, but she's worse. Seriously. She is. She's so evil. She'd make a great pair with Hojo. Part of me wonders if even Jenova is that cruel? Probably, but this crazy witch has new ways of torturing others. Geeze!

...I'm going back to my original rant, though now it includes my sympathy for Seph. Evil witch. She's the one who deserves to burn at the stake.
Shade the Hero chapter 7 . 3/2/2015
Whoa-ho. Epic battle scene. Holy crap! that rivals the great 1,000 heartless battle of Hollow Bastion. I'd probably wet my pants if I had to fight 1,000 Sephiroths instead of a mob of neo soldier heartless. One was hard enough, as that one guy said, impossible to hit when suspended in mid-air.

Dang, that woman is so cruel. sending someone to SHOCK her daughter just because she refuses to agree with her mother? To hate a man simply because he possesses a few extra limbs? Seph should just run her through and save everyone a load of grief. Screw being the nice guy. He's got far more tolerance than I do.

And poor Zack. *wraps him in a big hug*
Shade the Hero chapter 6 . 3/2/2015
"My worst fear come true. I'm surrounded by Sephiroths." That has to be the best line ever. xD I didn't expect to bust out laughing like I did. That was awesome.

"cheese is good for you!" - Second best line ever. xD Oh Zack. Never stop being you.

That seemed so natural, seeing Zack at the head of all of those troops. I swear, if Shinra hadn't been such a corrupt company Zack would have made General no problem and then the name Shinra would be a company worth supporting. Not to mention every single SOLDIER would be awesome and regarded as heroes and not simply mindless company-paid drones.
Shade the Hero chapter 5 . 3/2/2015
Awesome! 721's a Hero! Hah! You messed up again Hojo. Instead of creating an army or monsters you still haven't been able to snuff out all of the heroes. Nyah-nyah! xp lol, I'll take arguing with a fictional character as a good sign that your story has once again successfully pulled me in. x3

Dang. Go Zack. I don't think I've ever seen him like this before, but I like it. It's so take charge. He's like that brick wall you try to push against. No matter what it ain't movin'.
But holy crap. That guy just gave Zack full power? Whoa. It doesn't make up for what he's done in the past, but it does show that he's not completely pathetic.

I feel so bad for 721. He needs a better name. One that reflects what he really is; a Hero. And how perfect that he'd end up on Cloud's doorstep. Seems luck is shining on the angelic clone.

Geeze! We have a female Frolo! Wonder if she'll have the same fate?
Shade the Hero chapter 4 . 3/2/2015
Hmm, this new clone seems different. Hopefully he's a good guy. lol, Cloud is a dork, but a cute dork. No matter how epic or hardcore he is now, he'll always be that dorky young clumsy cadet to me. xD

Though, whenever I hear someone say, "What could happen?" I just want to slap them. Something ALWAYS goes wrong when people ask that. Oh Cloud, what are we gonna do with you?
Shade the Hero chapter 3 . 3/2/2015
Wow, talk about cold-hearted. And how DARE she say such horrible things about Zack. Her "He's friends with bad people so he must be bad as well" is pure garbage! She should look in a mirror before judging others. I like her daughter though. She sounds like she has an open mind and chooses to believe what her own eyes tell her and not be goaded by others.

And then the nerve of her to go to Zack's place and pretend to be all nicey-nice. Ugh, she makes me sick. Excellent OC you created.
Shade the Hero chapter 2 . 3/1/2015
I like this Seph clone. The one who realized what its like to be alive. Even if he is a type of ghost. Still. Why did I see that coming? The evil clones impersonating the real deal and causing so much damage. Hojo, you really are a sick punk. I really need to stop being so surprised whenever that slug finds a lower level to stoop to. Sephiroth will not be happy to read this.
Shade the Hero chapter 1 . 3/1/2015
How cruel. You know what those punks deserve? Tie them down to the floor and run them over with a steam-roller...slowly. VERY slowly. Harsh? Normally, yes, but these punks deserve it. Hojo too, but I fear even that fate isn't enough for him.
doesitmatter chapter 1 . 4/3/2012
Errr actually there is one false detail sephiroth's a cold heartless bastard so yeah good story though
DreamlessRiver chapter 11 . 2/25/2010
Beautiful. This story was incredible-every single bit of it. The very few errors had absolutely no effect on the detail and thought put into the story. You're my favorite author, keep it up! :)
FullMentalPanic chapter 2 . 2/13/2010
It's not weird for pain to increase when it's treated with heat because heat increases sensitivity. If you're trying for pain relief, it's better to go with an icepack. Liked the story!
laughingst chapter 11 . 8/15/2009
Wow. This was... just... wow! I'm left speechless! Thank you so much! This is a masterpiece!
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