Reviews for The Heat
ladydeath07 chapter 4 . 8/21/2014
I don't care if this was written 6 years ago. I demand a ending. I likred the fact it didn't automatically job to a happy ending...but it does need an ending!
RainbowBoxer chapter 4 . 6/11/2009
Awesome possum!I like this is very interesting...very, very interesting...

Wow...who knew that O'Malley cared...

Although, he could have gone without taking advantage of his partner like that...I have to wonder...which species is better...the Links or the Human race...XD

I love this fanfic...I am kind of on a quest to search for more great stories that are Kate/Nick oriented...that do not degrade their characters at all...

So if you have any suggestions as to what "SU2" stories are good and decent...would you please let me will make finding them that much easier...XD

And the fact the its Kate/Nick a plus for me...XD

I love this is so much like...Oh! Yeah...X-Files...Fox Mulder and Dana Scully...I love that pairing too...XD

...Hm...That would be an interesting crossover...Agents Mulder, Scully, Benson, and O'Malley...working together on a case to save the world...and fluffy moments all the way...XD

Well, I will say this you have my undivided attention...keep up the excellent work...

I will wait forever...for the rest of the story...I mean...XD


As soon as you can of course...XD
yulissa chapter 1 . 7/7/2008
wonderful! really fantastic..since long time i hope a fanfic as this history.. je XD
Miranda chapter 4 . 7/6/2008

This is a perfect story so far!

I read Rassy's review

She said it all!

I'm Speechless to!

I am off to read the A.F.F. chapter now!

I will review it!

Rassmussin chapter 4 . 7/1/2008
What attracted me most to SU2 was the strength and complexity of these characters, all of them. And of course, the sarcasm and just pure fun. But it is undeniable, Nick has by far the most complex character among them. He is in so much pain, over wanting love, but fearing love at the same time. If you look up the definition "friend," in the dictionary, Nick's picture would be there, because who he loves, he loves with all his heart and soul, never fading. Kate, and I could say the same for her, just so happens to be one of his most loved ones. The fear of loving again, of loosing again, scares the hell out of Nick, so in response to your "panic," comment, no, it was not wrong. It is how I believe Nick would react. He loves Kate. OK, in Evan Katz world, he loved Kate with all his heart as a best friend and coworker. But ahh, in the world of fanfics, he loves her those ways, and so much deeper. He is in love with her, but at the same time, he is terrified of her. Terrified of loosing her to death, to someone else, to all life can throw at them, and of course, he is most afraid of hurting her because of who Kate is. She is strong willed, independant, and deserves the very best a man can offer. And, dispite all of his cocky behavior, Nick is very unsure of himself, so, he hides in his "flings." Could Kate be the woman who would never leave him? Never hurt him? He struggles with that. Does he deserve her? There is Nick's inner battle. And of course, Kate, being the smart but over analizing person she is, is bound to take his leaving wrong. And here lies her complexities: Kate is all those things I mentioned above, but she is insecure herself. Nick's leaving in the middle of the night could play a huge roll in Kate second guessing their friendship, Nick, and herself. Was she just a roll in the hay? Is she unlovable? Did she seduce or take advantage of her partner in his time of need? Of course not, but when you have two people like Nick and Kate, it's never easy. But that's where the fun comes in, so many possibilites, and only one way to end it...a happy ending, because they belong together. I think "The Heat," has definatly taken first place in "keeping with character." Everything you have written here I can see these characters doing and saying, from Nick, to Carl, to the banshee. I give this story, even unfinished, the blue ribbon of SU2 stories. I cant wait to read the rest! Thank you for another chapter that could not have been better!
Rassmussin chapter 3 . 6/27/2008
I didn't believe it when "Miranda" emailed me and said check out the new chapter. But there she stood! A new chapter! I had given up checking on it.

What I found when I read it was no less than greatness!

First, Capt. Paige ignoring Carl's smartass remarks and comments, and giving hesitation at Carl's peeps and the term "connections," were something I could actually SEE and HEAR Paige doing. You're right on the money with all of the characters and characteristics they possess.

However, your shining moment was placing Carl, everyones favorite thief, in a mall, as a large doll, being...well...Carl! This is truely something he would do, and if he hadn't yet, he would think of it. I can even imagine the smug smile he would have had when passed, undetected, unnoticed, by mall security. (shakes head and chuckles) Carl, carl, carl!

Whoa! The thought of Nick in Kate's shower. M. I don't know about the rest of you, but I would be glad to scour out my bathtub, no matter what raunchiness clung to the sides, if it meant a naked Nick in my house. That boy was born perfect looking, and the older he gets, the better!

I can't wait to see what the next chapters bring. You're a talented writer who doesn't forget to keep the characters within the characters. What Evan Katz and his actors/actresses created on the t.v. screen for all of us, the richness of SU2, continues on through work like this story. This author has done a remarkable job and I hope all who read this will take the two minutes to submit a review. She has earned it! Thanks for another chapter and thank you in advance for the next to come! I will check back often.
Miranda chapter 3 . 6/26/2008
I didnt like this third chapter.


It was well worth the wait

Ill be looking forward to reading your endings

It wasnt a good chapter, it was a GREAT chapter!
Zephyr of Shadows chapter 2 . 4/27/2008
Dude (or dudette...) Safari Gear? Carl? Safari gear Carl? AWSOME! Can't wait for an update, this be some good shippy your... shipping xD
Miranda chapter 2 . 1/12/2008
this fic is so good so far!

i cant wait un til its finished but then again i will have nothing to look forward to

thank you for adding a new chappy

very descriptive & very well done!

i cant give you enuf praise on this story!
Rassmussin chapter 2 . 1/11/2008
Oh my god, I am laughing my butt off over here. Some of the words you use to describe the story are just funny as can be. The Kate being an "invalid" was excellent. Either your sick over there, or you recently were, because you describe the feeling of helplessness and sickness perfectly. Ok, I'm going to sound mean, here, but noone is more comical than when they are sick. I know, I make fun of my sister all the time when she falls sick to a flu. And in her love for me, she does the same thing to me. I can see Nick on tv as if Evan Katz wrote this one himself adding in the "Sleeping naked" part as he shuts the door. It was an all-Nick thing, so true to his character. So, wonderful job on this one, I don't think Nick or Kate could write their characters any better if they tried.

So, we know Nick is driven by hot dogs, naked women, his coffee, and beating and killing gnomes and links. We know Kate is driven on reverse psycology and often times, honesty. And we now know that the author to this awsome fic is driven by downright begging. I am going away now to think of new ways to pester for chapter three. LOL! A real good job on this one, angelicyokai! Thanks for another great chapter.
miranda chapter 1 . 1/7/2008
O Rassy, Special Unit 2 was never dead. To quote an Su 2 web-site, it is "the show that will live in our heart's forever."

Anyhow, on to my review.

Awsome! Wonderful! In depth! Superb! Two thumbs way, way up! Couldn't be better!

I also loved the part with Nick amazed at no call from kate. So cool! I can just picture it along with Carl running away.

Please do finish this as I am itching for more.

Thank you so much for imagining a new fan fic for all of us who adore the show so much. Looking forward to chapter 2!
rassmussin chapter 1 . 1/7/2008
I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! And I thought SU2 was dead to most people! How wrong I was. You HAVE to finish this one. Please! I've added it to my alerts so I'll be checking on it. Donuts, huh? Do Nick and Kate ever eat anything healthy? Hot dogs, donuts, twix candy bars on stakeouts... I absolutely loved your description of Page. It fit his character to a "T". O'Malley's ego with Kate not calling him was classic. I can see his perterbed face as he's shaking the cell phone. Love the detail you added in. I'm rambling...ok...Keep up the perfect work and thank you for this fic! Can't wait to see how it ends. A