Reviews for Stripped Bare
Kenzie-benzie chapter 26 . 11/29
Abousolutly stunning story. You stayed in the characters point of view for the right amount of time and you stayed in the theme of nauto while displaying realistic conflicts between two charecters . You are an amazing author and you wrote very discriptive scenes but in the sexual scenes you weren't perverted and the were just the appropriate amount of parts when they participated in intercorse all in all . Fantastic story and you should write a book and just come up other names and get it published it would be a hit . Keep writing !
yonomori chapter 26 . 11/11
Whew. Very intense, i took me 3 weeks to read this while I am doing my projects and studies I am so glad. Very.
yonomori chapter 26 . 11/9
Amazing. Pretty creative. I love it, it is so inspiring and very unique. Thank you
Catherine827 chapter 26 . 11/5
best fanfic in the world 3 thank you for all the hard work you've put into writing this...its simply amazing
Guest chapter 26 . 11/2
While it started off a bit tedious, and perhaps a bit forced, this story bloomed into something inticing and captivating. I read this story after its completion, so I was able to gauge 2 years worth of author growth in a few hours, and I was suitably impressed. A pleasure to read. :)
maybethisaintme chapter 26 . 10/28
First of all, wow. I can't imagine waiting in suspense for TWO YEARS to read this entire beauty. I blew through it in under a week. I loved it so much. Yeah, there were some grammatical errors, but you got your points across clearly and made one hell of a plot and story. I loved that you fleshed out these characters, and now that I think back on it, I see huge changes in both Sakura and Kakashi. I'm so glad you were inspired somewhere along the way to create this story, so glad you shared it with us. I saw in your author's comments that you were busy with college a lot of the time, so I hope everything is going well for you, wherever you are now. All of your descriptions were divine, especially your sex scenes (I'm a sucker for smut), but I was a fan way before those were introduced. I feel like an unoriginal commenter for saying this, but it was so good and I loved it. All 26 chapters. All I can say is thank you again for writing this, and I look froward to checking out your other works.
maybethisaintme chapter 16 . 10/26
High quality, indeed! I loved it all. You do such great, descriptive writing. I truly do appreciate it all!
maybethisaintme chapter 13 . 10/26
Oooh, I loved this. I've eaten up the first 13 chapters in 4 days, and I've gotta say, I love how this developed. I can't wait to read the rest. I know how you love reviews so I figured I'd finally comment after 13 chapters.
Confused.Turtle chapter 26 . 10/25
Omg I could practically feel the love in the last parts of the end chapter, ugh you write so well and interpert emtions so well too. I was drawn in with the concept of the story and you set me on a reading frenzy! Its not some fake cheesy thing either, it involves certain real life struggles and aspects in our lives and I think that's one of the reasons that made me love the story so much!
NenaUchiha22 chapter 26 . 10/25
I LOVED IT. I think I read it all like in two days. LOVED IT. LOVEEED IT. I am a Sasusaku Shipper but I also like KakaSaku and you made it seem so natural that I totally believed it. Also the interactions of the girls with Team 7 had be laughing my ass off! Good job! Thanks for writing such a beautiful piece.
Iphigelina chapter 26 . 10/20 was hoooooooooot

The only problem I saw was that the shinobi part wasn't very realistic...but, the romance and thephysical part rocked.

Pfiuuuuu...I need a Kakashi...If I didn't read one too many SI I'd try to get into Naruto myself xD
cathyscloud9 chapter 26 . 10/12
Love your story! Thanks for writing it!
Mavrixtrinkia chapter 20 . 8/31
Oh damn. I figured he would use Sakura as some kind of fighting tool.
Mavrixtrinkia chapter 18 . 8/31
Oohoo naughty naughty.
Pervert-kun chapter 26 . 8/23
This literally was the best fic I've ever read. Like, the plot and how everything ended up connecting...honestly there were moments where I would scream from frustration, smother myself with my pillow out of embarrassment, use an entire tissue box because of nosebleeds, and just everything else because it was all great. I know I've read this quite a few years late, but hopefully you'll see this comment because I am proud to say I am in love with your style & work TTTT.
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