Reviews for Every Other Midnight
lady marauder chapter 54 . 5/23
I'm re reading for the 5th time and I still can't guess :P
Guest chapter 83 . 5/22
Please tell me that you aren't finished and that you will write soon? PLEASE!
DylanTG chapter 1 . 4/4
This is the best James/Lily fic I've ever read, and I've read a LOT. Thanks so much for writing it! Truly incredible writing. I love it.
Guest chapter 54 . 3/23
Hi! I know this thing is eons old but I still read it! I've read it several times in desperate hope of finding an ending I find satisfactory. Would you be so kind as to finish it please! Take your time :). Thanks.
Pheli chapter 1 . 3/21
I can't believe how sweet and innocent EOM was at the beginning! Or rather, how dark it has become. When I read it for the first time(s), it wasnt as obvious because it gradually and slowly transforms into this nightmarish world for muggleborns.

Dumbledore being "pretty damned close" to infallibility... well, Lilys opinion has changed alot. Not only when she argues with him about Severus, but also when Dumbledore stops James and does nothing himself when lily is taken to Azkaban. I have a really hard time accepting this and I really need you to save Lily (by continuing EOM) because we cant rely on Dumbledore :D
Pheli chapter 83 . 3/16
Hi, I'm in love.
In love once again, I must say, because the first chapters were all to familiar to me. I turned my back on FF net 6 years ago and just recently missed fanfiction in my life and registered again and came across your story. It made me endless happy! It was like I dusted off my favourite book and only stopped reading when I had to sleep.

There wasnt one chapter I didnt enjoy. I wanted to review each and every chapter, but 1. I couldnt stop reading and 2. I didnt know if you had abandonned this beautiful piece and didnt want to discuss 6 year old questions.

I will reread this wonderful story and review more along my way this time. I really hope you will finish this story. I really really do.

Thank you for the long chapters, making me cry and laugh and think about EOM at night, the passionate characterization of everyone and describing in detail the horrendous changes in the magical society.

I am so happy, i came across your story for a second time!
Guest chapter 83 . 3/15
I miss this fic. I know things always get in the way and some things get forgotten, but this story is just so beautifully written and I constantly find myself checking it on the off chance that it was updated.
One day I hope ;)
purebloodpegasus chapter 83 . 3/6
Oh gosh you absolutely cannot end it like this please please please update I'm begging you I can't I love this story so much and your writing is so amazing but pleaseeeeeeeeeeee update this
Guest chapter 80 . 2/23
Please write more.. its precious..
Kimmee chapter 83 . 2/16
I siriusly flew through this story in days. I'm so upset it was unfinished, it's by far one of my favorites!
TwilLil chapter 83 . 2/16
Ah so many things happened if you see this at all please update
Francis chapter 83 . 2/7
Lily making excuses for Severus sounds so much like trump supporters I can see her with a make America great hat.
Guest chapter 67 . 1/24
VernieDF3005 chapter 83 . 1/20
So sad this story hasn't been updated in years. It's so wonderful! And helps with perspective in this horrible time in history.
Mel chapter 83 . 12/12/2016

When will you post the next chapter? It's been a year and a half. Don't forget about your loyal readers!
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