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em38 chapter 83 . 8/25
Oh my goodness I can't deal with this! Lily in Azkaban?! Well it's quite the story but I hope Peter bucks up and grows a spine even if it's pretty atypical of him for the most part! Maybe Dumbledore, James, Sirius and the Order will come up with something that'll make Lily untouchable to the law? Some sort of blackmail on the members of the Wizengamot so that they have to give Lily diplomatic immunity or something (which would coincidently give her the status to marry James legally)?

I can't imagine what you've got dreamed up for us next but I can't wait for your next chapter! Crossing my fingers that it won't be too long but all the same I hope you're having a lovely time in Spain. Actually I'm pretty jealous you get to be there. Cheers!
em38 chapter 82 . 8/25
Wow. So I’ve been reading your story from the start and it’s pretty much occupied me entirely since the start. So much so that I actually took time to formulate this review to express everything I want it to.

Your outlook, creativity, and imagination regarding the scope of magic has consumed me. Whether it be your exploration of the concept of ‘blood magic’ (puling upon the implications of JKR’s novels but really inventing and extrapolating more than anyone else has), or the concept of wards and the extensions of them, or the idea of dreams (did you perhaps pull that instrument/concept from ‘The BFG?’), or the ‘portrings' or the many other creations of yours, I am truly fascinated. I also appreciate the depth in which you describe these concepts. It really appears as if you’ve done a TON of research and you’ve weaved and intermingled them into the story and with each other so flawlessly that I sometimes can’t help but take a step back just to think about it.
I love the characters. Not too fond of Peter’s accent but it’s grown on me. I absolutely adore Sirius and I honestly think he’s one of your best characters - although I think in the canon he would never have been able to intermingle with the upper echelons of society (his family rift and his desires being too obvious), I appreciate the artistic liberty you’ve taken, as it allows for a far more interesting interplay of ‘light and dark.’ I also am absolutely smitten with Lily. Not only do I think she reacts realistically to everything (I totally see myself naturally responding the way she does emotionally) and I enjoy that she never stops questioning the boundaries (of society, of magic, of structure). I’m impressed by her heart and hope she never loses her spark. I think James is a bit of an arse and that he needs to stop being so self-righteous but at the same time I understand where he’s coming from. Would love to see more of Snape and of Remus - both are delightful and you’ve left me wanting more.
I actually really enjoy reading your ‘authors notes.’ Seems like Lily’s ‘devil-may-care’ attitude has come directly from yourself and I respect you for it. Not only do I (somewhat sadistically) enjoy seeing you put down ignorant assholes that leave ridiculous reviews, but I also enjoy the insight into your creative process. I’m sure it’s private but your personal life also seems incredibly fascinating - what exactly placed you in Iraq and how did you get there? I’m sure you could take my breath away describing what you’ve seen or been a part of (even if it wasn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do). Moral of the story, I think you’re fascinating and I think it’s great that you use your reviews to share part of your life but also to knock some sense into us readers when it’s necessary. It’s incredible that you’ve chosen to be an author for a living - you go girl!

Those were my three main points but it all basically comes down to this: I thought I’d read the best and the brightest of fanfiction until I came across your story. It is truly a work of art and it’s a shame that it can’t be published because I think you’ve outdone JKR and she should read it (not to rub that in so much as to see what her creation has inspired, and also to see the possibility of the world she has created). Please don’t stop writing and (though I know it won’t make a difference because you can only write so fast - especially since ‘real life’ has a nasty way of intruding on our little pleasures) please update as soon as possible because I am on my toes waiting to see what will happen next.

All the best,
Your Newest Convert

PS: Loved the scene where Lily confronts Dumbledore about Sirius/Severus. Never thought of Snape’s situation that way (to be honest I was never on the ‘Snily’ train - I’d always hated him a bit for not caring about Lily’s child and husband and only wanting her for himself) but your perspective has warmed me to him significantly. Anyway, would love to see James and Sirius accept more responsibility for what Snape is. I know James did to an extent following this scene but I would like them both to stop judging Lily so much when they could both be largely responsible for the feelings and emotions he had which led to his demise. I still can’t get past Voldemort stealing the life of L/J’s child - I thought she was pregnant but I couldn’t imagine a more horrible ending. Brilliant concept though - here’s hoping L/J will have more happy times at least for a while!
harshi chapter 83 . 8/22
Wow! For five whole days, I just couldn't concentrate on anything else. I read like mad. Couldn't put this down. thankyou for this amazing story. It truly was one of the best stories I have ever read.
This is au so any chance that marauders and the lady won't die?
Hmmm I think you won't end that way. But I have grown to love them so so much ( more so than I ever did reading HP) I just can't bear to see lily and James betrayed and murdered, sirius end up in azkaban, Remus left alone to grieve and hate his friend for naught, peter, well, I might like to see him die.
See what you have done to me? You have made these characters alive, brought them ever so close to my heart , I'm already crying over the inevitable end!.please!
This is more realistic , dark and gives a real feeing of a war and inequality of a society in a true light than any other story of this era has ever given. It's remarkably written.
Characters like Sirius, Dumbledore, narcissaa are given more depth. And I see we are starting to see Peter's journey too. And Severus!. Of James and lily I don't think I need to say anything more than that they feel real people.

I hope you would update soon. Thank you again. This was amazing.
Seekercloak27375 chapter 83 . 8/21
I can't say enough how much I LOVE this story! Your writing is amazing and the forshadowing and build up to plot points is fantastic! Please, please, please, give me more ASAP!
Guest chapter 83 . 8/21
Apparently this has been named fan fiction appreciation day so I just wanted to say this is my favorite fic I've ever read. I have read through multiple times and I enjoy it and notice new things about it every time. I love the long chapters and the meticulous care you've taken in developing the plot and your characters. I can't wait for the story to continue! Thank you for sharing your talent.
Guest chapter 83 . 8/14
Just finished re reading. This is an amazing doc. Definitely my favorite I've ever read. Can't wait to see what happens. Thank you.
Seekercloak27375 chapter 59 . 8/12
This is a genuinely well written and incredibly thought out story. Thank you for sharing it!
Guest chapter 83 . 8/12
Please please please update! Lots of love
Guest chapter 83 . 8/11
This story is better than many books I've read. Far too brilliant to be unpublished. Keep up the fantastic work!
Guest chapter 83 . 8/11
Still waiting for an update, so on edge and can't wait to see what happens! You're so gifted; please share more with us!
Lit Fuse chapter 83 . 8/5
honestly the only time in the entire fic Severus hasn't seemed deluded is when he mentions that everyone seems to be in love with Lily. Sirius in particular seems skeevily so.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/31
I absolutely love this story! Please please update.
Guest chapter 49 . 7/27
I know Peter hasn't been in this a lot but thank you so, so much for making him a person and not a monster or leave him out. The last sentence was so sad and Lily's musings forshadowing but also incredibly well written.
There are some parts in this story that bothers me, mainly James's character he seems so bland at times. I don't really feel like he has a well developed personality and that he is stuck in the chatogory of "mr nice guy" or "mr funny guy" that most ff writers puts him in, although compared to them your James is much more interesting, I just wish you had branched out his character more. There are some parts of this story I find a bit ... I wouldn't say boring because they're not but they're dragged out, cheesy and sometimes unnecessary and I feel that they don't contribute to the story, but works against it. For example James's inner monoluge about not wanting to call Lily his girlfriend and instead his beloved, maybe it doesn't fit with my view of things but those sort of thoughts seems unrelevant and he loves her so whatever he calls her wouldn't be an issue, especially using the word girlfriend. These kind of things remvoes the seriousness of the story for me and it feels like I'm reading a teen drama not a story about war with love in it.
That being said I just want to make clear that I'm not hating on this story or anything I actually enjoy it a lot especially Sirius and Lily's friendship, and I like your version of Remus as well.
Guest chapter 74 . 7/24
love this fanfic!
Guest chapter 83 . 7/22
Read it all the way through, once again. It was amazing, once again. Hope you are well and am desperately looking forward to your next update!
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