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angel897 chapter 8 . 10/28/2010
love it please update again soon love to see another new chapter guessing ino was the blond hanging out with sasuke cant wait to see naruto reacation to sakuras pregancy please keep writing kay
Mona chapter 8 . 11/10/2008
I love this fanfiction, I wouldn't worry much about speling mistakes as thou if fanfiction have interesting story line readers wouldn't mind spelling :), well that is at least my opinion.

I can't wait for next chapter. Hope you will find some time to write it and may the writer blocks keep away from you xD

~ !Keep on the good work! ~
SetInSmoke chapter 8 . 4/14/2008
WAI! I love this fanfiction! lol silly kakashi! KAKASAKU FOREVER!
CHERRY BLOSSOM SWEETHEART chapter 8 . 3/13/2008


HunniBunni429 chapter 8 . 2/26/2008

lol im so excited!
Because Love is WAY Over-rated chapter 8 . 2/26/2008
aww! that's so cute! good story, please update soon!

shkh4ever chapter 8 . 2/25/2008
twins,twins,twins joy joy joy keep it going so hapy!
Leighaf chapter 8 . 2/25/2008
Twins! I'm so glad that Tsunade didn't say Triplets or Quads or Quints! I think bath Sakura and Kakashi would have had heart attacks if she had!

I think it was ingenious sending Sakura to the maternity clinic to work and to do the anti-natal classes as she can share her experience with all the women (clients / patients or whatever Joe Public calls them) that she sees and maybe she'll find some good babysitters along the way.

I foresee cravings and houses in the future and maybe the slight glint from the jewellers window or the sound of bells. hehehe
Mateba chapter 8 . 2/25/2008
I loved this chapter! This Kakashi is so adorable. And twins? What a trip! Can't wait for the next chapter.

Juniper11 chapter 8 . 2/25/2008
That was so cute!
Mateba chapter 7 . 2/24/2008
Wonderful! I'm so glad that Kakashi is excited! I can't wait to see how the story contnues to develop. Great job!
shkh4ever chapter 7 . 2/23/2008
I'm very happy with this fic. Please keep it happy, I'm kind of tired of the unhappy fics, of Kakashi not wanting the baby. So please keep this happy.
JiraiyasGirl chapter 7 . 2/23/2008
Aw...Yay! A baby. I hope it's a boy and he has pink hair b/c that would be cool. Everyone who knocks Sakura up in there stories always makes the boys look like Kakashi but gives then green eyes. Well how bout pink hair and Kaka-sensei's eyes! So good chapter and I loved that he wa soo happy. I wonder how much longer he has to live considering where there on there way to.
ifItwasnt4KakashiIwouldLoveYou chapter 7 . 2/23/2008
naaw, its soo cute! Now, Now, I really think you need to update cuz the little seed that Sakura is carrying (wth?)
Leighaf chapter 7 . 2/23/2008
oh no now I'm all broody and can't wait to get back to work (I'm training as a kids nurse [3rd yr], so work for me is my placements). I do admire your Sakura - she is one heck of a role model and I can see myself in her especially how she seems to so freely thinks and talks of work even when she's not there (me and my flatmate [a student midwife] do the same thing even if we have to leave out some details for confidentiality).

Keep writing and enjoy your studies.
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