Reviews for Lover Alone
Sol Falling chapter 1 . 1/16/2008
mm, no reviews yet...normally this would bother me for a good fic, but the way much of the azureshipping writership has moved to livejournal and other sites, in this case, it doesn't quite. Well, I'm glad you posted this here in any case; I think I'd already seen the other three you posted with this fic, but I don't quite remember this one.

well, I found the theme of this interesting; distance. A major anime release last year, '5 cm per second', was subtitled 'a series of short stories about their distance', dealing with precisely this theme. I wonder if you're familiar with it?

It's a new idea (to me), and it seems that you've constructed this fic on Yami being the seperating force between Seto and Anzu. I'm a bit hesitant to accept such a definitive (simple, singular) cause, and a bit hesitant to accept the subsequent resolution to overcome it. This is probably me projecting my thoughts from the aforementioned movie on this fic, though.

On the fic itself, the POV being so ambiguous initially, I found the switch in the final section jarring. Looking through it again, I think you intend to have it as Seto/Anzu/Seto/Anzu/Seto? Unfortunately, the first and third paragraphs seem to be applicable from both standpoints, so I was under the impression that it might have been all Anzu until I got to the last section. The second, fourth, and fifth sections all successfully identify the speaker with the lines about being angry, paying, and watching ballet, but the only line in the first paragraph which seems to attempt that is 'I'm no coward', which only slightly more strongly connotes Kaiba. I think this aspect can be improved.

Finally, a line I found remarkable. Kaiba's inability to say 'that word' (presumably 'love'?). This is actually fascinating. The list of ideas and feelings I've denied (as in their very existence) include 'art', 'freedom', most recently 'death', and indeed 'love'. It is something to know a word, know its meaning, 'definition', and yet be utterly unable to associate it with a thought or feeling or experience, anything, which grounds it in one's world view. I feel that in general the denial of 'love' is a romantic cliche, but this instance, the way you put it, made good use of, made me realize, how absolute the rejection of a word is.