Reviews for Ordinary People
annon chapter 19 . 10/9
I can’t stand luna in this fic, she’s just TOO OOC. great story though
screwyou chapter 14 . 10/4
i hate you
eterna-romantica03 chapter 13 . 9/4
Best chapter yet, in my opinion. Nott is despicable and rather than the Kiss, he deserves to live a long life in Azkaban. Death is too swift and generous. A very moving epiphany Hermione had, a lesson learned that most of us struggle to practice in our lives. Well done!
Having had three children and one of them premature (34 weeks) an 'early term' baby like Hermione's wouldn't be that small. My son was 2.5 Kilos and 50 cm long and baby Elizabeth, if my calculations are right, had only four more weeks to go, right? You are rolling your eyes at my criticism, I imagine. Dismiss my comments. A thousand plus reviews allows you to have this luxury.
Glad Hermione is on her way to stability both mentally and emotionally.
eterna-romantica03 chapter 12 . 9/3
Pansy and Ron, that is one interesting couple.
eterna-romantica03 chapter 11 . 8/24
Nott is one very stupid man.
eterna-romantica03 chapter 10 . 8/24
Having been pregnant three times, I don't remember acting like a lunatic. In fact I don't remember my friends being as neurotic as Hermione is portrayed. Mind you the drive to clean and organise everything did happen to me. This Hermione is on steroids and having a bad reaction. Or maybe I am too old to read young adult fics or books. Now, this is going to surprise you, but Draco is growing on me and Hermione is getting on my nerves. He is acting much more matured and measured, calmer, while Hermione... Can't put my finger on it but kind of a caricature, comedy relief of sorts, right up there with Ron.
eterna-romantica03 chapter 9 . 8/21
This is more like it. Finally progress. I do wish we could get into Draco's head. That should have been fascinating or maybe more irritating :)
eterna-romantica03 chapter 8 . 8/19
As long as Hermione doesn't allow the a-hole to walk all over her I don't mind them trying to sort themselves out. Love is certainly blind and my goodness is it ever true in fiction! Draco expects Hermione to read his mind and his heart. And she in return prefers to be in a f*&up relationship with Draco than preserve some of her self esteem and sanity. Can't he at leas act like he actually likes her? If you like someone, if you hope to eventually find love with that someone, would you demand, instead of ask? Build emotional walls around you rather than trust that person? Why can Draco ever speak like he actually cares? And yes, I admit some gestures have come across as tender and caring but still I can't stand him and his brooding, mess up behaviour. I can't stand even less Hermione going from assertive to doormat in a few seconds. If they are going to try to figure this out, I'm willing to keep on reading. One thing I cling on to when reading a fic in which the characters infuriate me like this one, is hope. So hoping these two would redeem themselves I shall continue reading.
houdiniboom chapter 19 . 8/12
This was such a cute story! I loved it from the beginning till the end. Hermione was a bit OOC, but as you put it, she was pregnant so... it's understandable. Thank you for writing it, really, I was saturated from darker fics :) btw, I loved your piece Seven days in April! (probably told you before, but well... lol)
Hugs from Colombia!
eterna-romantica03 chapter 6 . 8/9
Finally! They talked, had an actual conversation. What stopped Draco from doing just that months ago? Have sex and then 'hey, would you like to stay over, spend the night at my place? Have more mind blowing sex but talk a little. I really like you Hermione' or something like that and not that brooding, I don't give a shit about anything because I'm Draco Malfoy and I am supposed to behave like a douchebag? By the same token why didn't Hermione demanded the same instead? She can confront her dad, Harry, Ron but for some reason Draco is off limits?

But they are finally behaving like the very young adults that they are and I can now breathe better. Again I was laughing and pumping my fist in the air thanks to Ginny. You are writing Ginny the way she deserves, feisty, sure of herself Ginny Weasley. Thank you for that. Ah, Harry! Making things a lot harder for himself. Of all the chapters I've read so far, I like this one the best.
eterna-romantica03 chapter 5 . 8/9
I was laughing, albeit quietly as I read the description of the dishes and the stepmother's lack of cooking skills and then Hermione told her dad about her pregnancy and my blood pressure just spiked to the boiling point. Walk away from this bastard Hermione and never look back. You know my rants about Hermione have nothing to do with your writing skills, not at all, right? Your writing is fantastic, I mean it and how you describe thoughts and feelings and the camaraderie between Pansy, Ginny and Hermione, the voices you give them is wonderful to read. I just thought I should clarify this. I will continue to rant about Hermione's attitude toward Draco and Draco's despicable behaviour though.
eterna-romantica03 chapter 4 . 8/9
Oh for f*ck's sake Hermione! This isn't your fault! The asshole behaved like an asshole, period.

"I was wrong about Draco. I was blind and stupid and I feel horrible." Why the hell does she feel like this? Why, oh why women even my heroine Hermione blame themselves for the abject behaviour of the men they are stupidly in love with? I'm sorry but Draco could have treated Hermione more like someone he admires and respect rather than a quick, good shag. When did he ever treated her otherwise? As far as I've read, he said very little, explained even less and walk away just as fast. Nope, he has no right to be angry, to demand anything. I mean he went I told Blaise about the baby which means he trusts him, but Draco can't open up to Hermione, not even a smidgen? Please!

So far Hermione has been an effing emotional, spineless, whimpering woman in love and that was even before she got pregnant! I keep reading with the hope that at some point she will find her spine. Not asking much just a small hint of the woman I admire. As for Draco? I have no idea what you have planned to make him more palatable for me.

But her friendship with Pansy, Ginny, Susan and Katie is really wonderful to read.
eterna-romantica03 chapter 3 . 8/8
Your Draco is still an asshole and can't stand the fact that Hermione is so in love, in lust? with him. And she is acting so crazy too. Like a maniac. Yes, I'm having issues with your Hermione. But I adore Pansy and Ginny. Pansy most of all.
eterna-romantica03 chapter 2 . 7/17
So it coming and I'm not certain I like it. However, I'll give Hermione a chance and prove me wrong.
eterna-romantica03 chapter 1 . 7/17
Well hell, what a start! Question is, how long will Hermione last? Does she mean it? Is the pull of having some crumbs thrown at her stronger than self respect? Hermione should have a spine, I hope it lasts and she becomes a stronger woman for it. Only 21 years old and already having all these experiences? Great first chapter by the way.
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