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samid95 chapter 176 . 6/17
please keep writing! this is hands down my favorite greys anatomy fanfic ever! I constantly check for new chapters. please please please keep writing I am begging you!
Guest chapter 176 . 6/15
I totally agree with everything you said about Shonda. She has some serious issues. She clearly does not care about the fans as much as she claims to. Anyway, just wanted to say this was another great chapter. Looking forward to the next update.
MissRe chapter 176 . 6/8
I am with you - it ended with 11x20. I hate the way she handled things. Thanks again for giving us this version of things - I like this world a lot better. The kids are adorable. The preschool sounds amazing. I loved the Easter Bunny stuff - especially Liam poopin. LOL Too fun. Great job!
CharmedGurlie chapter 176 . 6/7
I am so, so sorry for the loss of your cousin.

After hearing about the storyline, I refused to watch patrick's last episode, and all the episodes after. For me, grey's is over. Life isn't a farytale, but for one group of people to be surrounded by so much misery is just too unrealistkc and depressing for me to deal with anymore. I can honestly say that the only reason I was still watching was to see the conclusion of the merder storyline after eleven seasons, but this isn't a conclusion I'm interested in watching. What a huge disservice to the fans, the characters, and the once beautifully crafted love story.

Since I won't be watching anymore, I'll have to rely on stories like yours for the happily ever after we should have gotten. Your story is wonderful, and I look forward to what happens next :)
MzTwilight chapter 176 . 6/6
I fully agree with you with what you said about Derek. I know how I felt about George being killed off and I quit watching for awhile after that but now I know i'm not watching until the series finale. I started watching for Meredith and Derrick and just saying how could she even think of do that to them and wondering if it was a nightmare someone was having, that's how shocked i was. That's why I thank you so much for this story because FF is the only place i can get my Grey's Anatomy fix.
McGreyShep chapter 176 . 6/3
Great story i really do enjoy reading it.
My only question and concern is why the name change with Meredith? After she and Derek got married she was Meredith Shepherd/Dr. Shepherd but after she gave birth to Lilly she's back to being Meredith Grey/Dr. Grey.
Just need a little clarity on that...thank you
Temari's Angel chapter 176 . 6/1
Thank you so much for this chapter, after the tragic end of Derek on the show I was heart broken, I even stopped watching Grey's. This chapter helps heal the hurt, please keep updating this story.
gafaninpa chapter 176 . 6/1
First, let's start with your opening. I wanted to comment on that, as you were so on point. I have lived through tremendous loss (My Mom, my son and my dad, in that order, and went through a divorce in a period of 2 years.) I was so put off by how flippant SR was with this. It was a mockery of dealing with grief. (How many people dealing with grief can run away for a year and disappear and not work?) As someone who has gone through loss, I was offended by that episode and final 2 episodes. No where did they tell that story, as EP's only tweet regarding it says (which we know SR wrote.) As anyone who has gone through it knows, the first year is just unbearable. How I would have loved to run off with my surviving child and not deal with anything.
But anyway, I love your story, love the fluff, and love that Mer asked to come back a week earlier;)
Guest chapter 176 . 6/1
Hi, I thought your author's note was wonderful. I was always a fan of Grey' Anatomy, over the years Shonda has toyed with everyone's emotions. Not just with the Meredith/Derek relationship, the Mark/Lexie relationship killing off George. The Death of Jackson and April's Son, to much death, Cristina and Owen deserve to be happy. And Meredith and Derek deserve to have a happy life.
Thank you for giving us happy moments in your story. Lilly and Liam are just to precious for words. What Lilly said about Liam on the Easter Bunny's lap had me laughing. Out of the mouths of Babes. I also love Mark. I love you story Thank you so much for how you write.

Dempeo4ever81 chapter 176 . 6/1
cant wait for more!
Patsy chapter 176 . 6/1
I am still crying! So sad about your cousin and it was so reminessant of Derek's death! Sharing that had to be hard! Grey's ended for me that night also! Her treatment of Patrick was so cruel,he did not deserve that! She probably has something cruel planned for Ellen as well,she was supposed to appear on jimmy k├╝mmel on April 23 and was pulled at last minute! There is no Grey's without Patrick and Ellen and the MerDer chemistry they shared! Shonda killed Grey's Anatomy with her hatred and cruelty and threats to her leading stars! That MerDer bedroom scene in 11x20 was perfection and the end of the show for me as well! He gave her the most precious gift of all-Ellis! Enough of my ramble!

Thank yo for continuing Thinking Over, it is so beautiful,joyful and happy on so many levels! This is probably the most beautiful MerDer story of all! You are definitely one of my favorite authors in fanfic land! I look forward to many,many more chapters of this story all the way to baby 3 and beyond! I just love the interactions between Lily and Liam and the Easter Bunny was precious! Looking forward to the next update which I hope will be soonish!

Thank You for Thinking Over Land, it's 100 times better than ShondaLand! Keep writing!
Anna chapter 176 . 6/1
First of: you have my full Respekt and thanks for sharing that tragic story.
i was devestated After i found out derek would be dying. I can not imagine what you have felt.

So, really Thank you for continuing to write :)! Made my week to see a new update :)! I am done with greys. But i will forever wait more or less impatiently for a new chapter of "thinking Over". Your fic is the best medicine and just plain awesome.
Looking forward to the next update. A little merder Couple Time would be nice, always like the fluffy, slightly Porny moments, i'll damit it.
mariemarie22 chapter 176 . 5/31
I absolutely love this chapter! The story is one of my favorites to reread and I cannot wait for what's next !
RaeEllenP4life chapter 1 . 5/31
Sorry that guest is me Melissa!
Guest chapter 176 . 5/31
Wow, thanks for sharing your story. I'm so sorry for your loss.
I agree with you about 11x20 being the last episode :) to me Derek isn't gone.
When I opened the fic I got this sudden rush of happiness and love! This fic is honestly the best one ever! And knowing that you are in to write it for a long time excites me! Fic land is my happy place haha
Lilly and Liam are perfect!
I can't even pinpoint what I love most about this update because I loved it all!
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