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Dempeo4ever81 chapter 124 . 11h ago
I can't believe I'm admitting I have knowledge in yo gabba gabba because it's the most destirbing show but gooble is actually muno my nephew would hate if I didn't correct you because for some reason he love the giant tampon. Also I'm glad im not the only one who thought he looks like one because before I just have a distribing mind lol. Ps I'm reading your story for 4th time through
CileSuns92 chapter 175 . 14h ago
Aw, sweet Liam spreading poop around! Isn't it so much fun to have Daddy covered in poop? At least your Derek was a little less whiny and freaked out compared to my Derek with Evelyn XD

Speaking of bodily functions, I crack up every time one is mentioned. You're a champ in speaking about gross topics like poop or farting, and yet make us all laugh instead of running away with hands over our eyes, screaming. I can't help but bow in your presence! Poor Meredith has a right to be mortified, though...

I think Lilly and Charlotte are going to be ruling their daycare room by the first week. These two are a troublesome duo. Poor Liam is in for a long, long childhood if Mark and Bridget don't have a boy in the next nine months XD

I loved that everybody came by to see little Liam, he's already a hit, and he's not even a week old. He's going to break hearts by the time he's sitting up. Bring on the McDreamy charm in a little Meredith carbon copy! Let him rock the Grey genes though ;)

Than you for a great update! Looking forward to more!
Guest chapter 175 . 20h ago
Hi, again wonderful chapter. Lilly seems to be settling into her Big Sister role very well. I think it is cute that Lilly is telling everyone that Liam has a Penis. Mark is so funny, he is Derek's true Brother, I miss him on the Show. It will be nice if Lilly and Lolo start daycare together soon. Great Job. Well done.

AiLing chapter 175 . 3/28
Lol at Lilly's new favourite word!
MissRe chapter 175 . 3/28
Lilly and Liam are adorable. Too cute! Ah, Frozen. I went to see Cinderella today - and they had the Frozen cartoon on in front of it. Really glad I don't have little ones. Loved the visit and I can't wait to see how the revenge on Cristina goes. An excellent chapter!
two harts chapter 175 . 3/28
Omg..I absolutely loved this chapter. Poor little Liam with his very first diaper blow out, and Meredith for not getting her shower time.

Yay everyone came to see Liam. I especially liked Mark's and Bridget visit. I guess Lilly's new word is because she keeps saying it. I am surprised Mark didn't high five her for saying it to him.

Omg I had a good laugh at the end when Derek told Meredith that she pooped a little bit, and then Meredith saying that she can never look at him, or Izzie

Thanks for the update, and I am looking forward to the next one...:)
greysmerderfan chapter 175 . 3/28
So adorable!

Liam peeing on Derek is hilarious, and so is his first exploding diaper :D

I love Lilly's new favourite word, simply because of course she would be be obsessed with it ;)

All the Frozen stuff is hilarious, especially Derek catching Mer singing the whole song.

I don't even know what else to say, except I loved it! :)
mariemarie22 chapter 175 . 3/28
Ahhhhh! I was waiting for this chapter! Cannot wait for the next! This is my favorite story!
CileSuns92 chapter 174 . 3/7
It took me forever and a day to review, but Liam's first day deserved more than me squealing and grinning, and I never had the time to focus on this properly before tonight. There was a lot of squealing and grinning, though ;)

Liam is adorable, and not just because he'll look like Meredith. He's a boys' boy so far, and I love it. I love that he'll be the complete opposite of Lilly, and yet they'll be the perfect siblings. Lilly is rocking her big sister role, by the way, and she's learning a lot of new words. Derek in this was hilarious, as usual. I love the way he is with his children, corrupting Liam to the Yankees dark side, and telling his son how great the women in his life are.

The image of Meredith holding Lilly's hand and holding Liam was probably the sweetest thing ever. She's right, I never would have imagined her in that position before, but now that she's there, she shouldn't be anywhere else.

I loved Linda's reaction, I really hope she'll come visiting soon, Meredith needs to hear more embarrassing stories of Derek as a little boy, so that she can compare ;) Oh, and speaking of similarities, the fact that Derek and Liam have the same angry face is adorable, though I have no idea how Mer will be able to discipline him, with those adorable pouts!

Out of curiosity, is farting going to be Liam's telltale cue, like Lilly has her poop corner? Because that would be hilarious to have, though Derek has already enough material to embarrass the poor boy for a lifetime, so maybe he needs a poop cue a little less...noisy XD

Thank you for keeping up with this story and creating this incredibly adorable family. I can't get enough of them, even if I review almost a month later!
LoverGreys chapter 174 . 2/24
Ahh! They're so cute. Absolutely loved this chapter, like usual. Can't wait for the next update :)

Meredith1997 chapter 1 . 2/22
Please please please update soon!
MissRe chapter 174 . 2/18
Awwww... okay, they are so cute with Liam. I love Lilly but it is fun to see the father/son bonding moments. I can't wait to see the gang's reaction to him... especially Mark. Excellent job!
MissRe chapter 173 . 2/18
Awww... Baby Liam is in the house! Love that Lilly was so active in the process. She is gonna rock as a sister. yay for a boy! Excellent work and a very well written birth. :)
anna chapter 174 . 2/17
the last two chapters are just awesome! truly sweet and touching :)!
i am alway so happy when i see that you have updated this story ;).
pleaseeee continue...
we all need a little fluffy/romantic/sexy and especially happy Merder, now that there are "seperated" on the show ;)
hockeyplayer chapter 174 . 2/16
Thanks for the amazing Update. Totally loved it and all that family of four time - especially siblings time 333

Can't wait for more :))

P.S.: Sorry for the Short review - I'm on vacation and therefore have only limited wifi access...
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