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Patsy chapter 1 . 9/18
Once again I am starting my Fall Pilgrimage of the Great Re-Reading of what I consider to be MerDer's world. Just in time before Shonda's Season Fourteen Follies start. You have to come back and continue this wonderful story. Still,onE of the best on the board :)
vballr217 chapter 179 . 8/7
If you were ever questioning how amazing of a writer you are, I had to actually stop reading for a few weeks and come back to these last few chapters because I didn't want it to end! God, I've loved this 179 chapter ride I've been on, and I do hope you write again soon! You have an amazing gift, and think of this moreso canon then any of the bull that Shonda put us through in Season 11!
vballr217 chapter 173 . 7/17
Liam! Oh my goodness, the birth, the name, everything about this I loved! It was all I wanted and more!
vballr217 chapter 170 . 7/16
I love when Medusa makes an appearance now and then! I'm also excited that Meredith wants the homebirth! It's something totally unexpected but also not...if that makes sense. Lilly's expanding vocabulary also has my dying of laughter as much as Derek blushes over it!
vballr217 chapter 167 . 7/15
Loved that you were able to work in the unfriendly uterus conversation because that's one of my all-time favorites from the show! Mark facetiming Derek to ask about Lolo's Christmas dress was priceless! They are such good daddies!
vballr217 chapter 162 . 7/14
The 'butt bet' between Meredith and Derek was hilarious! Love that Lilly is able to be apart of the pregnancy journeyI'm excited to see if MerDer are actually able to contain themselves from looking at the envelope!
vballr217 chapter 161 . 7/14
God, I can't with this family! They are just so damn cute! Lilly as Snow White was a perfect fit to match that Shepherd hair she's sporting, and her insistence on bean being a boy is making me extremely happy! Lilly is a genius, after all!(;
vballr217 chapter 160 . 7/14
This was adorable! Lilly getting scared over Derek falling was so sweet!
vballr217 chapter 157 . 7/14
I love whenever the Sloans and Shepherds get together! I can totally picture Mark and Derek being more excited about building the sandcastle than even Lilly, haha. I loved the last scene with Meredith and Derek listening to Jellybean's sweet! Hoping he's a boy, fingers crossed(:
vballr217 chapter 153 . 7/13
vballr217 chapter 147 . 7/13
I hate Shonda for killing Mark because although we saw how amazing of a dad he was to Sophia, this chapter leaves me wanting more! I love his relationship with Lilly, and, boy does she give him a time! Meredith and Derek are such a dream team, in the OR and at home, and whenever I think I can't possibly love them anymore you make me realize I can!
vballr217 chapter 145 . 7/13
Not going to lie, I laughed, " race car drive in a past life' and had the same big smile I had on my face during the show at " Your daddy's my hero"! I felt so bad for Mer, but was glad she was able to figure it out!
vballr217 chapter 141 . 7/12
The entire beginning reminded me of MerDer in the VDay episode in season 8! Hahah loved it!
vballr217 chapter 140 . 7/12
This was such an unexpected but adorable Valentine's Day! Loved the moments between Alex and Lilly!
vballr217 chapter 128 . 7/11
This was just such a sweet chapter! I love this family oh so much!
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