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Afke chapter 168 . 5h
I'm re-reading this for the first time in years and just realized. Charlotte has my birthday (which I knew, because I remember asking you to make Charlotte a due date baby and you did!), but at that time my nephew wasn't born yet. He is now and his birthday is only 2 days off from Lilly's :D He's a June 3th baby. :) So with the holidays, he should act a little like Lilly. A little, because he's not nearly as advanced as she is. He's just starting to walk on his own and though he has been babbling for months now, we're only recently starting to really understand, instead of guessing, what he says. And he doesn't know parts of his brain, but that's okay. None of his family members do either. :D He's perfect though.
seriouslymcdreamy26 chapter 1 . 9/11
This is the BEST Merder fanfic I have ever read! Would love to see you finish it some day :)
dianis2013 chapter 179 . 7/25
Hi, I really love your story, are you ever going to write again?
jocelynchewpy chapter 179 . 4/17
It's so good! Please update
jocelynchewpy chapter 1 . 4/13
"lost her royal panties" hahahaha
Susan chapter 179 . 2/21
Still waiting for more of this BEAUTIFUL Story. MerDer are Eternal to me.
MerDer2015 chapter 179 . 2/9
This BEAUTIFUL MerDer Classic is now officially 10 yrs old or I should say young. Best MerDer story ever and I Oray you come back and continue. I no longer watch the show but I want to read many more chapters of this. It's the life MerDer should be living. Please update. You still have lots of MerDer lovers out here waiting for your updates.
Happy 2018
Take Care Now
Patsy chapter 179 . 1/26
Still waiting for you to come back and continue this amazing. Still am and Always will be A MerDer Shipper. This is truly , hands down a true MerDer classic and one of the best stories ever. Please keep writing. Stories like this one are now my Greys. Make my day and update.
Guest chapter 179 . 12/26/2017
It's been almost two years since the last update and I still check a few times a month to see if there's another update! I miss this fic soooo MUCH
Guest chapter 173 . 10/24/2017
I love you so much right now.. 1 i love your fanfiction sosososo much. 2 my name is Charlotte although I hoped Lilly would be named charlotte, anyway that doesn’t matter bc my bestfriend’s name is lilly and my birthday is on March 18th that is sooo cool... ️️️️
Patsy chapter 1 . 9/18/2017
Once again I am starting my Fall Pilgrimage of the Great Re-Reading of what I consider to be MerDer's world. Just in time before Shonda's Season Fourteen Follies start. You have to come back and continue this wonderful story. Still,onE of the best on the board :)
vballr217 chapter 179 . 8/7/2017
If you were ever questioning how amazing of a writer you are, I had to actually stop reading for a few weeks and come back to these last few chapters because I didn't want it to end! God, I've loved this 179 chapter ride I've been on, and I do hope you write again soon! You have an amazing gift, and think of this moreso canon then any of the bull that Shonda put us through in Season 11!
vballr217 chapter 173 . 7/17/2017
Liam! Oh my goodness, the birth, the name, everything about this I loved! It was all I wanted and more!
vballr217 chapter 170 . 7/16/2017
I love when Medusa makes an appearance now and then! I'm also excited that Meredith wants the homebirth! It's something totally unexpected but also not...if that makes sense. Lilly's expanding vocabulary also has my dying of laughter as much as Derek blushes over it!
vballr217 chapter 167 . 7/15/2017
Loved that you were able to work in the unfriendly uterus conversation because that's one of my all-time favorites from the show! Mark facetiming Derek to ask about Lolo's Christmas dress was priceless! They are such good daddies!
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